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What to say. Firstly, I used to love this show.


I think a big issue is just that Flash is an absurdly, impossibly powerful hero and it's beyond difficult to write compelling stories without resorting to him being incompetent, a moron, or both. The only people who could realistically stand up to Flash are other speedsters or borderline gods like Superman. Take Captain Cold, for instance. He's one of the most beloved Flash villains, but there's really no reason Flash should ever have even the tiniest bit of trouble with him.

Biggest lie ever told on cw the flash

It's basically impossible to write a story with Cold as the villain and still have it be believable. So they resort to the other speedsters and borderline gods for villains and that's fine, but how do you stretch that out over 23 episodes without it getting repetitive and predictable? It just seems like a herculean task for a group of writers to take, and frankly, I don't envy them. You mention that S1 was good and I agree, I loved it but I think it mostly worked because the enemy had a good reason to take things slow and Flash had an excuse for being kind of shit despite his ridiculous power.

After S1, the cat is out of the bag. They've played the speedster card and Barry no longer has an excuse for being a terrible crime fighter. Where do you really go from there?

[spoilers]what went wrong with the flash?

Thing is, it's entirely possible to make almost anyone a compelling villain. If we'll written. Zemo from Civil War is just a guy, but he managed to turn cap and Tony against each other. The joker doesn't have special powers, he's just driven and crazy. Batman outclasses him in abilities and strength and all that. Lex luthur shouldn't be able to stand up to superman, its just they have very different goals.

Indeed I'd argue its much more interesting if the villain can be a threat despite being outclassed. I agree! It would be better if they actually had restraint his powers right from the beginning.


Make him unable to make turns while running, or unable to pick people. Or simply make him a bit slower than he is, he doesn't need to run at mph to be fast. Anything to stop him from just blitzing the scene and solving everything. Create some limitations and flaws, not give him even more powers.

When the main character can literally phase through anything, time travel and slow time to the point of a nuclear blast, it kinds of remove the tension. Either you dumb him down to never use all these powers as he should, or you create artificial restrictions to block him from use everything he has i. Same problem happened with his intelligence.

In the beginning he had his share of input on stuff, but eventually he was dumbed down to make place for Cisco and Caitlin. For me, the main problem is that they drag out these villains and storylines for a whole season with just absolutely horrible, lazy writing. Cicada this season has been the worst.

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It's just ridiculous. I know the current show runner Todd Helbing is leaving, and Eric Wallace is taking over, so I'm hoping that he breathes some new life into the show, because I'm ready to give up on it. Theyre 17 episodes into the season yet it feels like theyve had Cicada dead to rights and vise versa 35 times. I don't think Cicada is the main point of this season.

Most of the stories were about Flash's daughter.

The amount of times theyve had Cicade beat, only to stand round and talk rather than whiz him off to prison or at least handcuff him or something, is crazy. I heard that Flash this season was supposed to take from AoS, with the story structure.

But that's not the case? I think what went wrong is that the same people who were involved in the early seasons are no longer involved with the show. I'm pretty sure the firing of Andrew Kreisberg had something to do with it.

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Arrow and Flash were definitely both already bad by the time he was ousted. They failed to give anyone lives outside of the superhero missions. Everything is tied to them some how save for drinking coffee. No one has hobbies. No one has friends outside of the mission group. Or at least friends we have seen. And because they haven't fleshed out these characters, they keep on rehashing the same things over and over again. Which is mainly bad romances over and over again. Yeah I'm rewatching season 1 again it's pretty average compared to new shows like Umbrella Academy or Doom Patrol.

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Okay so this is a theory about not just the flash but all speedsters, so according to my limited knowledge of physics if gravity is applied over time, shouldn't everything in "flash time" or really just any speedsters slo-mo, not weighed anything?


I uhh, put it away.


As I read through, beginning in April, I wrote down each time I really enjoyed a story.


While The Flash is among the most popular Arrowverse shows, it's not immune to a few criticisms from fans of the show.