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Dedicated to graphic gore and splatter, each week will explore the dark, the disturbed, and the depraved in horror, and the blood and guts involved. For the films that use special effects of gore as an art form, and the fans that revel in the carnage, this series is for you. It was a term created out of derision, with some critics taking offense to the depiction of gore. The college students in the film travel to Europe expecting to buy women and get bought themselves. Like its predecessor, the sequel spends a lengthy bit of time introducing the key players. Roth keeps his theming of American naivety for his trio of intended victims, Beth, Whitney, and Lorna, but this time he shifts the focus to the killers as well.


We know what the first two Hostel movies wanted to do, and they did so in spades. They wanted to take torture porn and really have some fun with it. They wanted to appall audiences and fuck people up. While that can be a fairly immature reason to make a series of movies, the first two Hostel films really worked on that level. When I was thinking of scenes of torture, I got stuck on two from the hostel Hostel sequel. Do I go with the scene with the woman who emulates Elizabeth Bathory and slashes at a naked girl with a scythe and pretty much masturbates in her blood?

Or the scene where the dude gets his dick chopped off and eventually fed to a dog? They are both appalling scenes that directly address gender, but which to pick? I know I am a guy, so I should go with the dick chop scene, but there was something so arousing and nauseating about the blood shower that it just had to be a tie, right? I find that film to be beautiful, and to transcend the torture bloodbath genre by being deeply routed in spirituality and philosophy. I agree that Martyrs was a great film but your hypocrisy is showing…. Spirituality does not have to circle around Catholicism or Christianity.

Oh, and calling me a dummy makes you look like you are five, and your argument makes you SOUND like you are five, which you probably are,so I have no clue when I am engaging with you right now. I laugh at him or part, suckerand you can laugh at mine. It is porn.

There are, tragically, too many real examples of what you see someone else imagine for a movie.

Well thought out and I agree with you. I just knew the comments it would invoke, and voila…. Duuude, chill out a bit! Your last paragraph tries to invoke rage withing others, but it actually feels like you were enraged yourself, while writing it. Did you got up on the wrong foot? Wait, you are calling out my writing, yet you ask me something in past and present tense at once and have multiple mistakes?

In the process, six religious freaks upvoted you for it, even though your last sentence is far more poorly assembled than my last 30 articles. Please learn the language before you try to insult someone with it. Some things are just cringe worthy to watch. If the author of this article cared to hear what a true follower of Jesus Christ had to say he would know that contrary to what Mr. Gibson says, he believes in replacement theology which is against everything the Bible says and teaches. The film did not go into detail and show graphically what a cat of nine tails actually does.

'hostel part iii' - cutting the face mask

That cat of nine tails shreds the muscles of the back so horrendously that you literally have nothing left on your back but what could only be described as hamburger. The amount of blood shown in that scene is about right, IF the scene had been shown in its true graphic nature. You also have to remember that Jesus, being God in the flesh, knew this would happen to him and still went willingly.

He knew exactly what would happen down to the last detail and still went as a lamb to the slaughter. There never has been nor ever will be a Santa Claus or Easter Bunny. It is only Jesus on the cross being tortured and crucified. He is some community college grad writing an article about torture porn for some website that no one would go to unless you clicked some link.

Hardly theological scholar material. Some class act writing there. Shakespeare would be proud. And all of the comments are better than this actual article. Ignorance is bliss, I suppose. This comment is golden.

Hostel 2 – dick chop or sickle bath (tie)

You came here for THAT? You are the one who is lost, sir. Oh man, so good. Thank you for this. What a jack ass. Jesus did exist but had another true name. He was a philosopher that the Romans appointed to be the savior because of his genius. While the author clearly wanted to vent his own dislike of religion, you should remember that your faith is not fact and is in fact closer to mythology so your argument is invalid.

We made the mistake one time of showing the Passion to some middle school kids in sunday school since this is about Jesus and stuffand well… they were crying at the end, some had nightmares, …we ended up scarring these. There are things that are best bloodbath to the imagination. Is it bad that I laughed my ass off reading this part article? Kiss it. The piano wire scene in The Audition made me yawn. Elias Merhige. Never has a film made me less sure of what I Hostel seeing onscreen. Begotten fucked me up pretty bad, but in a good way which I am sure makes sense to you. Great comment. Extra points for using the term clit snip.

Actually Mel Gibson is very very Christian.

Now that is how you make a point. Class, and right to it. Well done, sir. I concur to my fuck up. The author was probably molested by a priest when he was …and liked it. So I cannot blame him for being so hostile towards religion. Subjective, subjective, subjective. ALL lists like this are subjective. Audition was simply an amazing movie. I saw Hostel 2 in the theater and the collective groans and squirms of every male in the audience was actually amusing.

Many women were laughing. The Passion of the Christ brings me to tears every time I watch it. I am a born again Christian. Mel Gibson stayed true to what the Bible conveys. The word for passion in Hebrew translates to suffering. Well in your eyes it would be an opportunity but in mine it would be a reason to beat the ever living hell out of you with a two by four and then tie you up and give you a reason to scream like all the people in Hostel.

There was no arouse from either of those scenes by the way. You are just a very very sick person. The only reason you should watch this is too build suspense in watching the damn movie not because watching people get skinned alive is actually a good watch. More or less half the shit you see on the big screen really does happen to people and in most cases it is so much worst in reality and it is nothing to jerk your meat too and get in a discussion about God because it actually happens and you can either be one of the sick fucks who likes it or one of the brave mother fuckers who chooses to do something about it instead of being divulged by your own dark corners of your mind.

Done ranting. Next.

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Not to mention most of the movies in this list are terrible.

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Like the ingenious murder traps in the Saw franchise , Eli Roth's Hostel and its sequels are dripping with horrific torture visuals that hold a place in the scariest horror movie scenes of all time.