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  • Emirati
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  • Liqueur
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After Issei's triumphant win over Sairaorg, and thus cementing the win of the Gremory house over the Bael house, Issei and Rias decided to consummate their relationship in the best way possible. Little did either of them know, Issei's Boosted Gear not only boosts the power of the owner and whatever he wishes but also their virility and fertility. Now 5 months later, after that night where she became more than just President Rias in Issei's eyes, she gazes out of the club house and wonders just what the future holds. And exactly how many little devils she's carrying. Last one for today bcause i have work shortly and i wanna chill a bit before then.


How long does each side's pregnancy last?

Are pregnant women given special protection and off limits? What about Issei's children because they are all hybrids? How do they know if they are pregnant and how long before they appear with the round belly?

Chill out. I was asking how long an angel's, fallen angel's and devil's pregnancy lasted and do they immediately know if they are pregnant and are given extra security after what happened to Akeno's mother? Do they have a magical delivery room or ultrasounds or do the mothers know which gender they're having?

Did you just post your kink? Aside from that nothing is explained assume everything is the same as humans. No it's not my kink, I was just wondering due to other movies and books and how widely different supernatural creatures have pregnant lengths. It's dude was reborn as a humanoid Dragon when his body was destroyed, so he's a humanoid Dragon Demon, he is know to have kids with the girls, so we know a humanoid Dragon Demon can impregnate both human to Demon converts and pure Demons.

Past that not much depth is added as its a fun entertaining story and it would turn readers off if the author went into crazy detail. I would not be surprised if this works like with the human women.

Found the internet! Pregnancies in Highschool DXD. Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: top suggested.

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Issei has developed many relationships throughout the series, both within the Occult Research Club and the Three Factions.