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Night Elves are a conundrum — on the one hand, you have a race which is very, very old. Not quite as ancient as the Draenei, but old enough that they pre-date almost every other native species on Azeroth. They got a dose of immortality at the end of the War of the Ancients, then lost it at the end of the Third War. Night Elves typically lived lives of isolation, and they only left that isolation around years ago. Night Elf lives are lengthy, far longer than any of their allies, save the Draenei. Because of this, that decision to the Alliance was a pretty big deal — it meant the centuries of quietly staying in the forests were over.


No one can tell you exactly how to roleplay anything, so take below as a helping hand and a guide - not a rulebook. Something fun about night elves is that they are more-or-less self-sovereign, independent; they do not see the Horde as totally evil most like Tauren, except when attackedand had a long debate about ing the alliance; they've basically ed out of necessity, and though are very good to their allies, they more or less govern themselves and go about their own business unless when it is necessary to forces with other allies or often even the horde this is especially true of druids and those affiliated with them, and some sentinels- many others as well, generics, and so on, so forth This has made them popular, perhaps.

They speak Darnassian and also know common, and many know many other languages, though this is not an option in the game.

Night elf society

This night elf roleplaying guide's purpose is to improve your roleplaying experience, whatever your server. There are some things that you can take apply in your other characters. The purpose of this guide is not to be exhaustive, but to be complete with the basics. It does not include every single possibility and derivative of night elves, but only the ones relevant here and now.

Your data. your experience.

We hope you find it helpful. For starters, your character should not be boring. It should not be so generic that you sound just like the next guy. Develop your character's personality and its personality will shine. Try to stay away from the obvious cliches.

There is nothing new in that area. It does not mean that your character cannot be nice, or that it cannot be happy or like flowers The youngest ones are likely to be happy as well as the oldest ones as the younger ones have hope in a new dawn for their people and the world in general and haven't experienced as much suffering and are perhaps comfortable enough with immortality-some of them, anywayand the oldest ones have seen the events of the very world unfold and have learned meditation, inner peace, and to be happy with the blessings they have and the good in the world.

But what it means is that your character should be believable. They can be feral, sure, but talking in cat doesn't make sense, nor being totally savage.

The can be "hippie", sure, but they will defend and even fight when they feel it's necessary. On the other hand you should not try to be so unique that it get too out of touch with lore. A good example is being a paladin as a night elf or a dragon. Although they are not strictly against the lore, they are stretches and as such need a lot of work to be believable. Don't avoid the slightly "weird" characters just because people are giving you weird looks. Remember that the purpose of RP is to create an experience for you and those around you.

The more convincing and engaging the experience is, the better. Night elves as we know them these days originate from Kalimdor and in fact the first to originate from Azeroth- born at the waking of the world. In the post-Sundering Azeroth following the Well of Eternity's destruction "Kalimdor" refers to the western continent. Night elf first names are usually two to four syllables long.

Generally speaking, feminine and masculine names are not generally very different although certain consonants and suffixes are more generally associated with one. Night elf names typically do not have the letters Z, J or X. Those are also absent from the known samples of the modern Darnassian language. In general, names with those letters were only used by pre-Sundering elves. For instance, the names Xavius and Azshara, both pre-Sundering names from the lore, feature some unusual letters.

Names of this sort do not appear in post-Sundering names whatsoever, probably due to a slight linguistic change in the kaldorei tongue.

How to roleplay a night elf!

Though night elf names do appear to have certain feminine and masculine suffixes, the differences between masculine and feminine names are minute if at all existent. As far as being born pre-Sundering is concerned, your only choice of origin is Kalimdor.

The old continent was the only one, and naturally, most of it was a vibrant forest. Of course, back then, many elves were born in one of the awe-inspiring city-states, such as Zin'Azshari, Eldarath, Loreth'aran, Bashal'aran or Ameth'aran to name a few. This is also a chance for you to make up a lesser-known city and roll with it, maybe to break your character from historical limitations a little bit. Take all things in consideration, now. When you decide your character was born after the Sundering, your choice is limited to northern Kalimdor, at best descending to the Barrens before they became a semi-desert they How now.

The forests are a likely choice, such as those of Ashenvale. A common mistake would be to choose Teldrassil. Keep in mind that Teldrassil and thus Darnassus is only roughly 45 years old, and your character could not have come from there originally. First off, night elves refer to themselves and one another as "kaldorei", which means children dorei of the stars kal means star or stars.

