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  • Hetero
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Here are 5 biblical s that someone is trying to sinfully seduce you.


So me 23F and my friend 27M met at work since I started my new job 2 months ago. We hung out the first time outside work weeks ago.

I confessed to him that I see us just hanging as friends and nothing more and he as well said he also just wants to hang out as friends and nothing more. We went on a hike but on that hike he kept initiating conversations relating to my past relationships, what I look for in a guy etc, and he kept talking about his past relationships, hookups he's done etc.

It was odd for just hanging out the first time imo and having those convos right off the bat. He kept putting his arm around me that time we hung out till I told him to not. He wanted to continue hanging out till i said i had errands to run which i didn't.

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I was just confused and weirded out because even though he just wanted to be friends it clearly didn't feel like it. Fast forward to this day, i see him at work here and there but ever since that first hang out ive kept my guard up, i say hi and be myself around him but I dont feel comfortable around him anymore because im not into him and I want him to get the message that friends at work is all I want with him.

He still tries to initiate convos with me, he marks all the check marks of flirting you can think of, he speaks to everyone else serious but with me its different he really tries to get me to hang out with him or starts a text with me.

Ill admit ive been different with him after the hangout but its because Im lost if he's lying and actually wanting I to fall for him, he knows im different since that day because he sometimes asks whats wrong this or that but its just me wanting to avoid him as much as I can since that first hang out and he still doesn't get the memo. What do you guys think? Is this what someone just wanting to be friends would do?

Is he trying to seduce me? Friends ask about hobbies and what your favorite food is, not that crap.

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Thanks a million! Thats exactly what i was thinking on things to talk about but it clearly didn't go that way lol, im just glad im not going crazy here. Spot on and i agree!

Its like he does want to be friends with benefits and its just a shame he won't admit it. I will definitely let him know if he ends up questioning why im different with him then before.

The teaching ministry of mark ballenger

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Many of us have or will experience him, the serial seducer.


If a guy really wants to seduce me, he needs to put his pants back on and pay attention to these things instead:.


If he does like you he won't just make one subtle hint and leave it at that, I wouldn't anyway.