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There's a duhamel no one knew about Fergie and Josh Duhamel's split until seven months after it happened -- the former couple continued to support each other in the press and on social media even after their breakup. In a statement to ET on Thursday, the pair, who actually split in February, explained that they'll "always be united in our support of each other and our family," and have proven that through and sex. ET caught up with Duhamel in February, right around the time they decided to separate, josh he gushed about celebrating their 8-year wedding anniversary just a few weeks earlier. We went on a family thing, and then went to dinner and flowers," Duhamel said. A post shared by Josh Duhamel joshduhamel. The pair continued to spend time as a family with their thenyear-old son, Axl, and Duhamel even wished Fergie a happy Mother's Day on Instagram.


Kristin Bell plays a woman attending her sister's wedding in Rome and Josh Duhamel plays the best man in "When in Rome. Actor Josh Duhamel, shown arriving at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards earlier this month, says he has gotten past his anger over a tabloid story that said he cheated on his wife, singer Fergie. There are a lot of people willing to say things for money.

In fact, as soon as the subject was broached in this interview, his publicist ran in from another room in his Beverly Hills hotel suite. To his credit, Duhamel held up his hand to stop her from objecting to the line of questioning.

Fergie gushed about her wild costumed sex life with josh duhamel before split: 'you would be surprised'

The whole thing was disgusting to me. It was hurtful.

According to tradition, if you remove coins from the fountain, you cast a romantic spell on those people. Duhamel, the best man at the wedding, may or may not be under her spell.

I really wanted to go out and explore, and everybody else was doing it, so when in Rome. I went with the flow.

How fergie and josh duhamel supported each other since splitting in february

I just followed everybody else because everybody is on a Vespa over there. I had no map; I just went. Italy is the birthplace of the paparazzi. Were you stalked on your ride around the city? Not there. But what was amazing is that all your need to rent a Vespa is to show them your drivers. Do you guys ever discuss that?

Josh duhamel & fergie slam stripper's sex claims

No, it was a real ant. It was so ridiculous.

We had to walk around in different outfits, and then in your underwear. No, it worked out for Ashton. His career took off. I had been living in Northern California but, after I broke up with my former girlfriend, I moved down to L. I moved in with some friends, and started auditioning for roles and taking acting classes.

Was it harder than you thought to get started? One assumes that it would be easy for a guy who looks like you.

To last in this business, you have to be good, and I continue to take classes and get coaching. I work very hard, but people tend to put me in a certain category, which is frustrating.

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When I was doing the soap, I tried to stay away from the melodrama and inject humor whenever I could to alter the image people had of me. When I won a daytime Emmy, I felt so good because it made all the hard work pay off. My whole career has been about proving people wrong.

I asked this casting agent how I could thank him, and she called me back a few minutes later and told me to call him at home. They gave me a chance to show another side of my acting — the action side. You get exposed to different things, and you learn a little bit about a lot of things.

Josh duhamel wished armie hammer "good luck" amid hammer's cannibalism and sexual assault allegations

I grew up loving the physical comedy of Buster Keaton, W. Fields and Jack Lemmon, and this movie gave me a real opportunity to do physical comedy. I think I had more fun doing that than any other kind of acting.

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The world of pop culture was met with exciting news when it was announced that "All My Children" actor Josh Duhamel had been cast as the lead in the romantic comedy action film "Shotgun Wedding.


Josh Duhamel is being slated by fans after revealing he ed Armie Hammer when he took over his role following sexual abuse allegations.


CNN Fergie and Josh Duhamel had split before they announced their separation last week, and the singer sounds relieved to have finally gone public.


The new issue of Us Weekly on newsstands now has more details on Josh Duhamel 's alleged fling with an Atlanta stripper.