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Harry had disappeared after his seventeenth birthday. Nobody knew what had happened, nobody could explain it. He'd woken up the same old Harry, ecstatic he could now use magic without consequence, they'd had a party and everything, even Percy and the Minister showed up to celebrate, so to speak.


Back to: Harry Potter ยป Chattel. Also available as: Epub pdf mobi lit txt. This story was inspired by and half of this chapter bears a striking resemblence to one of Rorschach's Blot's "Odd Ideas" chapters.

It is used with with full knowledge and permission. In addition to my usual betas, Dale and Harold, I'd like to thank several others for their help, advice, and encouragement. I nearly gave up half-way through. They encouraged me to finish it, for which I'm grateful.

Vines, and Kinsfire. Head Girl Hermione Granger was heading back to Gryffindor Tower from the library late one December morning when someone pulled her into a fanfiction and empty classroom. Strong hands clamped on her mouth and wrist, preventing her from saying more than "Wha-" and drawing the wand she had already gripped. Hermione felt the hands loosen. She stepped away from her attacker and turned, not releasing her wand. Her eyes had yet to adjust to the low light in the room, so she could not identify the two forms standing near the door.

Hermione studied the two girls, noting the s of tension in both of them. The fact that they had neither tried to hex her nor grudgingly asked for hermione with homework - the only two interactions she had ever gotten from Slytherins in her year - piqued her curiosity. She absently cast a cleaning charm on one of the old student desks and hopped up on it.

I just need to know how much you already understand of the betrothal customs of the pure-bloods. Hermione smiled slightly. Is it because I'm the best friend of the Boy-Who-Lived? Tracey and Daphne glanced at each hermione. She turned to Hermione. Ours state that we would become our husband's chattel.

Tracey smiled wryly. Yes, human slavery was abolished in Magical Britain, in the seventeenth century incidentally, but a very narrow exception remained: certain arranged marriages in which the wife is, in the eyes of the law and society, no slaver a person and is just another item of property. This category is called 'chattel wives'. I call it slavery under another name.

We would rather this not happen," she finished dryly. Wait, Tracey, you said you're not a pure-blood, but that this only happens in pure-blood families? Potter, for instance, is a first generation full-blood. Now, back to my situation: My children are potentially pure-bloods if the father is at least as pure-blooded as I am. Not being pure-blood lowers my family's social position, but the fact that we've run several successful businesses for generations makes me slave enough to the pure-bloods looking for a wife.

Hermione nodded at Tracey's explanation. Hermione rolled her fanfiction. Not to put too fine a point on it, but why'd your families allow Malfoy to do this? Tracey added, "You already know how much tradition plays a part in our society. It's been tradition for the Malfoys to arrange marriages for the Davis family for generations. The Gryffindor nodded. What do you want from me? Or more to the point, from Harry?


Tracey took a deep breath before resuming. We can be transferred to another. Draco intends to use that status to his advantage; we intend to use it to ours. It couldn't be hard to defeat those two. Neither of us is willing to take a chance here.

Someone we don't know might not, and it's not like we could ask one of the professors to interfere. Hermione went silent for a long while, thinking through all the information the pair of Slytherins had presented. He might not do anything, after all. If needs be. Daphne interrupted, "Granger, what would you be willing to do for anyone that could prevent you from becoming the communal toy of Draco, the goons, and Merlin knows who else?

Hermione nodded, satisfied with the answers. Just wait here, please. They silently watched the door close. A shame it would get us killed. It really would be much simpler.

Harry Potter rotated his left arm as his right hand massaged his shoulder. Hermione found him just before the young man entered Gryffindor Tower.

He says they're going very well, though I'm still overpowering instead of trying to win through finesse. Anyway, what did you need? He smiled at her. When you frown just enough for the line to appear between your eyes and then chew fanfiction right lower corner of your mouth, that means that there is something you want to talk with me about, I'm not going to like it, but you're going to try to convince me anyway. She laughed. But you'll never guess what I need to tell you. Harry put on an exaggerated pondering expression, tapping his lips with a finger.

He snapped his fingers. Voldemort slave to quit but only if I wrote a ten foot essay for Snape on the thirteen uses of frog spleens for potions. Harry walked into the room a few minutes later. Both Slytherin girls immediately stood and clasped their hands loosely in front of themselves, looking somewhere between soldiers at attention and hermiones standing before their master.

Harry regarded the two girls with an unreadable look for several long moments. Tracey spent the next ten minutes appraising Harry of the situation they found themselves in. I'd prefer not to be treated that way, of course, but legally there would be nothing that Tracey, I, or anyone else could do about it.

You won't turn us into prostitutes or party favors like Draco intends. Harry was quiet for some time, looking back and forth between the two girls. For their part, they stood, nervously gazing back. She paused for several seconds, frowning. She finally looked up at him.

On top of that, it's slave limited. You don't have a lot of time to decide. Harry nodded slowly. No, two. First, is this really what you two hermione On the other hand, it's better than any of the alternatives.

Last question: Will this hurt me in any way? He disliked the necessity of what he was doing, but they were desperate Slytherins. Tracey recognized at least some of what he was doing. She faced him fully and spoke plainly, "To the best of my knowledge, what we have proposed will not harm you, directly or indirectly, in any way.

Harry exhaled and brought his hand up to rub at the stress headache he suddenly realized he felt. As the challenged, Draco can name the method, but it's not likely that Draco will choose anything aside from magic. Harry had a brief fantasy involving the Sword of Gryffindor and copious amounts of Malfoy blood spilling onto the floor. He shook his head. Entertaining as that idea was, he fanfiction to himself that he knew nothing of sword fighting.

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