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Yo yo sup everyone. I've been thinking about the Altruists and the option to take hikers to their camp. Are they eating the hikers or rehabilitating them to a better way of living. Trevor mentions they don't like drug addicts. All of these hikers can be found in the random events missions but who knows, there may be others to take there also, still needs testing.


GTA 5 Random Events range from shootouts to races, and they occur in specific points. Furthermore not all playable characters Franklin, Trevor or Michael can complete a random event, because some of them require certain characters. The following list includes all Random Events in GTA 5and provides information on the characters required to finish them, as well as a series of strategies you can use to beat them.

To spot such an event, pay close attention to the scream of the victim, then look for a blue dot on your map. The Altruist Cult Shootout event is available only to Trevor and it is marked on the map below by the letter C. To start the event you have to bring 4 hostages to the Altruist Camp on Mount Chiliad. Once you are inside the camp, the Altruists will decide to eat Trevor. After you get the hitchhiker, fight your way out but pay close attention because there is a hidden package on the porch of a house to your right, as you exit the camp.

Look for a man in pink underwear who has been tied up to a pole. Untie the man, then drive back to his house and wait Gta him to get some clothes. Now, drive the same car to the church also pointed on your map and watch the bride slapping the groom.

As a reward for this event you will receive the Enus Super Diamond car. While exploring the area you will see a thief trying to steal a yellow sports bike.

Instead run over him and he will flee. Next, you can keep the Pegassi Bati bike, or you can return it to its owner to increase your driving skill by 5. You can attempt to complete it with any character but it is preferably to play as Trevor.

Hitch lift 2

In the said area you will see a lady who is being kidnapped and dragged inside a van. Next, the victim will ask you to take her back home.

On your way to her house you will be attacked by more enemies. Kill them and return to your car. At this point you have to make an important decision. You can help the victim and take her back to her house, or you can opt to drive to the Altruist Camp on Mount Chiliad and give her to the cannibal Altruists. Simeon Yetarian is an event you will probably complete automatically at the beginning of the game.

Random events locations guide

You can beat the first, near the door, and shoot the second, or you can beat both of them. It is similar to the second event, but this time the thieves will use a van to escape; therefore, make sure you kill the driver.

When you enter the Suburban Store on the said street you will assist a robbery, and you will end up on your knees. After the thieves leave the store, equip one of your weapons and kill both of them quickly.

Biographical information

The V letter on the map below marks the locations of all GTA 5 security vans you can rob in the video game, or the routes they usually follow. Since these vehicles are bulletproof, the easiest way to stop a moving security van is to shoot its tires. To pick up the money inside the van, shoot the center of the back doors, or use a sticky bomb.

It can be completed only by Franklin or Michael who must save a woman from the Altruists who try to kill her. Explore Grand Senora Desert as Michael or Franklin and you will eventually find a police car who was involved in an accident. Next to the car, is a prisoner who asks you to take him back to his clubhouse.

Allow him to car and drive to the marked position on your map, in order to finish the first Prisoner Lift event in GTA 5. Also in Grand Senora Desert and also if you play as Franklin or Michael, you will find a prisoner wearing an orange costume.

Hitch lift 1

Slow down to see what he wants and he will pull out a gun. The first Mugging event is triggered if you explore Chamberlain Hill. It is another wallet-robbery, so all you have to do is to kill the robber and pick up the wallet.

The second Mugging event takes place close to Meteor Street where a thief threatens his victim using a gun. While maintaining a safe distance, snipe the criminal to save the victim.

The thief takes her purse and runs away. Follow him and hit him with your car. If he is still alive, shoot him and recover the wallet to complete the third GTA 5 Mugging event. The event occurs while driving on Supply Street, where a lady asks for your help. She claims that her boyfriend is injured, but in fact he will ambush you. The first hitchhiker is an important character because after you help him, you can make some money. His location is on Ineseno Road in the Banham Canyon.

