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Apparently we do, according to Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes. Amid the testosterone sausage fest, a homo-affectionate scene, between characters played by the Governator and one of China's top martial arts movie stars, aroused speculation on the internet. Expendables leader Barney Ross Sylvester Stallone tells the dynamic duo to get a room while the pair laugh it off.


If you didn't go to see The Expendables 3 this weekend, you might have missed out on one of the most interesting gay couples in a blockbuster this year.

Even if you did go see it, you may have still missed it. The moment is fairly small but it's completely deliberate.

In the denouement of the movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Trench" and Jet Li's "Yin Yang" are canoodling at the team's favorite bar when Sylvestor Stallone's character tells them to "get a room. Director Patrick Hughes was asked about the moment in an interview with Grantland.

Are two of the Expendables together by the end of the movie?

There are myriad reasons why this moment is noteworthy and they're all worth mentioning: one of Hollywood's biggest action stars being depicted as gay, a gay couple being a part of a crimefighting team, and also the subtle way the inclusion is slipped in — not a plot point, just a fact of life. Of course, this becomes even more interesting when considering Schwarzenegger's position on gay marriage as the former Governor of California and the inherent politicization the moment and the actor bring.

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His views have been mercurial at best: In and in he vetoed a same sex marriage bill, saying it was up to the Supreme Court to decide, but in he came out in defense of gay marriage for the first time, standing against Proposition 8. Then inhis view was far more vague. Although he performed several gay wedding ceremonies, including one for his chief of staff Susan Kennedy's wedding, he was difficult to pin down on the topic.

The moment is small, but it's almost all the better for it. It is not played for jokes like so many unexpectedly homosexual characters and it subverts the expected tying up of loose ends in an action movie during which men are usually rewarded with women.

The Expendables also tends not to be concerned with sex or romance: Cinemablend went so far as to call the Expendables "sexless movies. It's also, hopefully, a of what's to come. By David Levesley.

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Okay, so, a lot of you didn't see The Expendables 3 this weekend, and that's a pity.


The director of The Expendables 3, Patrick Hughes, has confirmed internet speculation that Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jet Li play gay lovers in the action sequel.


The last movie one would probably expect to see a gay couple in is a bullet-soaked action spectacular starring Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, about 73 other action stars, and Mel Gibson as the bad guy.


The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes appears to have confirmed internet speculation that Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Trench in the hypermasculne, macho action movie is gay.