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Your daughter has a close friend who alternates between kindness and cruelty.


KidsRelationships. In: Journal » Relationships. She walked into the place like she owned it. In no time at all, she met you.

Dear therapist: i am a single man. my daughter’s friends aren’t allowed to visit my house.

Stories vary on exactly how that happened, but I started hearing your name more often at home. First, that this new place would become community to our family.

You were prayed for. It appears you are her place. My friends came and went based on the girls who were in my class each year.

I always had lots of friends, but not one particular sidekick. When one hears about a certain friend so often, and that friend spends so much time in our home, you become like family. I often include you and your family in my prayers. Sure, you have spats from time to time now, but what if you actually grow apart?

It’s heartbreaking to raise who’s told she doesn’t fit in

Ugh, what if you get in a big fight over a boy? But really, none of us are safe from hurtful relationships. Not if we give of ourselves freely. Part of friendship includes giving all of yourself and trusting the other person to handle that gift with tender care. Lord willing, you will celebrate the freedom found in your teenage years together. As roommates, or across hundreds of miles, you can cheer each other on in the college years. Traci Rhoades is a writer and Bible teacher. She lives in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area with her family and an ever-changing of pets.

Connect with her online at tracesoffaith. We were the only ones in the restaurant, the lunch crowd not yet trickling in. It was an impromptu last day of school mother-daughter lunch, two moms, two daughters, just catching up and chattering away, excited for summer and all the freedom that the break brings.

We talked about vacations, plans for next year, and caught up on all the major fourth-grade happenings from the year past.

Don’t make your child your confidant

God needed someone who would give of their time and talents for children, not for the compensation mainly gift cards from grateful families but for the joy of influencing young lives. God needed someone other than parents, a new voice, a steadying presence to encourage, guide, and cement the lessons parents teach.

He needed someone to tell the kids to listen to their parents. So God made a coach.

God needed someone to help children realize the awesomeness of their own physical strength and how to use it constructively. He needed someone to see their potential and push them to She is strong-willed. She naturally likes to be the leader. She will hold her ground and dig in her heels.

3 reasons i will never be my daughter’s best friend

She is my strong-willed daughter. The one who makes me question my every decision. The one who is my greatest teacher. The one who stretches my patience to the max. I can see who I am a boy mom.

I am the keeper of their special things

I love being a boy mom. There are so many times I feel that special Aha! While I may appear a bit prissy and girly, I assure you, I can belch, fart, and appreciate boy humor with the best of them. And trust me, when it comes to these often inappropriate yet hilarious excerpts, my boys are definitely the best.

I always wanted a daughter. I am an only child and share an unbreakable bond with my own mother. She is my best I promise I was listening, but my mind was on the day.

I promise I was listening, but my mind was on the laundry stack. I promise I was looking, but my mind was on what to do in the rain.

And before we knew it, you filled up two full hands. On this eve of you turning 10, I am emotional and grasping for the right words to convey.

We are now in a situation that she will spend many lunchtimes on her own

Oh, one, how we completely embraced you. This was the age of counting up by months and eyeing every little thing you do. One was full of endless excitement and cheering you on, right on daughter. Sometimes it was overshadowed by utter exhaustion as we I have three children: nine, seven, and four.

They simply love to test yours strength against the old man. Can I justify it? No, other than to say it just feels right. My wife is a good sport, When I packed your backpack and helped you lay out your clothes the friend before your first day, I imagined you thriving on your new adventure. I naively thought the first day was going to be the hard part—that there would be some tears from both of us as we stepped into this new chapter, but soon the newness would wear off and we would fall seamlessly into this new routine. They had special toys they would bring out just for us whenever we came to visit.

Grandpa would pile us into his pickup truck for a breakfast out. Grandma would play restaurant or put our hair in curlers. Grandpa would take us out on his boat or chase us up the stairs. KidsMotherhood.

My daughter’s friend is toxic – help!

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JournalRelationships. Stories from the heart of every home. New cozy sweatshirts in the Her View shop! Share this:. Traci Rhoades Traci Rhoades is a writer and Bible teacher. Journal Take a Load Off, Mama. You May Also Like. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by .

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All of my social media platforms are filled right now with posts about children heading back to school.


The emotional role of the parent is built on love, affection, and esteem.


Question: My year-old daughter is going to an all-girls school and is in second year, but has begun to have problems.


I am a single parent half-time of two children following a recent divorce.