Locate a car with its hood raised and talk to the driver. The businessman has to reach the airport as soon as possible and he will ask for your help. Try to get to the marked location on your map, in less than minutes and the hitchhiker will give you a tip regarding the Tinkle Company.

On your phone, access Bawsaq and invest some money in Tinkle, the moment you complete the mission. The second hitchhiker is Ursula who can be found by all characters close to Mount Chiliad, while driving on North Calafia Way. After you pick her up, you can opt to hitchhiker her to the Altruist Camp only as Trevoror you can hitchhiker to her house and get 5 points on your driving skill as well as her phone.

It is a booty call you can use later in the game. It is a woman who asks you to pick her up and take her to Vinewood Hills, where her boyfriend is located. Gta you pick her up, you have to decide if you want to take her to the Altruist Camp Trevor onlyor if you wish to fulfill her request. The second option will lead to a fight with her jealous boyfriend and a guard. You can shoot them if you want, or try to fistfight them. At the end of the mission, 5 points are added to your driving skill. If you drive close to Great Chaparral you should see a bride who asks you to help her.

When she gets into your car, you will be asked to drive her home, because she decided not to get married. On your way back, her Gta will ram your vehicle. Now, get back to your car and decide what you want to do with your victim, because if you play as Trevor you can take her to the Altruist Camp. If not, once you reach her house, the mission ends and your driving ability will be increased by 5.

The Gateway Driver random event takes place at the intersection of Strawberry Ave. As you approach the marked spot, you will assist a robbery, and you have to make several decisions that will affect how the mission unfolds. If you follow this path, get into your car and wait for the robbers to get inside.

Next, drive to their house but make sure you lose the cops that follow you. Alternatively if you play as Trevor, you can deliver the robbers to the Altruist Camp.

Gang Intimidation is an event available only to Trevor or Michael and occurs in El Burro Heights, where you will spot a woman asking for your help. Follow her but draw your weapon because you will be ambushed. On Vinewood Boulevard, if you play as any of the characters in GTA 5you will spot a blonde actress who asks you to help her.

The procedure is similar to the one you use to escape the cops; however, you can also take the actress to the Altruist Camp, if you play as Trevor.

The first GTA 5 Drunk Driver event is similar to the second, but your clients are two drunks who need a ride back home. They are located next to La Spada restaurant in La Puerta.

Talk to them and then take them home carefully, or they will puke in the car. If you wish, you can also deliver them to the Altruists, but only if you play as Trevor. On the said street you will see a couple in front of a restaurant. Talk to them and you will be asked to take them home using their car. You will also be offered several shots of whiskey that will blur your vision. If you play as Trevor, you can also opt to deliver the couple to the Altruist Camp. Additionally, Trevor will ask them if he can the party that takes place on the backseat of the car.

The Grand Theft Auto V Drug Shootout random event is extremely important because you will have the chance to earn a large amount of money.

Close to mount Chiliad is a Weed Farm you can raid. Practically, all you have to do in this event is to kill all opponents in the area, then pick up the money marked on your map by a hitchhiker dot. The farm becomes available for another raid after several weeks, so make sure you return to this location as often as you can.

On Wild Oats Drive, in Vinewood Hills you will assist a new random event that involves a couple arguing in front of their house. While the husband is outside, his wife yells at him from the balcony. The event starts when Gta pick up the husband, and ends after you take him to Los Santos Golf Club. In the area marked on the map you will see multiple trucks and corpses on the ground. As you reach the location, several dots will appear on your map. Visit them because not all victims are dead. Take the money and leave the area, but stay alert because you will be attacked by a gang. The event occurs on Route 68, and can be completed by all characters.

When you spot the motel in front of which the cops fight the robbers, drive close to it and exit your car.

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This guide will highlight the main mission strategies and Gold Medal requirements needed to complete every main story mission.


Stop next to the hitchhiker with red backpack at the road, who will ask you to take her home in the Mount Gordo Road location.


Not much is known about the girl's life.