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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Contributed by: Guard Master. Contributed by: thisisboris2. Contributed by: Super Archer. HuniePop First Released Jan 19, released. You're Good to Go!


This article may contain content unsuitable for readers under eighteen years or older. HuniePop is an adult puzzle and dating sim game developed by game deer Ryan Koons, under the HuniePot name.

From Awesome Games Wiki. This article is NSFW! Love is passionate? Love is apparently Candy Crush.

Why It Rocks The game takes on an anime artstyle that looks nice for the backgrounds, CGs, and character models. Great soundtrack that's pretty relaxing and suits the atmosphere. Despite having hentai CGs, the hentai is not the main focus, but acts more as a reward and a way to let you know that you're done with the girls. Which is something that you can't say a lot about when it comes to anime games on Steam. There are 12 girls to date, 4 of which have to unlock and all of them have their own personality and are really likable and mostly memorable. Kyu Sugardust unlocked after the player completes a bedroom mini-game with one girl : A love fairy that helps the player pick up girls.

She treats the player in a friendly, supportive manner. She is glad to help them, and shows genuine desire to steer them right in their pursuit to improve their love life. Audrey Belrose : A University student who is loud, self-centered, and stuck-up.

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She has no real sense of loyalty or commitment and is only looking to have as much fun as possible. Nikki Ann-Marie : A barista who doesn't particularly like or trust people and doesn't go out of her way to accommodate them or make them feel welcome. She is almost always cold and distant to new people she meets, but she'll warm up to those who she feels understand her.

Tiffany Maye : A cheerleader at University that is sweet and caring.

She's very cheerful and lively, and shows genuine gratitude when receiving gifts. Jessie Maye : A porn-star with a carefree and rather selfish person. She has no shame about her sexuality and cares little about sustained relationships.

Ignoring her selfish behavior, she is a generally kind person and seems to have some minor regrets about her past. Beli Lapran : A yoga instructor who is very trusting and submissive. Kyanna Delrio : A hairdresser who is obsessed with beauty and body image, spending most of her free time at the gym. She's loyal and protective of her friends, but get on her bad side and things change quickly. Growing up with only brothers, she's a bit of a tomboy.

Lola Rembrite : A flight attendant who's confident and independent with entrepreneurial ambitions. She's generally very nice and loves to laugh. Celeste Luvendass unlockable : An intergalactic bounty hunter who hunts various alien fugitives across the known universe. She is intelligent and knowledgeable about the universe, and will commonly test the player's knowledge of space through questions about various celestial bodies in the Solar System and beyond, as well as other general knowledge about the cosmos. She is also is kind and friendly and speaks in a somewhat stiff and mechanical, but grammatically correct and fluent manner.

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She is somewhat haughty, being a goddess, and greets and speaks in a regal manner becoming of her status. While not exactly friendly, she does not act demeaning or hostile towards the player, and treats them with an appropriate level of respect. She is the most difficult girl in the game. Unlike other dating sims, this game combines the elements of a dating sim with a 3-match tile puzzle game for when you go on dates called the Date Grid.

The Date Grid is where the player matches tokens in order to get affection, passion, sentiment, or more moves. Unlike other puzzle games where players can only move tokens one space over, the player can drag tokens anywhere across the token's row or column, allowing more opportunities for combos. In order to gain affection, the player must match three or more tokens. The more tokens are matched at once, the more points the player will receive. The amount of affection a token can give depends on trait upgrades, the passion level, and a girl's preferences.

Each girl has their outline their most favorite trait, which will grant the most amount of affection during dates, and their least favorite trait, which will grant the least amount of affection during dates.

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Girls also have other preferred traits over other traits, which will grant higher amount of affection than others, but players must find out and memorize what these traits are as they date the girl. Players must keep this in mind the girl's preferred traits as they date them to ensure a successful date.

There are eight tokens in total: Romance' Orange crescent moon Talent Blue music note Sexuality Red flame Flirtation Green star Joy Yellow bellwhich grants a bonus move Passion Pink heartwhich increases the value of token combos Sentiment Light Blue tear dropwhich increases your sentiment points Broken Hearts Purplewhich lowers the player's score. On top of that, the gameplay actually has some challenge to it and has moments where you really need to think since the tiles get harder as you progress.

When you beat the Date Grid, you unlock a heart for that particular girl. Getting all five hearts will unlock The bedroom bonus mini-game.

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After the 4th date, the girl you're dating will come over to your bedroom in only a bra and panties to have sex with you. In the bedroom bonus mini-game, there are no move limits, broken hearts or date gift usage.

The affection level is lower than the average date affection level, but the score decays over time, so players must play the bonus stage as fast as possible in order to win. Dates also earn players rewards such as "Munie", which is used to buy gifts, food, and alcohol. When you give a girl a gift they will in turn give you date gifts that can help on your dates, cosmetics for the girls, and Hunie. You can ask girls questions that will give you Hunie and they will tell you things about them that may appear trivial, but they will ask you questions about them to see if you remember, which will give you even more Hunie if you get the question right.

Hunie can be used to upgrade your traits, which can help with the amount of broken hearts on screen, the amount of passion you receive, and so on.

It has some pretty funny moments especially the dialogue choices. Really good voice acting with each actress doing a nice job of selling their roles. After taking all of the twelve girls home, Kyu will present to you a new mode titled "Alpha Mode. To unlock it, you must give Kyu all of the twelve girls' panties. In this mode, you may choose where your date takes place.

Bad Qualities Audrey can be pretty unlikable since she acts rude to the player and people around her, although that's kind of the point. The characters are still images with only their mouth moving and expression changing, which can look awkward. Some considered Momo's voice to be annoying. The character itself has also been the subject of controversy and head scratchers since her reveal mainly correlating to her age and cat like interactions Some of the CGs look kind of cheap.

There is no ending which means there's no real payoff for being with all the girls.

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Game Tips To unlock Celeste, the player must give Kyu their dirty magazine. Kyu will comment on the exchange, and will then give the player a weird device she had found. Taking the weird device to the beach at night and attempting to depart without taking a girl to the player's room will trigger Celeste's appearance. A bag of goldfish is required to unlock Momo. To unlock Momo, dispose the bag of goldfish when you are outside University Campus, Dawnwood Park, etc. Comments Loading comments Cookies help us deliver our services. More information OK.

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To unlock Celeste, the player must give Kyu their dirty magazine.


Unlocking Requirements To unlock Celeste, the player must give Kyu their dirty magazine.