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Video Series Zero Punctuation. Log in. George Lucas fucking with Star wars again. Thread starter Thumper17 Start date Aug 31, Forums General Forums V1 Archive. Thumper17 New member.


Being angry with somebody is a passive thing.

Maybe I laughed a little when I thought about it that way. Books, comics, video games, and reference books.

A notable exception is that roleplaying guidebooks like the ones from Fantasy Flight Games or Wizards of the Coast, etc. Probably the less serious ones like the podracing game, no. Star Wars Infinities like that comic where Darth Vader lived are deliberate otherworlds stories.

There are some exceptions, like some of the books that were in production during the Disney buy were still put out, but would have a disclaimer in the back about how it was based on Legends info. This post is purely about what Lucasfilm themselves have slotted things into, as best I can say. This is about what Lucasfilm has said they are beholden to, not you as a fan. You, as a fan, are free to do whatever the hell you want and I wish you well on slow roasting all continuities and carving out only the juicy bits!

The Jedi are my family. Like, almost all the good will that Palpatine had been trying to build up from those 13 years of manipulating Anakin is gone out the window, it was pointless. Anakin is a Jedi through and through.

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It was a relief to many fans when the creator of Jar Jar Binks lost control of the space saga but his vision for the films that followed made a lot of sense.


Remember when George Lucas was someone to look up to?