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Why do guys slap a girls butt?

How do you respond to harassment? Image from Wikimedia Commons.

It was a weekend of good people, belly laughs, and a thousand new inside jokes. So far the Czech Republic has welcomed me with enthusiastic arms. What was so shocking about this particular incident of mine, then, was that it happened when I was in the company of male colleagues. My body is not for strangers to touch freely; keep your hands to yourself. Image from pixabay. The difference was that my flatmate and I attended Oktoberfest sans men, and the ass-slapper was walking by solo.

He also apologized after being called out. The dude at the Czech club was showing off for his friends and doing so blatantly in front of mine.

Similarly, I still sometimes use my sexuality as an excuse when a strange man is being inappropriate. I love affection, just not in the form of a bum slap by a stranger. Image courtesy of Samantha Marangell.

Flirtatious smack on the ass

Yet, I felt comfortable asserting myself in both of these recent incidents primarily because these two men had made a slap and walked off, not waiting for any sexual advance or expecting me to respond at all. Also, I was surrounded by my people, in a closed environment, and I was going to stay there to keep enjoying my night with my friends.

And a slap itself is simultaneously sexual, playful, intimate, and aggressive. She has just moved to the Australia after a year in the Czech Republic. She will reflect on making friends abroad and figuring out whether she'll finally stay in one place. Is it normal to be really upset after that. Something similar happened to me and i called up my boyfriend crying. It was the first time anything like this has happened.

Was i overrecting or is this normal? I just laughed it off as my brother tried to push him away. He just laughed and then let me get away so he could chase me again.

Man slaps girl s ass.

I called up my mom and he immediately stopped. Is this harassment or him just slap playful as my mums friend. Tell your Mum and your Dad about the experience — and how it made you and your brother feel uncomfortable. Oh no! We are so sorry to hear about this. This is absolutely not ok. You did the girl thing by calling your mom. This is not normal. I was having a great time with my friends we were all drinking and enjoying the night. Some how I was left alone in the living room with one of my friends boyfriend, he came around me and slapped my butt.

I was so shocked and confused, he turn around and asked me to take a shot with him as if what he did was normal. I have the same situation. He slapped my butt 11 times and I told him off. Why does this happen? Is it okay? How should I take it? And the butt-smacks keep coming from a co-worker. Kind of glad to see this answered in a way that makes sense. I for one did not appreciate the butt slap. When I was eleven, Guy was at a water amusement park in my black, one-piece bathing suit ready to slide down the biggest slide. I had climbed almost steps and was waiting on a butt of people ahead of me to take their turn.

I was almost to the top of the stairs when I feel a slap on my right butt cheek from the guy behind me who appeared to be at least a junior in high school. I turn around and look at him with a scowled look on my face, saying nothing, and all of the people that looked like they were with him started to laugh.

If a guy slaps another girls butt while in a relationship, is that cheating?

He was with his guy friends and his parents at least I think they were. I am mixed and he was white. My question is, why did he laugh? Was it a dare or some messed up racial thing? Or something else? I know no one will be able to give a definite answer to those questions but maybe someone can give an answer to this one: What should I have done in this situation? I was in the supermarket in Oahu last night.

I was with my husband looking at the eggs and cheese and suddenly someone slapped me HARD on the butt. I was in shock for a split second because it also hurt. I turned around and it was a little boy, no older than 5 staring straight up at me. I looked up and his mother was within view walking down the aisle but she said nothing. He walked slowly away not saying a word, then looked back at me again and I gave him another nasty look.

If it was a man I would have slapped the s- out of him. It was just odd to have come up from behind me and slap me hard…completely unprovoked. His response was also strange. He simply looked straight at me and walked away. A long feeling up of their legs and then we share a sadomasochistic relationship for about one hour!!! I would like to point out that my extreme amount of exercise swimming, running and bodybuilding intensified my masturbatory fantasises!!

They are not as powerful as regular orgasms but I can get them to linger longer!! There is one good positive out of my decreased libido: My PSA will probably be 0 for the rest of my life!!! The women I fantasise about dominating me are either slim or small. When I was younger, I remember spanking girls in a pool.

Ass slap and pierced nipples - more on billtarmey.com

Their bare bottoms were wet and the smacks I gave them sounded harsher than what really was. I applied that idea to my own fantasies in which the three women above would wet my bare bottom with water before I go over their knees.

This will teach you!! The result was a great orgasm!! It was almost as powerful as my domination of women fantasies!!

Boy, do I ever miss my prostate!!! You probably guessed that I have never had a girlfriend. I also prefer to see females over the knee of a male with the male spanking with his bare hand only. Garter belts, knickers and shoes on the female are optional. As a spanking submissive, the girl spanker always has to be attractive, small and in most cases young age and get tuned on by seeing my hairy butt jiggling under her palm.

Just a smack on the ass: a tale of sexual assault, vengeance and nervous swearing

I however know that most girls get an orgasm from being the spankee not the spanker. For this reason, I do not feel guilty about my sexual fantasies at all!! However, she could still be my dominator! As I get older, I am getting more submissive in my sexual fantasies. During my first six years in the working world, I loved cleaning carpets and upholstery on sunny days in the spring, summer and autumn in the country!! Most of my cleaning buddies were hooked on nicotine while I was hooked on my own endorphins!! Occasionally, I would get an orgasmic high while working in the country on sunny days!!

I used to wear two sweatshirts: ME: ? I hope that she would be into it! I bet that she would be! She has a nice curvy and large bottom!!!!!

I would alternate the spanking with sensual caresses every 15 minutes!! The fact that they play bare foot is even more of a turn on!!

Just a smack on the ass: a tale of sexual assault, vengeance and nervous swearing

Most female volleyball players are flat breasted but their nice tushes make up for that!! Here is a red hot spanking picture. Would I ever like to be the man slapping that tender white flesh!!!!! Spanking Blog: My third last comment pertains to the picture of the girl getting spanked with the 12 on the back of her shirt!! Search for: Search. Posted by by Samantha Marangell November 7, 3 minute read.

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Teenage Girl 1st Time Rough Sex!


The mid-air light-spank is a customary ritual of flirtation between two or more animals of mating probability since fish first crawled from the ocean onto dry land.


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Me and my ex boyfriend were on a night out with all our friends and I walked passed him and he slapped my butt and I carried on and ignored him.