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  • How old am I:
  • 57
  • I prefer:
  • Man
  • I know:
  • Italian
  • My favourite drink:
  • Red wine


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Or Learn more Continue. The MousePad. The Bet of our Lives. Share Share with:. Link: Copy link. Hey Everyone. I've been reading some truly great stories here for I think close to 15 years. It's well past time for me to write a story back.

It's fairly long, and it's completed. I'll post a new chapter every so often. Thanks for all the great reading over the years! Not wanting to take her on a shopping spree. A minute or two went by before she re-decided her end of the bet. Kylie and I had been friends for many years. I was away, close to finishing my 2nd year of graduate school. She doing the same, but at a different university than me. Summer break was coming up so I would be back in our home town again.

The bet of our lives

We recently had started a back and forth about who was faster. We were teasing each other repeatedly over it. Both of us were athletes in high school, me playing soccer, basketball and baseball, her just soccer but she would play year round. Both of us were more than capable of running fairly quick. The teasing led to arguing, until it turned into something that had to be solved with more than words.

Who could out run who in a quick sprint? I was kinda shocked she was pushing it so far knowing that I would most likely beat her in a straight speed run. Kylie was very pretty.

Goddess foot worhip - love her soles cause she looks like a friend of mine

VERY, very pretty. She had that quick wise-ass wit that was really cute and kept you sharp around her. She was very smart, she picked up most things she tried real fast. We had never dated, always just been really good friends. And in no way did I mind, her feet were beautiful! Being good friends for years, I had given her many many foot massages.

It started years ago and she enjoyed them, and I of course enjoyed giving them to her.

Or I would ask if she wanted one if we were watching a movie or something. I would stare at her feet sometimes while rubbing them. She would fall asleep with them on my lap from time to time.

She was comfortable with me massaging her. It never went further than that though. I of course wanted it to go farther a lot of the times. Being used to give her feet a tongue bath after she had been out all day. So I compartmentalized those fantasies and kept them at just that, fantasies. Being an athlete and really putting her body through the ringer day in and day out did not matter to her feet…they were great. Which made keeping myself in check even harder.

Well shaped feet, well toned, she had great ankles, and incredibly soft and wrinkly soles. Her toes were a great length, foot long enough, and her nails more often than not were the perfect length too, trimmed to meet the tops of her toes. For being a soccer player, its crazy her feet remained so soft and smooth. But she made a point to keep good care of them, just as she did the rest of her beautiful body, but never thought more of them than that, a body part that needed care like everything else. But occasionally when she did, her feet were mesmerizing to look at.

I had wagered she buy us dinner one night. Then she tried to up the bet by me taking her shopping, which I shot down. But now I was confronted with being forced to do something I wanted, a dream come true to be at her feet for that long. But then came another message. We decided rub I got back home in a week we would race on the bet field at our old high school.

Roy pays off bet by massaging shan’s feet

We really were competitive people and especially with each other. But at the same time the thought of being pretty much enslaved to her feet for a day is an excitement that was currently keeping me up. So she would probably be bossing me around during all this.

I got through the last week away, and packed up to drive home, thinking about how this bet would end up playing itself out. A couple days after being back home, our gang was was all going to meet up since it had been so long since we last saw each other. There was twelve or so of us there.

We had a tight group of friends still so it was great to see everyone. Kylie was there of course and we not yet seen each other since we got back, even though I had been thinking about her almost non stop. We gave each other a huge hug when I walked into the house. She looked great, she always looked great.

A black and white buttoned up shirt with stripes under an unzipped black jacket that was more for style than anything else. She had jeans on and a pair of black boots. Kylie was explaining how her parents are out of town visiting some of her other family for a few days so its nice to meet up and have some company. An hour or so into the night I was standing in the living room talking bet my friends Ben and Julie when they stepped away to go get a drink.

I was about to follow rub to the kitchen when Kylie footed up to the side of me and gently kicked me in the calf from behind to get my attention. So you busy tomorrow?

Lost bet foot massage || xxnx

I almost dropped my cup on the floor. Luckily none of our friends happened to be near us when she said that. But my face must have gone flush red at that moment.

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Lost Bet Foot Worship 9 min.