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  • How old am I:
  • 34
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  • Nigerian
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  • Male
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  • I am fem
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  • My body features is quite skinny
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  • Opera


She ejected from the cockpit and was thrown into the ocean. Big Boss however had his doubts whether Paz had really died as he stated she had been ejected in full Scuba gear.


In her final moments, Paz willingly allowed herself to die in an explosion caused by a second bomb hidden inside her; in which she jumped out of the helicopter in order to protect Big Boss, Chico, and the remaining MSF members who were inside the helicopter. When Kojima finally grants Paz a voice, she, a year-old woman, initiates a sex act with Chico, a year-old boy, immediately after they have both been raped.

Works like the sneaking suit from The Phantom Pain and the Ground Zeroes sneaking suit, dampening foot noises. Mission 52 — Extract the Wandering Mother Base Soldiers 02 Availability: This mission should automatically unlock with your progress in the main storyline and by completing other secondary missions.

He can be found in northwest region of Afghanistan in the Aabe Shifap Ruins. When you obtain the photo you must take it to Paz to advance the story. You can only take her one picture and watch one cutscene per visit.

Why is paz alive in mgs5?

When you earn a photo, bring it to Paz to advance the story. You can only bring one picture and view one cut scene per visit, and Paz is located on the first deck of the Medical Platform at Mother Base.

Side note, Paz will place all of the photos she sees near her bed. When you enter the deated zone where you need to look for the soldier, equip the cardboard box.

All optional cutscenes in the phantom pain

Then enter his field of view hidden inside the boxand he will run towards you. The final mission is located in the northwest region of Afghanistan, and you need to finish Mission 38 and Side Op 59 to unlock it.

The Skulls as depicted in the E3 trailer. The Parasite Unit are enemies that appear in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, serving as some of the notable bosses within the game, like many of the other special forces units in the series. Why is Paz alive in mgs5?

How many wandering mother base soldiers are there? How do I unlock wandering mother base soldiers? How do you catch the wandering mother base soldier?

Metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain - where to find all 10 memento photos

Where is the last memento photo? How many pictures does Paz take? Where do I find Paz mgs5?

How do you catch the wandering soldier? How do I unlock side Op 59?

Can you extract wandering puppets? What are the skulls in Metal Gear Solid 5? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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Visiting the medical area, go to the middle of the complex and go to the second floor to see a door with a blue light on.


But if you want to enrich your MGSV experience just a little more from a cinematic standpoint, here is a detailed walkthrough on how to achieve certain optional cutscenes in the game.


For each of these missions you'll have to incapacitate a specific soldier, and not kill him.


The length of the game is the main talking point, not the rape or child rape, not the fact that this is used as a reward, not the fact that there is no warning that this will happen.