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  • How old am I:
  • 30
  • Nationality:
  • I'm dutch
  • I like:
  • Hetero
  • Tint of my iris:
  • I’ve got dark gray-blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Jazz
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  • None


Research shows a connection between kids' healthy self-esteem and positive, diverse representations in books, TV shows, and movies. Want to help us help them? Suggest a diversity update. Tons of crude content yields mixed messages: The movie encourages characters to take action and to think for themselves, but their faith is discouraged. And different cultures are encouraged to work together and set aside differences, but at the same time, the movie ridicules and stereotypes just about every culture under the sun, including Asians, Germans, the British, Mexicans, Jews, people of Middle-Eastern descent, Native Americans, African Americans, etc. The main character is a brave leader, but he also exhibits frequent problematic behavior that goes unpunished.


Beware the real world. Though its release was marred somewhat by controversy over animators' wagesthe film won over audiences and critics alike with its envelope-pushing humor and surprisingly thoughtful screenplay that turned talking-food jokes into an offbeat meditation on faith, philosophy and the nature of existence - including an ending teasing a reality-bending possible sequel.

Watch the sausage party alternate ending that had to be cut from the movie

An adult-oriented send-up of Pixar-style talking object animated family movies, Sausage Party took place in a supermarket, featuring sentient food-product inhabitants that had created a religion revering shoppers as gods whose purchases would carry them to food heaven. But when a hotdog named Frank Rogen learns the truth - that the "gods" are actually choosing food to devour it - he embarks on a quest to rescue his friends and reveal the secret to everyone and set the store free.

While many fans appreciated the film's rowdy humor and clever observations on the nature of belief, easily the most talked-about part of Sausage Party was its finale, which featured the food organizing a violent counter-offensive against human shoppers and celebrating their victory with an astonishingly graphic omnisexual orgy scene. But the film also featured an unexpected final coda where the main heroes made another discovery: That they were actually characters in an animated film, and that one of their had created a portal that would let them travel to reality and get revenge on the actors and filmmakers "controlling" them - suggesting a premise that could fuel a possible sequel.

But as the above alternate-ending clip posted to iTunes' Twitter shows, originally audiences would have actually seen what was on the other end of the portal: The heroes shown here in rough animatic form would have arrived in downtown Hollywood in the real world, only to discover Rogen, Cera and Norton making lunch of their real-life counterparts in a nearby diner.

Left unsaid is whether or not the still-hypothetical sequel would follow a similar track to this scene or take an entirely different path. Sausage Party is now available on digital download, Blu-ray available November 8th Source: iTunes.

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Seth Rogen described this film as a dark take on Disney films, saying, "People like to project their emotions onto the things around them: their toys, their cars, their pets.


A pack of sausages and a bag of buns are placed next to each other during a 4th of July weekend sale.


The following contains spoilers for Seth Rogen's animated Sausage Party.


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