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Dragon City Walkthrough and Guide. There are 9 different types of dragons that you can breed.


Dragon City Breeding Guide for In your favorite game dragon city, the essential part of the gameplay is dragon breeding. It is difficult to understand the dragon breeding at the first instance without knowing the nook and corner of it. In this dragon city breeding guide, you can find the best breeding chart for dragon city, and dragon breeding calculator that would be essential to figure out how to breed the dragons in dragon city. Contents. Reproduction of the elemental dragons creates a different generation of a dragon, and further breeding creates rare or legendary dragons.

The rare and legendary dragons are the weapons to win various battles with their inherent skills. There is no set of a formula of the resultant egg since the game structure decides it randomly. However, in this article, you will find all the possible outcome of mating various parent dragon. When you enter the game, you are provided with a tutorial of the essential dragon breeding. This tutorial includes vital information about the elemental dragon breeding and the process. However, it requires consistent practice to master the skill of dragon breeding.

Ivory dragon

But before that following is the information about the dragon breeding structures. Breeding Mountain is the first place where you can start breeding your dragon. If you are lack in diamonds, then you may like to read our legal dragon city hack and cheats to get free gems and gold. It requires three hours to build.

What to breed to get a dragon?

Breeding Sanctuary is the place where you can create magic through the breeding process. You need to reach level 25 to unlock the breeding sanctuary.

Follow our Sanctuary chart to know more. Elemental Dragon contains one element in their characteristics. Breeding two same elemental Dragons result in the same elemental dragon and two different a hybrid. However, it is confusing to know which elements produce what dragon.


Elemental Dragons can be brought through gold or can be obtained by breeding two hybrid dragons. Following are the two resultant through which the elemental dragons can be obtained:. However, in this regard, you must know that some elements do not breed with each other; called the opposite element. Following chart shows different element Dragons. The easiest way to get a pure dragon for a new player is to buy from the market. Once you have a pure dragon, you can create pure hybrids through breeding each element with the pure dragon.

Creating a pure hybrid is a must for getting legendary dragons that we will explain in the next section.

Ivory dragon

Hybrid dragons can be created with a combination of two elemental dragons. Once you mate two elemental dragons of a different kind, you can quickly get hybrid dragons. In the new hybrid, both elements come together and produce a new hybrid. Rare hybrids are the second generation breeding result of the hybrid dragons.

However, there is no such surety that you will get the rare hybrids. Game structure randomly selects the result of the rare hybrid dragons. You must try at your level every time, and there is a chance of getting it on your consistent effort. Since we mentioned in an earlier stage that the opposite element breeding is not possible in the first generation breeding, that can be possible in second generation breeding. You can breed two hybrids to create one opposite element dragon. Legends are the third generation of the breed that can be obtained by breeding two rare hybrids or one legend ad one rare hybrid.

[working method] how to breed ivory dragon in dragon city generate 99, gems and golds

In this case, also we will stress on your luck factor to get a legend. I can say that I got my first legend after the twenty-sixth attempt. The best attempt to get any legendary dragon is to breed pure dragons in between.

Legendary dragons take a high time to breed. So when you find that the breeding time is high, you can expect a legendary dragon. Breeding in Dragon city is not a straightforward process and requires continuous effort to produce rare or legendary dragons.

In this article, we provided you with a glimpse of the process. Follow our above breeding chart for dragon city and determine the time from the dragon city breeding calculator. I must mention that there are more than types of dragons in the dragon city, and some are not covered in the dragon book.

If you want more guidance, follow our related articles about Dragon city tips. I am a Tech Geek who loves to play games and enjoy writing. Contact me at : [ protected].

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Dragon City Breeding Guide for Basic Concept of Dragon City Breeding. Chart of Breeding Elemental Dragons.

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Breeding Legendary Dragons Legendary dragons can be obtained only by breeding two Epic dragons.


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