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  • 51
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  • I'm from Malaysia
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  • I’ve got warm dark eyes but I use colored contact lenses
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  • Fem
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  • Golden
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  • I like to drink brandy


I'm confused, does Grimmjow likes romantically Nel or just he values her as a trustworthy comrade? At least I hope Grimmjow to want to have a romantic relations with Tier or Nel. But if he doesn't have any then it's not a big deal. In the novel of you can't feel your own world who does Grimmjow fights.


This is like a very delayed part 2 to my last fic which I realize I posted a really really long time agoof them living in the human world after Bleach.

Except this time, with more touching. He is more inclined to these thoughtless touches, tracing the pale hair grown on her arms or drifting his thumb across the shell of her ear. She always watches him, warily, never saying a single thing.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

But never stopping him, either. Keep reading. Nelliel: I want you to kill my ex, but make it seem like an accident. Grimmjow: Say no more. Gin: Looks like the killer beat him to death with a crowbar and placed a banana peel by his feet.

So here are tiddies ;D They look like cotton candy. Grimmjow examines himself in the bathroom mirror, disturbed by the sheer amount of detail put into this body.

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He twists this way and that, his fingers tracing the tanned skin with a hesitance unbecoming of him. This body is impeccable, a frighteningly accurate model of his own.

Every follicle of hair, exactly as he remembers it. His hand drifts across the wax-smooth scar on his chest, the raised indentations across his clavicle, and then the wholly uncharted span of his abdomen.

A navel, the thin trail of hair underneath. His thumb smooths over it, brow furrowed in thought. Posts Ask Box Submit Here fanfics.

Anonymous asked: Could you write a fanfiction where Nel and Grimmjow are living in the human world after the manga ended?

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Las Noches, the home to all of the Arrancar, Espada and the dreaded Aizen; inside the large dome that created a day-time illusion, two people were battling


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