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Gotham City Sirens. ChickPass - Gotham hottie Lavender Rayne bangs a comic book geek 3 min.


Personally, I am a little angry about it.

Moreover, lesbians are such a cop out. If they really wanted to mix things up, then they should have revealed Gordon was gay and that he had a relationship with his current partner Harvey Bullock Donal Logue.

Now that would have made for some socially conscience drama. The mafia boss holds auditions for a new singer at her nightclub.

The first singer Lucille Sharp has a great voice but the job requires the talent to get their hands dirty, very dirty. Fish asks if she like boys or girls.

She answers boys so Fish tells her pretend shes a boy and seduce her. The singer gives her a disappointing shoulder massage and Fish tells her muscle to find someone more appropriate for the job. Fish is searching for a femme fatale to take out the mafia don, Carmine Falcone John Domanwho humiliated her by beating up her boy toy.

The next candidate is Liza Makenzie Leighwho is described as a wild. She hops up on the table for a passionate embrace with her boss.

Fish is unable to decided between the two singers so she makes them fight have a not-so sexy cat fight that ends with Liza smashing her opponents skull into the pavement. The fight probably has less to do with her indecision and more about seeing which girl can handle herself in a fight.

Will Liza eat Fish? Tune in tonight — same lesbian time, same lesbian channel! Gotham cancels Gaytham.

TOYS bonus! Conan Comic-Con Pop! Nightmare on Elm Street cameo was a dream come true Pivacy Policy.

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Tabitha and Barbara dynamic will certainly drive you insane because they often generate expectations that are instantly devoured by the madness of their characters.


Welcome, once again, to Gotham , a made-for-TV movie about the forbidden love between a penguin and a fish.