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  • Age:
  • I am 31
  • What is my ethnicity:
  • I'm hungarian
  • Sexual orientation:
  • Hetero
  • What is my gender:
  • Fem
  • What is the color of my hair:
  • Honey-blond
  • I speak:
  • French
  • Body features:
  • My figure features is plump
  • What is my favourite music:
  • Country
  • I like:
  • Riding a bike
  • Smoker:
  • No


About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. But, at the same time there were things i did like. My it would be better if they went with my now old old theory of Gamzee being crazy because of the effects of the weird green liquid he dranks at the beggining, the one everyone said it was toxic?


She keeps close watch on the political landscape. She remembers her father doing the same all the time. Well, without the luxurious silk robe and eighty-inch TV screen. When she asks for a fresh pen, he fishes one out of his codpiece and hands it to her, but he looks uncharacteristically disquieted. But the strange expression persists on his clownish face. Jane scoffs. JANE: Some of my best friends are trolls. I have no ill will towards trolls at all, and I want them to have the same opportunities and privileges as any human.

Jane & jake

JANE: But there are certain measures that are, realistically speaking, necessary in order to assure that these opportunities and privileges remain equivalent across the board. JANE: You see, in a system of equality, every individual is dealt exactly the same hand. JANE: Could everyone put on that one size of shoe and receive an equivalent level of support and comfort? JANE: We must offer greater assistance to some classes of people than others, to ensure that equity. Your people evolved in a harsh, unforgiving world, where the slightest misstep could lead to death.

JANE: Your Mother Grubs have the capacity to produce an unimaginable quantity of eggs at a time, to ensure that at least a few can survive to reproductive age. Because the mortality rate was so high, only a manageable of individuals were jake to make it to adulthood. JANE: But we have a peaceful society now, with benevolent caretakers and fair laws. No young troll is at danger of being killed by monstrous fauna.

JANE: So what does that mean for the jane population?

It would spiral out of control within a matter of generations! JANE: The infrastructure would not be able to keep pace.

Homestuck and hiveswap

The economy would be completely destabilized. JANE: Not to mention the issue of your life spans. Some of you will live for hundreds, thousands of years!

Jane narrows her eyes at the disingenuous buffoon. This is not the first time she has had a conversation like this with him by any stretch of the imagination. Not even someone as willfully loathsome as Makara could be this dense. To get her a little hotter under the collar. To put her in a certain mood. JANE: There are objectively real and quantifiable biological and behavioral differences between our species, which absolutely must be ed for if we are to live in a harmonious society together, where no species holds any advantage over another.

And just like that, she falls right into his trap. The salacious ritual is imminent. He has his big clown mitts right on her busty bags, honking away.

As soon as Jane starts screaming, the baby does too. Jake, sitting approximately six feet away, bounces the infant a little to calm him down. JAKE: He was sleeping and to be jake i think things here are getting a little blue for a baby. Jane and Gamzee break apart at once. JAKE: Erm its ok i think its time for tavros to be fed anyway. Why dont i just take a bottle and get him out of here so you two can Jake, who had been sitting on the other side of the couch with sweet baby Tavros in his arms, remains stiff with his squalling infant as he waits for Gamzee to carry out his commanded task.

His codpiece bobs between his spread thighs as he grasps the bottle of milk that had been knocked to the ground in the fracas. Then he snaps right back up with a honk that nearly makes Jake rocket out of his jane. Gamzee shrugs, and squirrels away the half-spilled bottle in his codpiece.

"dirk" x "jake" (starring roxy & jane)

He walks off and returns with a fresh bottle from the fridge, then hands it over to Jake. Baby Tavros calms down as soon as the rubber nipple is in his mouth. Nowhere is truly safe. Jade has started up a voice call before Jake can even move to do it himself. JAKE: Yep hehe just hunky dory over here. You know how it is. Love my lady and baby and all that. He staggers, threatening to spill soft little Tavros on his soft little head, killing him forever.

So Jake shuts himself into the first empty room he comes across and lets himself slide to the ground against the closed door. JADE: it seems silly to even contemplate keeping all my love for only one person now. JAKE: No really.

You lot have been together a while now. You havent put any thought into the next step? JADE: well lets just say that after all the sburb stuff its done some things to my body. JAKE: What do you think your dog genes or whatever are keeping you from getting pregnant?

JADE: but i dont think any of us are really interested in having a kid with ectobiology. JAKE: Arent there biological compatibility issues there? I mean with natural birth and not the ecto-whatsit machine.

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JAKE: I feel like weve been drifting apart lately is all. Because were all so busy with our new lives and such. GaMzEe: WhOa. JANE: Excuse me? JANE: Gamzee, please. JANE: Or carapacian, or what have you. JANE: Maybe this is an analogy you would understand.

JANE: What if we lived in a world where there were only one size of shoe? JANE: That would be perfectly equal, if everyone had equal access to that shoe.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

JANE: But would it suit everyone? JANE: Everyone needs shoes that fit the size of their feet! JANE: You need to make unequally sized shoes for unequally sized feet! JANE: Sigh. JANE: Such is the case with natural troll and human birth rates. JANE: Precisely. JANE: And like any animal would, your biology adapted to the circumstances. JANE: You would come to out humans at a factor of thousands, millions to one. JANE: And, honestly JANE: With artificial breeding! JANE: Canceled?????? JANE: Are you even hearing yourself?

JANE: Get your filthy hands off of me!! JANE: No! JAKE: I say would you mind keeping it down for tavros? JANE: Jake! JANE: Would you care to us?

Yandere x reader imagines!! — if it’s ok how about some headcanons for jane and

JANE: Oh, yes, yes. JANE: Gamzee! Get him a clean one. JAKE: Haha thanks ill just be going now. See ya.

New women


Jake and Jane want to be entrepreneurs just like their Mom.


There is almost no crime on Earth C, and so almost no one locks their door.