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Does this make me sound ancient? And in those days, if you had an angsty text post, an artsy photo edit, or a sexy GIF of your favorite fictional character headcanon, you posted it on Tumblr. These days, you can still find almost all of these same trends on TikTok: year-olds posting their personal drama with messytokartists capturing their creative processes and finaland Draco Malfoy thirst trap edits that make me slightly uncomfortable.


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The reaction to the news was immediate and distinct: porn has been tacitly allowed on Tumblr since its founding inand people were mostly angry at what they saw as an action that would alienate users and fandoms that threatened the fabric of the social network itself.

The ban on adult content will affect a truly staggering of blogs, as Katie Notopoulos pointed out at BuzzFeed News. And when they do, leadership tends to take immediate, often ill-considered action. LiveJournal was never the same after its users left. InLiveJournal began exploring its pivot to an ad-supported model, moving away from its premium, user-supported one. At the time, LiveJournal was one of the few internet companies that had crossed 10 million users. This was when Friendster was dying and Myspace was taking its place as the most influential social destination on the web.

The show To Catch a Predator had also debuted around the same time, and it seemed like every week, there was a new story about how dangerous it was to be online.

13 other places tumblr fans can go to explore their sexuality

It set the tone for a growing moral panic that eventually swept LiveJournal up and swallowed it whole. Strikethrough happened because LiveJournal reacted on instinct and without nuance.

Though he was on a different team, Dash was involved in damage control when any of the teams screwed up, including LiveJournal. InLiveJournal had a brush with bad publicity because of the overzealous enforcement of a content policy : a user was asked by the site to remove a picture of her breastfeeding, which apparently violated their policy against nudity in default pictures.

Your data. your experience.

The company had four products, and on LiveJournal, it had everything from people writing blogs about the Iraq War to Harry Potter fan fiction. That community was mostly made up of women in their teens and early 20s, which was cohesive as a demographic but wildly disparate in legal ramifications, as Dash put it. LiveJournal users in the community would create fanworks — some erotic, some not — in writing and with images.

And as the films were released, the visual fan creations became more and more of a problem, as users were able to create photorealistic works based on stills. Because they were based on underage actors, those photorealistic depictions were legally no different than child pornography.

Six Apart took action.

It was a blunt-force instrument based on how users had tagged their content, and many unobjectionable posts and communities were caught up in a wave of mass suspensions. The blogs still existed, but there were strikethroughs in their names.

They also ended up deleting s for like communities of sexual assault survivors and this kind of thing as well. Dash, for his part, says that LiveJournal did care about its departing users. Lots and lots of stuff is getting flagged erroneously. Is the bluntness of it good?

Possibly not. I think the right solution long term, is prevention.

Tumblr’s porn ban could be its downfall — after all, it happened to livejournal

But once the ship has sailed, what do you do? It was founded after Strikethrough. And it makes sense from a corporate perspective. Yahoo famously bought Tumblr for more than a billion dollars inpresumably as an infusion of youths to eventually sell against.

It used to be that back in the days before services like LiveJournal existed, people online would host their own blogs. People bring their friends where they are, and communities begin to migrate.

The answer to that question will soon become clear. The other question, however, remains: is this the end of an era, or the end of Tumblr itself? Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

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Tumblr died a slow and painful death. here's how tiktok can avoid the same fate.

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