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Of all the creatures found in Halloween lore, none are more mysterious than the fabled werewolf. Only emerging on a full moon night, their howl can send shivers down your spine and get you racing to hide under the covers. But, if you're like us, and you like a bit of a spine tingler or the good fantasy horror moviethen be sure to pick one of these werewolf flicks for your next Halloween movie night or party. Whether you make your guests wear their favorite Halloween costumesall are required to bring their favorite Halloween treats to this movie marathon along with their silver bullet. If you can't seem to get enough of a werewolf fix from these movies, be sure to check out our list of the best werewolf books.


Those traditional male roles just keep on falling to women: stand by, viewers, for the first female werewolf story.

Woman transforming into werewolf under moonlight poster

No: stand by for the first feminist werewolf story. Tune in to ITV next month for the three-part horror drama Wilderness and you will see two very different worlds collide in a manner that even the producer admits is pretty unlikely. Britain's most celebrated TV scriptwriter, Andrew Davies, author of the screenplays for House of Cards and Pride and Prejudice, will be trying to bring believability to the tale of Alice White, a sensuous yet mysterious - to quote ITV - librarian.

Alice was sexually assaulted as a teenager and as an adult is wreaking her revenge on men by using them for sex and then discarding them. But there's a complication. Once a month, when other women have their periods, Alice turns into a wolf. She's been doing it since she was 13; she doesn't want to; indeed, her sense of social responsibility makes her shut herself up at night in a flat in Shepherd's Bush until her monthly affliction passes; but turn into a wolf she does. Unfortunately for innocent passers-by, but fortunately for lovers of blood and gore horror movies, she doesn't always make it to the flat in time.

He is Alice's besotted psychotherapist.

Then there is Ayla, who plays the wolf - who is a real wolf. It's not just a horror film though, stresses the producer, Tim Vaughan, a former script editor of Emmerdale Farm.

After confiding that there is lots of sex and lots of nudity in the serial, he insists that there are "important" aspects of the three-hour film which have to be taken seriously. The PMT thing cannot be ignored in the way that it holds women back. This is menstrual. I'm as red-blooded as the next man, but do we really know how women operate? They are a puzzle, an enigma.

Woman transforming into werewolf under moonlight poster. template with process of girl turning into werwolf under full moon vector illustration. halloween horror party concept

That is the kind of territory we are exploring. Ms Ooms has little doubt that she is striking a blow for women. Alice White, she says, takes strangers to hotels purely to satisfy her sexual needs. Any other form of involvement is a huge risk.

25 best werewolf movies to watch on halloween

Don't all men want to meet a strange, beautiful woman and have sex with her and then see her leave with no commitment? Aren't most men in this situation married in any case? All women feel like this They have no choice.

She wants the ultimate freedom. Feminism apart, Wilderness is treading a well-worn path.

20 essential werewolf movies all horror film fans need to watch

Wolfman films date back towhen the Canadian director Henry McRae hired Watuma, a white-hating, mixed-race Navajo to become a live wolf for his silent adventure, The Werewolf. Many similar movies have followed: they have almost all featured a star victim who, once bitten, is transformed by the sight of the moon into a hairy beast with a fearsome set of teeth. He kills at random and a silver bullet was prescribed as the best means of disposing of the half-human monster.

Hollywood stars, from Lon Chaney Jr to Jack Nicholson, have wreaked havoc under a full moon, while closer to home, Michael Gambon and even the late Harry H Corbett have followed in their pawsteps. In Wilderness, special effects have been kept to a minimum, to avoid "morphing" as the on-screen transformation from one face to another is now commonly known, overshadowing the issues as hand.

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She feels trapped. She wants to get back to her roots. There is a parallel in all of this to PMT. Do I believe in werewolves?

I am not completely barking. I do have a close eye on reality, you know.

The 27 best werewolf movies to watch this halloween

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According to werewolf lore, the full moon is the time for transformation, where those afflicted with lycanthropy become hungry beasts ready to hunt.


In mythology and literature, a werewoman or were-woman is a woman who has taken the form of an animal through a process of lycanthropy.


According to folklore, werewolves leave their human form behind at the sight of a full moon — and once bitten, scratched or even cursed, their victims are doomed to transform into werewolves, too.


Like vampires and zombies, werewolves never seem to go out of style.