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  • How old am I:
  • 23
  • Ethnicity:
  • Portuguese
  • Who do I prefer:
  • Gentleman
  • Tone of my iris:
  • Lively hazel eyes
  • My sex:
  • Female
  • Hair color:
  • Short silky red hair
  • Languages:
  • English, Italian
  • I like to listen:
  • I like to listen easy listening


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Please someone can give me news about this guy? Does he have a new site or something to follow him? A blue convertible moved through the countryside road. Being already night and driving in a zone totally unfamiliar to him, Cohen wanted to arrive as soon as possible at his new friends place. The road was so lonely that he was anxious for not stimulation a soul in the last four miles since he left behind the Frenulum.

His eyes went from the GPS cursor in his phone to the outside view over and over. The map is ok. Or Tumblr hope so… Damn it! Did I take the address wrong? Before nightfall the sky got overcast and the clouds acquired a stormy gleam. The persistent drizzle that escorted him the last hour made him unfold the collapsible roof. Will it be worth so much road traveled? I hope so.

Cohen saw the silhouette of a house further on. In that moment the GPS got into a mess for no apparent reason. The lad maneuvered his phone with one hand while held the wheel with the other.

Then another trouble came up: his car began to slow down till get dead. I filled up the tank in the last stop! Cohen got out of the car to check the gas level. He got back, the fuel gauge was now in the correct position. Then he tried to restart the convertible without success. He went to examine the engine; the annoying sprinkle broke into a downpour. Cohen rushed back to the convertible.

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To get things worse, his phone was out of al and the GPS cursor was frozen in the exact point of the road where he was, though a better look revealed the pointer slightly at the left, just where the house was sited. A window was lit in the second floor. Cohen ran to the porch and knocked at the door.

No response. He called out asking for help and hit the nearby windows. Dead silence except the rumor of the rain in the middle of nowhere. Reminds me a house I was on Halloween a couple of years ago. We had a really big bash there…. His soaked t-shirt was glued to his skin, but getting back to the car for the jacket was unthinkable at the moment. The house was old, but looked restored.

It must have been built a century ago or so. He aimed the torch of his phone through a window: the furniture was out-of-date. The boy managed to see a carpet, a sofa, a couple of armchairs and a shelf. There was dust and dirt, but no more than in a lived-in home. A mature guy, probably the householder, dressed in an old-fashioned style, was by the door with a suspicious look.

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Come in, please, feel in your own home. Cohen sighed with relief before walking inside the house.

The man switched on a lamp as showed the guest where the phone was. A clock said ten past nine. And it works? To his surprise, the old phone did work and he made the call to the breakdown service with success. As he phoned he noticed a woman sat in the sofa and another guy at the coffee table in the corner of the living room.

She was brunette and slender. The guy was a hunk and Cohen was sure he had seen that guy before, or at least he looked alike someone he knew.

They wore also traditional and unkempt clothes. When Cohen finished the call, he waved his hand at the newcomers. He had frequented inappropriate places before, but this was different. Cohen sat in the other end of the sofa; his damp clothes felt very uncomfortable.

The man at the coffee table invited him to get rid of his t-shirt, but he refused. He wanted to say yes, but something told him not to lower his guard here.

Naughty is the new nice

A second woman was putting a set of incenses on the shelf. These people looked like they came out of a western from the 20s of the last century or something like that. Cohen realized that these people never heard about internet and he had no idea how to make them understand, taking into that there neither was a TV on sight. Had he went through a time machine like in science fiction movies? A newspaper on the coffee table gave him a clue:. If you think you fulfill the request, Frenulum call and make an appointment. Got it? Since the fire was lit Cohen smelt a peculiar fragrance, but as soon tumblr the bunch of incenses was left there he felt strangely relaxed.

In a matter of minutes, the dirty-yellow beam from the incandescent lamps became foggy and the objects got blurred. Cohen rubbed his eyes. The four residents vanished from his field of vision as if he had been alone the whole time. The lad stood up in panic. Cohen turned around as fast as he could.

No one. Where are you? The next he saw was the wooden roof. The four persons stimulation now standing around him as he realized he was lying back on the sofa. Cohen felt himself as floating through the air. In fact, he was being carried by them through the corridor of the house toward which looked like the basement.

The lad fought to escape from his captors to no avail. Why the hell he was too weak? They placed Cohen on a sturdy seat formed by a horizontal plank hinged to another piece that was raised over 45 degrees, bolted to the floor.

Several leather straps screwed to the planks followed a human shape and stocks in both ends. They rested his back against the bent plank while stretched his legs on the flat one and then removed all his clothes. Are these psychos going to rape him or slash him…? He watched in shock his naked body; his genitals exposed in front of these freaks made him feel deadly vulnerable. His wrists were tied up at the base of the plank, forcing the arms against his sides, his chest and legs fastened and his ankles trapped in the stocks.

Absolutely agree with this..💋☝🏻

What the hell these morons had in store for him? The next Cohen knew was someone began to scratch the soles of his feet. Immediately, the basement filled with his giggles. It was ridiculous!

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For three days his wife had been quiet, cold, and distant, the tension in the air so thick it could be cut with a knife.


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