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  • Years old:
  • 23
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  • Male
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  • I am fem
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  • Ash-blond
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In the exported files of the game, Nightmare's textures are in their own folder. In the actual decompiled game, Nightmare's textures are in the same active object as Fredbear. And guess what? Both of those objects aren't called "Shadow Freddy".


It re like he's just retiring from FNAF.

Not retiring outright. He might be out, but he left behind a fucking legacy. Going from working at a dollar store making Christian video games in Clickteam to securing console exclusivity rights with Playstation on a AAA horror game in 6 years has got to be peak American dream. Check out the other reddit comments and Twitter posts about him, people on here are fucking insane and hypocritical.

Well it is probably a few things. One it is political polarization where both parties begin to not only disagree with each other but hate each other and believe the other is evil.

Five nights at freddy's creator announces retirement

The other is that Twitter is the biggest social media cesspool with the worst behavior and opinions so it could be that as well. I like to think most people are more moderate with their political beliefs but the louder more extreme people shine through and do crazy things like this.

Of course I am wrong then this would be a pretty good indicator of a civil war. Don't think Jim Sterling's recent video helped He's just one of many who make a living on destroying people's lives.

Are they bad? That son of a bitch.

Can we talk about five nights at freddy's for a moment?

Someone gets doxxed and death threats to themselves and their family over having the wrong political opinions. This is standard procedure for Twitter and is supposedly completely normal.

The absolute state of mental health and political radicalization in the United States. Probably never since the twitter warriors will all be too glued to their keyboards to do anything. Most of these radical political people just bark online but are too comfortable with the lives they have to throw it away on a civil war.

This is just sad and pathetic. Personally I'm a lifelong Dem so I'm confident this guy's political views are quite the opposite of mine. But so the fuck what? Are younger generations simply incapable of accepting others even though their views may differ?


Is that what we're coming to socially, agree with my political leanings or else? And what do they expect to gain from all this? Half the fucking country is Right leaning, doing shit like this will do nothing to help unite the people and remove this harsh divide.

I mean people are just becoming zealots and have weaponized social media for their own personal witch hunts. They're incapable of seeing that their behavior is no different than the actual witch hunts that took place where a bunch of retards saw something or someone they didn't like and that resulted in the death of a "witch". This is getting scarier by the day because these lunatics are growing in and are being rewarded for their dangerous behavior. We now have a growing army of Right and Left wing psychos that are doing everything in their power to rip this country apart.

Its one thing to see clowns on social media do and say dumb stuff that will never change. But when the media and other institutions take those ridiculous messages and amplify it is when it gets scary. The craziest people are now in positions where their zealot-like attitude can be pushed into the mainstream. Found the internet! Five Nights at Freddy's creator announces retirement. Posted by. Sort by: best.

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View discussions in other communities. Eat the mods. Reply Share. Oh, so only like 4 more fnaf games? Hasn't he quit like couple times already? Continue this thread. Welcome to America. Like never, this is the wet dream of conservatives.

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I saw this post on the popular today.


The combative and hostile nature of the newer comments coming in and the degrading tone of the discussion here means we have made the decision to lock this thread.


From what I've gathered, its some sort of horror indie game about animatronic animals.


This message isn't specifically directly at the Freddit community; this is just the community that I care about the most and where I choose to post these things.