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  • How old am I:
  • I am 26
  • Ethnic:
  • Philippine
  • I love:
  • Male
  • Hair:
  • I have got long abundant honey-blond hair
  • My Sign of the zodiac:
  • Capricorn
  • What I like to drink:
  • Mulled wine
  • What I like to listen:
  • Latin
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Sports


Because building projects help shape tomorrow's society, PMV invests in social real estate. After all, the evolution of our population and the changes in the way we live and work present us with the complex challenge of finding new solutions to the care needs of tomorrow. Through smart and careful financing solutions, PMV creates new opportunities for social real estate. PMV advises, guides and finances semi- public and private parties in finding solutions for the need of real estate for people in need of care. Together we look for new forms of cooperation in which the user is central and technology offers solutions for living quality, independence, sustainability and economic viability.


How can i make a pmv or moving animation on clip studio paint?

Note: This is the print view with all the tutorial s on one. The paginated version is available hereif you prefer that. However we do recommend to have PMV installed so that you can follow this step-by-step tutorial.

If not, click on the Download tab and follow installation instructions. The default startup configuration has the Menu, Toolbar and 3D Viewer shown in the screenshot on the left. If you prefer the floated configuration, click on the Float Camera icon on the Toolbar. The rationale behind this is that when the camera is docked, accessing the drop down menus located above a docked Camera, forces a redraw in the Viewer. This can be time consuming if there is a complicated display.

This tutorial covers most commands in the Menu and Toolbar; click Next to get started. When molecules are loaded, by default, PMV displays white lines drawn between bonded atoms.

A yellow sphere should appear on underlying atom. Now, Shift-click on another atom to measure the distance between these two atoms. Use Color commands to color these objects. DejaVu uses scene-graph to organize objects in the scene and you can use the GUI to control different properties of the objects.

To change opacity of the surface, click on Front button next to Material. This opens Front Material Editor shown below where you can control opacity by moving Opacity slider.

Social real estate

You can also alter front polygon mode by clicking on Front button next to Polygon mode and selecting one of the options point, line, outlined, etc. Advanced Search…. Personal tools Log in. Introduction to PMV. Glossary Definitions. Name.

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This tutorial introduces PMV and demonstrates its basic features. Note, this tutorial applies to version 1.

There have been quite a few changes in PMV since version 1. Download 1KES. PMV currently supports reading these file formats: pdb, mol2, pdbq, pdbqs, pdbqt, cif, pqr.

To move it, click on the right mouse button and move your mouse. To rotateclick and drag middle mouse button. To zoom in or out, click the shift key and use middle mouse buttons. Basic key bindings: Press N on the keyboard to bring current object to the center of the screen.

Press D to toggle depth cueing. Press R to reset i. To gain a better understanding on the chemical structure of the molecule that we read, lets color this molecule by atom type.

This colors our molecule using the following palette:. You could change PMV preferences so that all new molecules are colored by atom type. Scroll down the list of "Available commands" and append colorByAtomType to "Commands to be applied" list. This brings up the widget shown below.

Click OK to add missing hydrogens.

In the widget which opens change the PCOM level to Atom, choose name from the list of properties press 'n' on keyboard for quck access and press OK. Forgot your password?

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So I really want to make one but, I'm a kinda inexperianced.