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Just came here to say Fuck CenturyLink. It took legal action by the Attorney General to stop them from cheating their customers and return the money. They wouldn't do it by themselves. If this is related to the "advertised price is what you pay" I had so much trouble with that. Continuously called and kept getting told it was fixed, it wasn't, eventually someone refunded the overcharges and then had to have a "discount" automatically applied to the statement every month to get me to the correct amount. Glad that I was able to get it resolved but shouldn't have been near as difficult.


I called CenturyLink to get on another promo rate for our internet. Yes, first world problems. Fuck that noise. When the service went back up in October, we were waiting for fiber to be installed int he area. Oh, goody, fiber internet! That sounds awesome. Yes, please!

Basically, burying a new cable. I had to explain this to the lady on the phone.

Thank you.

She did not understand the concept of the ground being so cold that it literally froze. She lied. Because CenturyLink is a bunch of fucking idiots. We had to call them to figure out what the fuck was going on. We have to do a bore.

Centurylink: this dumb ***** says when i try to open some po

Keep in mind this entire time, since the day I called in the middle of January, CenturyLink has never contacted us to inform us of anything. We have always had to call them. I come home after work on the 12th and immediately go to my computer to print some shit out so we can fly to fucking Mexico the next morning.

Red blinky light on the modem. No dice. And then it dawns on me. I then proceed to explain the entire situation. And the tech loses it.

He was so upset and frustrated on my behalf. His name was Tim. He was the only helpful person I have talked to this entire time.

Centurylink customer reviews

Good thing I had printed out most of what we needed that morning at work. I mean, we were still on the old service plan and it was slow as shit, but, whatever.

It was working. Last week, they did the bore. Or at least, I think they did, they tore up a 9 foot square area of cement in front of my house and put a big orange plastic fence around it so nobody would fall into a two inch deep hole ….

The lady that was burying this line was in completely unmarked clothing. She looked like just some random lady digging in the grass. The next day, a CenturyLink tech comes out and luckily, Luke was home to talk to him. The guy explains that all of the field work, like burying and bores, is contracted out to third party companies.

And then he tells Luke that the line they buried was the same exact type of line we had in there already. Basically, copper DSL line. They tore a line out and put the same shit back in.

What. the. fuck.

The whole reason this CenturyLink tech came out yesterday was because the person on Monday connected the cable to the wrong box. It was hooked up to my neighbors connection box. The CenturyLink tech from yesterday said it right: they bored the wrong cable — DSL — instead of fiber. I immediately call CenturyLink to ask them what the fuck is going on.

And then I learn why. Not only that but we are not allowed to speak with them.

No notes in their system. No details. I am completely baffled by this lack of communication and record keeping. The last service ticket CenturyLink has on file for my is from April 12th. What will happen between now and Saturday is a fucking mystery to me.

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The only other option in this area is Comcast. And we had them before and they cancelled us after four years. Lvl 34 Master of Space and Time. Mobile header by me. Desktop background by thefriendlypidgeon. Fuck CenturyLink.

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