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Race : HumanDragon Slayer. Family : Metalicana Foster Father; deceased. Gajeel is a tall and muscular young man with light-tan skin and long, spiky black hair, which is usually kept slicked back, revealing his forehead, with stands of hair on the sides and hiding his ears. He has red eyes with slitted dark pupils, and has no visible eyebrows. Most of his exposed body is covered in sets of simple, round studs.


There are many binge-worthy story arcs and adventures that the main characters go on, each getting to develop their relationships, abilities, and strengths. Though the main crew and antagonists are wildly advanced wizards and mages in a magical, fictional universethey are still relatable people that viewers can truly connect with and enjoy watching.

Fairy tail minimalist gajeel redfox anime 10" 12" 13" 15" 17" in

To get to know more about the bright, vibrant, and lovable characters in the world of Fairy Tailtheir ages, heights, and birthdays are the best place to start. Though this fiery and silly wizard is technically hundreds of years old, his actual age is of an older teenager. His immaculate talent and abilities surpass many of the other characters in the series, though his matured skills don't always align perfectly with his carefree and overly ambitious behavior.

Natsu is one of Fairy Tail's most recognized characters. He loves to fight and prefers to use violence to resolve any issue he faces. His temperament and character make him a fan favorite, with so many of the series' most intense moments revolving around him. Lucy is not much shorter than her pink-haired Fairy Tail companion.

Fairy tail minimalist gajeel redfox anime 10" 12" 13" 15" 17" in

At the start of the anime, Lucy is a passionate and intelligent teen with big dreams and even bigger potential. The bouncy blonde is fun and excitable Leo. Of course, there is no proof that the zodiac s and astrology exist in the world of Fairy Tail, but Lucy ends up accurately representing her fire.

She is tough, emotional, strong-willed, friendly, and is incredibly loyal to her friends and her goals. This happy-go-lucky partner of Natsu, Happy is a sweet 6 years of age, making him one of the youngest of the series' cast. He weighs very little, being very agile, and is able to fly and move very quickly at only 20kg, or 44lb.

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Happy's most prominent features are his bright white wings and small stature. This Exceed was accurately named, being a positive, upbeat, and very happy member of the group. He is a great friend and a strong asset to Team Natsu. Another teenage main character of the successful anime Fairy Tail is Gray Fullbuster, the black-haired mage who is constantly competing with Natsu. Their competitive natures motivate each other to get stronger, and they truly care for each other deep down.

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Gray is a calculated, talented, and passionate Aquarius, which is reflected in his laid-back, loyal, and critical personality. He loves to put on a cool demeanor but can light up in flames if someone hurts his friends. This impressive S-Class swordswoman is the most powerful female wizard in the guild and she's not even 20 yet. The fiery redhead canonically weighs much less than she actually should, coming in at a measly lb.

To be able to carry all her armor, weapons, and to have the strength she boasts, she would probably have to weigh more in muscle. Her talent, skills, and overpowered abilities make her one of the coolest characters in the entire show. Another wizard who is technically over years old, Wendy is biologically only a preteen at the start of the Fairy Tail timeline.

How old is natsu dragneel from fairy tail?

Wendy is an emotional, cautious, and compassionate Pisces. She is very shy, overly polite, and insecure about herself, but over time, and with the help of her companions, she is able to open up and discover her true potential.

She is very honest and open about how she is feeling, exactly like her Sun. Wendy's Exceed partner, Carla, is just as old as Happy and is very beneficial to the team.

She is just as little and adorable as Natsu's Exceed companion, but she is much more strict, serious, and straightforward than her blue love interest counterpart. Carla is a very important person to Wendy, always trying to boost her self-confidence and break her out of her shell. The duo are two peas in a pod and depend on one another to complete their mission. He is a reserved yet influential and intelligent Cancer, having gone through many personality changes through his troublesome life.

Jellal wishes to atone for his past bad deeds, so he stays loyal and true to his teammates and does all he can to bring justice to others.

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He becomes calm, caring, and more cheerful as he matures. Zeref, once the evilest Mage to ever exist, is another character over years old. He had mastered the Black Arts and created many terrifying demons, which caused so much destruction. The powerful Mage went through many character arcs and changes of heart, being a bit emotionally fragile and easy to upset.

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His personality and loyalties change over the many years of his being alive, but his relationship with Natsu always remains important to him. The age situation with Mavis isn't as simple as the other characters. Her body was frozen physically at 13 years old and would never age further but mentally she is 24 years old. To confuse things further, she was technically born years prior to the start of the series but she spent some time comatose, unable to age. She is very protective and caring towards her guild, and is always eager to teach and guide her peers.

She can be a bit reckless and carefree, but also playful and lighthearted. Mavis is a motivating and powerful addition to her guild. Juvia is a well-loved character in the series, being a powerful Mage of the Fairy Tail guild.

She starts out sporting a very reserved and stoic demeanor, but quickly opens up to her guild, especially to Gray. She is cheery and strong and has some pretty unique and interesting quirks. Juvia has many advanced skills and techniques and is willing to sacrifice herself for her friends, making her a strong female character in the series.

You didn't read that wrong, this evil character clocks in at a whopping 19 meters tall, since his height and weight can shift depending on his human or Dragon form! Acnologia is very intense, calculated, and composed.

Gajeel redfox

His Dragon form is much more destructive and violent than his human form, which is more stoic and serious. He has serious anger towards both humans and dragons, though he is a part of both species. Acnologia is an incredible antagonist in this fantastic fantasy series. Twitch streamer Shroud latest to fall victim to New World hardware issues after his power supply 'exploded' while playing the game on stream.

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