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Hunter x Hunter is famous for its rich characters, and with a prominent character being transgender, the manga is already far ahead of Marvel and DC's transgender representation. More than just being a one-note side character though, this character is deep and nuanced in a way that is rare to see in mainstream manga. Though much of Yoshihiro Togashi's Hunter x Hunter focusses on the adventures of protagonist Gon Freecss, part of the manga's appeal is in its wider cast. Gon's best friend Killua Zoldyck in particular receives a great deal of development as his time with Gon helps him break free of his cold family of assassins. After Gon is seriously injured though, Killua returns to his family to retrieve the one person who can save Gon's life, his little sister Alluka.


Pitou is a female and here is why:

Discover and save! HxH Pitou's Humanity Am I a girl? Is Yoshihiro Togashi sick? Pitou is as much of a boy as Pouf is a girl. What chapter does HXH end?

Why is HXH always on hiatus? The cat girl tried to gulp down everything but the sheer quantity made it an impossible task and a grand part dropped from the corners of her mouth. What Nen type is Netero? Jun 20, 33 brolycjw said: Gon clearly referred to Kaito as a girl. Omnioum Edited Aug 3, Is Neferpitou from Hunter x Hunter a boy or a girl. Wanna test your knowledge of Hunter X Hunter in this super easy quiz? Doesn't matter. A Lot of people throw the killua called her a girl so Alluka must be a girl argument in. His specialty is in assassination techniques and he's one of the best at using Transmutation Nen abilities as well.

What truly is neferupitou's gender?

For instance, Claymore translations where Clare is referred to as a guy despite obviously being a girl and having a feminine appearance. Mathew death by monster 2. Johness death by Killua 3. I could be wrong but that's just what I know. May 24, - Explore lirimaaer's board "hxh" on Pinterest. Post up cool, cute, erotic pics of our favourite Kitty :nod I girl Faint Smile has a Pitou set somewhere. He then tried to kill the cub, claiming it will grow up hating humans and will, therefore, be a danger to them. Killua is one of the main characters of the Hunter x Hunter anime and an incredibly powerful Hunter.

Kite killed the mother to save the boy, but later chastised Gon for making him kill it, explaining the territorial mark the Foxbear left everywhere in the area. The intended gender of the quimera ants for the readers because they may as well be genderless, although that doesn't make sense because all of them can reproduce is based on their des.

Pitou's gender HxH Databooks Neferpitou starter Well i guess if you are bisexual you wouldn't mind fapping to either boy or girl but most people would like to know.

Togari death by Hisoka 4. This boy was too powerful and he was a clear threat to their mast, their king. Even the other guards couldn't compare to Meruem's level.

Neferpitou: male or female?

Hxh alluka boy or girl The only people who even call her a boy are the villians in the show. Let the speak for themselves. Who is the youngest Zoldyck? Nobunaga, machifranklin and uvogin take on youpi, the girl with the vacuum cleaner, super saiyan remote control boy, and feitan fight pouf, phinks, chrollo, bonolove and the remaining troup members take on pitou.

Ryuksgelus Active Member. Is pitou a boy or a girl in your interpretation?

What truly is neferupitou's gender?

Neferpitou's gender is purposely kept ambiguous in th emanga. Post em up :3 Urghh Is Kalluto a girl or boy? Pitou had killed this boy's friend, his mentor and now Pitou had a responsibility to kill this boy for their king.

How many times do I have to go through the whole HxH manga and Databook. Pitou's mind was racing then anything else. Pitou served as one of his Royal Guards and thus was inferior to him in every way. Siper death by Illumi 5.

What truly is neferupitou's gender? | hunter x hunter amino

In all fairness I spent a whole lot of time believing that Pitou was a girl. What is Gon's power?

Realizing the potential threat Gon could pose to Meruem, Pitou plays on the boy's hopes to get him away from Komugi so he can be killed without endangering the girl. First Prev 1 2 3 Next Last. Gon, however, stopped Kite and claimed he wanted to raise the cub on his own. After 20 seconds, Pitou slowly removed her mouth from the piece of man meat and licked the remaining semen, it was strange how it … Who is stronger Gon or killua? This is my own theory about the gender of Alluka in Hunter x Hunter What's Alluka?

Hunter x hunter neferpitou cat girl outfits halloween carnival suit cosplay costume

A lot of characters in HxH are like that, e. Sep 25, - Explore Twin Swords's board "pitou" on Pinterest. He gave the boy an antiseptic for the wound. Jul 11, - 30 Likes, 3 Comments - The royal gaurd, Neferpitou i. Why does killua call Alluka a girl? Jun 2, - This Pin was discovered by Mahnaz Spring.

Is pitou a boy or girl hxh

Agon death by Hisoka 7. Goz death by Illumi 6. Although the production of aura is unconscious and constant by all living beings, it is not only life energy. Also fictional characters are not people. Is hisoka stronger than Pitou?

Is razor stronger than hisoka? I wish. A real life trap would most likely be called femboy. She chooses to be a female so we should refer to her gender as female. Though as they made their way back their mind was clear ready to take whatever punishment their king would have of them. Will he leave her dying behind? Pitou kept switching their attention between her arm that was being healed by her ability Dr. Blite, and the boy that was crying in front of them. The anime hints at Pitou being more of a girl, though. Until the author confirmed that he was male and that the other ants use male terms to address him.

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In the above blog it is basically stated that Pitou is depicted with a flatchest in the Manga.


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