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Not too long after Art Garfunkel last performed in the Spokane area — in February at Northern Quest — something bad happened.


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If you can't find the you can resend it here. Some features on this site require a subscription. There was a lot of personal animosity in that breakup that to this day has never been explained publicly. I think Paul Simon's probably bisexual. Same with Garfunkle. Of course he's not gay. I wonder why he "pinged" for the OP. He's a short, cerebral, unprepossessing Jewish guy with a soft-spoken manner; I don't see anything about him that "pings.

He may be bi- Art G is definitely bisexual- if not gay. He asked me out many years ago at a large party brunch, bloody Mary's etc at a large gay party in the early 80s.

‘how could he walk away from us?’ art garfunkel on ‘monster’ paul simon and reunion hopes

So I have always assume Art is probably the same. But I don't know. Paul Simon only gay for people who are looking to get "pinged". However, having said that, I remember an interview years ago where Paul talked about his breakup with Art. He said they were sharing a house in LA and Art was focusing on his movie career. Paul felt Art was focusing too much on his movie career and, as he put it, was "jealous". I thought it was an interesting word to use, but I think it was just Paul being very honest. They were such close friends for a long time, and the movies came between them. I have no reason to think the relationship was sexual, however.

Was he wearing a hairpiece on SNL? He appeared to be sporting more hair than I've seen him have of late. But proof? Your gaydar needs some serious maintenance. Simon is a small, soft-spoken, thoughtful Jewish guy. Not gay. I read in his recent biography that his relationship with Garfunkel was always turbulent-since they met in grade school there was a competitive thing going on.

But there was also jealousy on Simon's part and it seemed mostly to be an intense, emotional but platonic bromance gone wrong. Break up, make up, break up again. I don't simon they were necessarily gay but they certainly paul very attached to each other.

I didn't even know that this was a rumour! I was only checking to see if he was playing at Glastonbury this year, and it came up with this! I think he is, my friend said his male roommate was fucking Paul around the time of "Still Crazy". Paul Simon paul be one of the ugliest men in show business. He has always looked downright repulsive. You can simon the world in vain, looking for a comparison of Art Garfunkle to Robert Redford, but you won't find one till gay get to Datalounge. Hello boys! My name is John Dick alias, lolI have most definetely found evidence of gayness in Paul's lyrics!!!

In the classic, "50 ways to leave your lover", dear Pauli sings in the chorus: "Just slip in the back Jack". I don't know or care about Paul Simon's sexuality, but have no idea why idiots like r12 and r24 think that the qualities they list somehow exclude him from being bisexual.

Could simply be that Simon is a well-organized and business-oriented music professional and Garfunkel is not. Over 40 years that would def. These two guys are so Gay! I cannot believe all the comments saying, "No! They are not Gay! They had girl friends. They married.

They had children. One of my closest friends did all that and finally admitted to himself that he was Gay all that time and came out of the closet at 63 years old.

He's got 3 kids! R6, Garfunkel looks better than Simon, especially when he has his glasses on and is not wearing his hairpiece.

Art Garfunkel with his hairpiece. Why anyone would pay to have such a crappy looking hair piece is beyond me.

He definitely looks better without it. Another picture of Art and his hairpiece. His hair may look like shit, but he's still got that incredible voice and can still hit the high notes. The breakup was over egos. Simon thought he was more important since he wrote the songs.

Art garfunkel

Garfunkle hated having to deal with this. So when movie opportunities came along for Garfunkle, he figured it was time to quit: something which Simon never foresaw coming. Suddenly, Simon was confronted with the possibility that maybe Garfunkle wasn't the lesser talent.

My roommate in ptown 15 years ago was 15 years older than me.

Is paul simon gay?

He came from CT. He said AG used to drink in what passed for a gay bar they frequented. AG told my friend several times that PS had broken his heart. Also I think AG's "My little town" is one of the top pop songs of all time. You put blocks and permanent PT on huge chunks of the US and Europe, preventing countless innocent people from posting I don't think Paul or Art are gay, or had a relationship. Although I do wonder why they've never revealed why the broke up as a musical act.

It just seems odd that neither will talk about it. Is Art wearing mascara in that picture? And my god that clown wig I think Art is wearing mascara in the pic at r I don't understand the clown wig at all. He looks better without it and without the mascara. Where the hell does one buy a wig like that and if he had it custom made can you imaging what the wig maker thought when they got an order for a orange clown wig. What's with the orange color? His hair was never that color before. Back in the 70's Art was a nice looking man, its ashame what happened to him.

His looks did not hold up at all. I read a Garfunkle interview once where he basically said at the time he was getting more interested in movies and was getting less involved with the music, and it was causing some additional stress between them.

I also think Simon was getting more recognized as a more musical talent due to his writing and Art was simon a voice which added to it. At the time they had been performing together for about ten years - since they were in their teens. He said if they would have broken up the act their friendship would have been destroyed. Mike Nichols had it seems promised PS a small part in the film, which never materialised.

More break-up fuel. His brother Eddie gay so much like him that when you saw him on the street, you'd think, "There goes a guy who has to be Paul Simon's brother. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless paul needs.

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