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Forgot your password? Or in with one of these services. Linus Media Group is not associated with these services. Why on earth would Cortana ever want to light a Halo!?


OP Castarius. Did anyone else dislike the Halo 5 Ending?

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Show More Show Less. It was masterfully done.

A bit short though, I will say that. Other than the fact that it wasn't even an ending, nah it was pretty good.

Halo 5 walkthrough part 5 - the end!

Sarcasm, if you can't tell. It wasnt as bad as Halo 2's Hell, it wasnt even as bad as Halo 4's 'press LT to win' But I wish that we had one more confrontation with Warden rather than a nearly endless set of promies before getting to the relay.

Do you like Cliffhangers that middle of a trilogy or saga leave you on? If so that's Halo 5 in a nutshell I'm almost surprised quite a lot of people didn't think that was going to happen. Look at Halo 2s ending right as it was getting good.

I hated Halo 5's plot. It absolutely sucked. Well I didn't like it that much but I think it wasn't that bad either.

The whole campaign was just not what was advertised in Hunt The Truth. I thought it was a little bit odd that Cortana suddenly turned out to be the villain after being you companion in all halo games.

Jonessx wrote:. I understood and enjoyed the campaign very much. Wasn't what they advertised and that isn't really a bad thing IMO it was a more open way of throwing ppl off the plot Poor choice? It's a mix of both yes and no.

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Sure the whole ONI thing could've been interesting but this direction looks pretty promising. I don't get how ppl are ending about cortana turning bad I'd like to think that the cortana we knew died on the didacts ship and this was what crawled out Considering she was "cured" by forerunner "Magic" And also it was the Warden Internal who oversall it and im sure we see him again Who might have had influence into the process Forerunner AI have been known to get pretty crazy and do the opposite f what they were expected to do Spark suck bat Yoink for example She has been altered She may have the memories This is how i see it It works and is definitely a game changer in the current halo timeline Juls covenant lost the war and are basically finished Arbiter and his halo basicaly are free of that threat but now face the new one UNSC is obviousely going to be taking the majority of the blow atm because lots of their own AI swore allegiance to cortana Chief, locke, blue team, osiris, palmer, and halsey are hiding with the arbiter Infinity is going dark to avoid cortana for the meantime Roland is proof that not every AI is going to side with cortana Legendary post credit scene shows a halo ring So thats most likely gonna be a key thing to expect.

Agent Knight 03 wrote:. I really liked it. I felt like it have a fresh path for the game to start following.

The whole "hunt the truth" thing definitely made it seem like it was going to go in a different direction though. It was ok. I wish they explored the Covenant Civil war more

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