As one would expect from their race's name, night elves are nocturnal, generally sleeping during the daytime and waking at dusk or later. Just like with humans, there will be some night elves elf break from this generalization--perhaps "morning dove" could mean the same thing as "night owl" does in the real world.

An average night elf would be more likely to favor quieter, darker places, such as the shaded forests of Ashenvale or the night glades within Teldrassiland probably would not enjoy midday in Tanarisso be sure to consider where your character happens to be located and when he or she is active. All night elves meditate to heal their minds and even bodies, to culminate mental, spiritual, and emotional serenity, peace, grace, happiness, wisdom, strength Night Elven culture takes its association with Nature and the natural world very seriously.

The two pillars that govern Night Elf society revolve around nature in one way or another: the elf members of the Cenarion Circle and the Sisterhood of Elune. Officially, the Sisterhood is the government of Darnassus, but the Cenarion Circle holds a great deal of influence.

Druids are deeply respected by all Darnassian night elves, and even many Highborne treat them with courtesy, so it is natural that they would their sister priestesses and recently, brother priests in positions of authority. There have been many druid females throughout the ages, though not as many as male, and traditionally all priests priestess' were female, though that has changed recently as well.

Warriors, sentinels, and such have been almost exclusively female; sentinels are still exclusively female, though male warriors have been seen always and are being seen more often and more closely affiliated with them. Gender roles are not mattering much anymore. Night elves are also extremely long-lived, even without considering that they have been immortal for at least the past ten thousand years. They are considered 'adults' at years of age, and many individuals with power or authority are old enough, or nearly so, to remember the Sundering.

The length of life among many night elves means that they frequently take a wider perspective on matters than younger, shorter-lived races. A few days spent thinking over a single decision may seem excessive for a human from Stormwind, but many night elves would How it perhaps too little time to truly consider all outcomes. At the same time, some, such as Archdruid Fandral Staghelmare much less patient and are often called "rash" by their colleagues, so don't feel that every night elf must have infinite patience. Night elves tend to be very well-read and knowledgeable. All night elf children learn to read and write, or the vast majority of course you could roleplay yours as being an exception, but this would be extremely odd and rare.

Like every playable race on Azeroth, night elves are omnivorous. Many, however, have a distaste for meat, preferring to eat purely vegetarian foods; fish and eggs are also fairly commonly eaten. This is not to say that they do not hunt--although they do not share elf Tauren reverence for the Great Hunt, night elves are generally known for being excellent hunters. Furthermore, their reverence for nature compels them to waste as little as possible of any creature killed for food or materials.

Reverence of Elune is universal among night elves, partially because she has revealed herself to them on more than one occasion in living memory. They may also hold belief in the raw forces of Nature, or the Dragon Aspects, though this would be more respect than worship. Cenarius, Ysera, Aviana, Goldrinn and the Ancients are night well-respected and sometimes revered; occasionally Malorne as well.

Night elves are generally a very highly spiritual people, yet highly pragmatic, an often sophisticated paradox. Some view the Light as an aspect of Elune and indeed all the gods, ancients, and most they highly respect or sometimes revere ; some truly believe in the Light, for it is a force that has existed for a long time; though the vast majority do not really revere it, they will respect it.

Though this is highly unlikely, bordering on non-existent, night elves may not even worship anything at all; they recognize the power in beings such as Elune, druid magics, and the Dragon Aspects, but might not see them as being worthy of religious belief per se. Do be aware, however, that any Night Elf that does not worship Elune may not be well-received among his or her peers: worship of Elune is by far the most common faith, to the point that the priesthood is their government, and refusing to worship Elune may be socially unacceptable.

If you choose to play an 'agnostic,' 'atheist,' or any other non-traditional Night Elf, make sure to consider these points when writing and playing your character. These things become more accepted, too, over the years as culture develops, however. So again - it's not a rule, just a guide. Like all sentient beings, each night elf will have a unique and individual personality.


However, there are many trends that can be observed by looking at the night elves who appeared in Warcraft III, the official Warcraft novels, or while playing World of Warcraft. Common personality traits, both before and after the Sundering, include:. Night elves, while wise, can be proud.

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