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You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. I've heard over and over that Mandingo is the biggest in the porn biz.


Discussion in ' Straight Adult Websites ' started by pippiDec 21, If you are here because you are looking for the most amazing open-minded fun-spirited sexy adult community then you have found the right place.

The biggest dicks in porn

We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. up below and come us. Most Liked Posts. Scared you?

Some of you will know the porn actor Mandingo. He is famous for his penis size and I think he has biggest dick I have ever seen. FYI: i am straight When you people guess how long he might be, they come up with around the famous 12". My estimation based on some facts is much lower with 8.

Mandingo myth

The rest of this posted is copied from another forum and i hope its appropiate to post a porno screen shot in this section of the forum. If not, please move it to the appropiate section. In the attatched picture i have made a screenshot of what i mean.

Dr Rock Experimental Member. Sex Unsure. Let's face it - these guys are measured, and promoted, in porn inches. Which means that size typically gets inflated by percent. Personally, I reckon the problem dates back to the 70s, before video, when a tight close up of a male star could put an image maybe ft on a cinema screen - which made it easy to impress. Even today you'll see claims that the big star of the day, John Holmes, was 12 or 14 inches.

To back that up, Rolling Stone magazine once reported that Holmes's first wife said that mandingos in her marriage she'd come home to find him measuring himself. To her, he claimed to be 10 penises. IMO the biggest guys in the porn business today are inches.

Lexington Steele claims to be 11 inches and he probably is. Mandingo in most of his pictures - not the ones posted on this thread looks to be about the same length but has quite a bit big girth - in volume terms he has L. Doubt I've ever seen a real 12 incher - if they exist they are incredibly rare. What does this tell us? Only that the porn industry's got itself caught in a position where How has become the norm. If the top stars are supposed to be 11, 12 inches or more and you see Steele and Mandingo boosted as 13 or 14 inches pretty regularlywho's going to want to watch one who's 'only' 8?

We all know that most men exaggerate size all the time - to girlfriends, in bed, when they're answering questionnaires, to themselves Surveys that allowed men to measure themselves consistently report bigger average and extreme sizes than those that don't - what a surprise. And I've seen plenty of guys on the net who claim to be 9, 10 or 11 inches and are clearly quite a bit smaller than me. Take all such claims with a large pinch of salt and you won't go too far wrong.

Pippi has an excellent point--one that's been expressed here on many occassions.

Pygod’s wives & concubines

For once, however LOLI actually believe that there is an underestimation at play here. I can tell from looking at the picture Pippi attached, that the penis shown is definately longer than 8.

First, I'm a legitimate 8. Second, Mandingo's girth is substantially greater than mine I agree with the person who said that Mandingo is a "three-hander. As far as the exaggeration that occurs Tommy Lee claiming to be 9" Jesus Christ! Guys with pictures of their cocks who don't even reach their naval, yet they claim 11 inches Cmon folks! Wrong about Mandingo Good post! ed: Jan 3, Posts: 2 Likes Received: 0. His cock doesn't even look like full 3 hand of the girl.

So he's max 8 inch.

Mandingo and realistic look at size

I have seen alot of Mandingo and I would say he is close to 10 inches Being just under 9 inches myselfI also know what that looks like and Mandingo looks longer than me by at least an inch. ed: Jul 25, Posts: Likes Received: Close to 10". Personally I wouldn't go over 10", but 9. Mandingo's is perfectly straight though, mine is not Mandingo has to be bigger than 8. I've had 8. I was just watching a porno with Mandingo with an asian chick and she couldn't even get it all the way in he's so scary big.

The girl is like 5'9" Back in point Mandingo has to be at least 9 inches.

The truth about mandingo´s dick (aka fred foolish)

This is a good post in spirit though since I know most guys lie drastically about their sizes. Size is good, but knowing how to use it is even better!

DNxxl Cherished Member. Well, I thought I should respond here. As someone who has actually been around and in the room fucking women at the same time as Fred Mandingo - and Lex and other adult talent- I can shed some light on the subject here.

I used to regularly attend an upscale swing party in the valley that catered to women who were interested in gangbangs and well endowed men and black guys in particular - so there were quite a few adult stars that would be there - both male and female. Fred was one of regulars back in the day. I'm 6'3" and and towered over him and he has a very petite build.

He was in great shape back then - this was when he was just starting to do adult work - so a 9 inch cock on him looks HUGE - and granted it is - but his cock kinda looks out of place and ridiculous on him. Lex, on the other hand is around 6 feet tall or more. And take into consideration that most all of the girls who are in the biz are TINY - like almost midget size. The first time Jenna Haze came to my house when I answered the door - I thought she was gonna sell me girl scout cookies Same with Rebeca Linares who's at my house all the time - and most of the rest of them.

Mandingo inch cock length inches girth

Put a 9 inch cock in their hands and it looks downright scary. Tera is one of the few that is taller and more "model like" size-wise. So anyway, not trying to take anything away from him at all - he has one of the biggest cocks in the biz and the great thing is that he never seems to have performance problems and gets rock hard - so that's great.

Just wanted to throw some real perspective on this. Mandingo is big but definitely not 12 inches, 9. Agreed, the issue is that all people are different heights. The XXX Industry thrives on this exactly because we, the viewers, compare the actors to ourselves.

Pour conclure

Find a small-statured man with a large penis and he will seem much bigger on camera than he really is, especially paired with a petite actress. Mandingo's penis is somewhere above 9" in length. He clearly has one of the largest members in the industry, if not the general population. I mean, the guy has a giant dick. It is bigger than mine. It is bigger than yours.

Live with it, okay? Just to remind folks: Most penises are between " long.

Top women


In the post: How big are the biggest cocks in porn?


The biggest dicks in porn belong to men who've conquered the industry with what they're packing in their pants as much as with their charm.


Mandingo is the screen name of the African American adult film actor named Frederick Lamont, better known for having a penis that is approximately a foot in length.


Our commitment to showcasing the best and brightest as well as highlighting disparities in Black life has been, and will always be, cornerstone to EBONY.