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Filmmakers have taken it upon themselves to fill the missing man-on-man action by creating their own online web series.


Read below and check out a list of the hottest black gay web series.

I love watching shows and movies with black LGBT individuals. And so I arranged this list of black gay web series. Jason is a fashion stylist and Adair is an interior deer.

What I like about this black gay tv show is that Jason and Adair are shown in a positive light as successful entrepreneurs. Loveworks is a reality web series that truly stands out from a lot of other black gay reality web series. Think of Good Morning America but with a relaxed and black gay twist. This black gay web series has premiered and ended but I still had to add it to this list. I love gay black love so I liked the concept of the show.

The Gay Bachelor is about gay men competing for the love of a cute bachelor, Nick. There is an all-black cast of 6 guys and all the members have unique personalities. Really Jordan lol? Chasing Atlanta is one of my favorite black gay reality web series. I found out about the show a couple of months ago after randomly scrolling through Youtube.

I was so excited about Chasing Atlanta that I binged watched it for a whole weekend. The web series is reality-based and is about a group of black individuals youtube their dreams in Atlanta including fashion deers, singers, Gay media personalities. The series gives an interesting perspective of the black gay social scene which can be fun, entertaining but also very messy. Lauryn England — Lauryn is the sassy hairstylist who owns her own black at Kes. Honestly, when I first watched the episode of the first season I almost had a disdain for her after her conflict with her and castmate member Devon.

The tension was so high between each other that they ended almost got into a physical altercation after only the 2nd episode that the show premiered. But then she showed a better side of her after she and Devon reconciled in the 2nd season. And so I can pinpoint a lyrical rapper. And let me tell you Oliver knows how to spit and flow. Oliver seems to be one of the smartest castmates on Chasing Atlanta. Cameron — Cameron is a fashion deer from Chicago, Il. I admire his resilience as he fought his way through cancer. He has his own clothing line, Dreamsare Real, which he created in January Last year he published his book Dreamer which empowers entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams.

The show first aired in June and has amassed tons of views since that time. It is directed and produced by Tobijah Harriott. We black gays are very amusing and have a huge sense of humor as shown in the confessionals by the cast members.

Devon — Devon is my series character in the show.

I like his charisma and energy which you can easily see in any of his confessionals. Devon has been on Chasing Atlantaanother black gay web series I enjoy watching. Devon owns his catering company, Taste of Royalty.

Hottest black gay web series

Regdrick — Regdrick is a makeup artist and hairstylist. I love her swag and in every confessional, she dresses on point. Keep slaying girl!! Sherrod — Sherrod is an entertainer of different talents.

He acts and acts among other things. As long as you respect me, others, and yourself then we are good. Ike owns his clothing company Dasockboxx, a line of socks for different genders. Of all the castmates in the group, I find Ike to be the most diplomatic. I live in New York so I had to make sure I keep up with the season premieres and episodes. What I like about the series is the realness of the characters.

The show is produced and directed by Lester Matthews also known as Newnue. There are 4 seasons of the show which are all filmed in New York of course. The most recent season is season four features different cast members from the seasons. Chavis — Chavis is a multi-talented individual who models and acts.

A list of the best gay web series

Aside from rapping, he manages his business Lemon Brands, a creative agency, in which he works with brands and companies to help them with their marketing. Mellie B is also the owner of Frozen Lush, an ice cream shop.

Mellie B is one of the most outspoken individuals in the show. He has his own makeup company Loso on the Rise. Loso gives you that real rican New York vibe. Dwight is the sophisticated, artsy black gay who enjoys lavish things.

Gay/lesbian web series

Kleionne is probably the least dramatic individual in the show. You know a bish like me loves everything black and gay.

Not all black gay men are extra, dramatic, and fashion queens. Homosexuality has become more accepted in society.

I just listed a hot gay list of web series that you should watch. There are much more black gay web series but the ones I listed are some of my favorite.

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