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Most of this I come up with on the fly, so I'll get inspiration from where ever as long as it clicks so feel free to make suggestions. Terence Hopps had turned out to be the the best thing to happen since arresting former Mayor Bellweather. His crew, who had accompanied him to the city, were making strides in creating an antidote for the Night Howler Serum and it is ready for use. Four days since being reunited, Nick's hunger had hit him full force. The last bit of activity drained him of the dregs that he was running on.


What's your stance on Judy x OC fanfiction? Three years ago, when I wrote crappy self-insert human fanfiction for this series, not writing WildeHopps was blasphemy to the community. Is it still taboo and hated? Or has the community evolved and become more accepting of it? Not a fan, mainly because the lack of chemistry that usually occurs in such fics. Nick and Judy are literally perfect for eachother, with such strong chemistry, and while I do enjoy things like WildeSavage or SkyeHopps from time to time, those are all on the side compared to WildeHopps.

A "zootopia" fanfic that some people believe is anti-abortion has become a meme

Also, most Judy or Nick x OC fics will have some sort of contrived and crappy reason as to why they are with the OC, and the OCs themselves aren't well written most of the time, which are both major turnoffs for me. Unless you have a mean left story hook interesting premise or doing stories of Kinda with Tender on considering self-inserting ships in fandoms. I see it as fine and the usual in some fandoms MLP barely has any relatable males in the show but in here, where the two main le already have a good chemistry and likability, it would most times feel off.

In my opinion, oc x Canon in mlp is just as creepy and sad just as anything else, sure the canon males are usually background characters and are just undefined.

But you can fix that and add your own characteristics or spin to those guys. Hell Blueblood is a great example of fan interpretation. His character can be either expanded upon or grow from his usually bases. Besides, I,'ll take Blueblood x a canon female over canon female x gary stu self-insert and desired representation of said creator. There'd be a massive prequel storyline detailing Zootopia and what it was like to live on the streets in the years before Judy ed the force. What if the love interest is introduced to Judy before she meets Nick?

As a writer, write whatever you want, but bear in mind that what you want or even like might not be popular. Self-insert romance fics, though interesting to their authors, are not often liked by fandoms in general. The issue is that self-inserts, in any fandom, are lazy and romantic self-inserts, on top of that, are cringy.

A "zootopia" fanfic that some people believe is anti-abortion has become a meme

Original characters have a chance of working but not only does the author have to write the OC as actual believable characters in that world but the canon characters have to be true to character as well. Then those characters and the OC also have to connect believably on top of all of that. Adding on the canonical chemistry between Nick and Judy makes growing a self insert fic's audence larger than its own author into a sisyphean task.

If you still want it to be a bunny maybe Judy inspired other Bunny Burrow rabbits and Jenny Cottontail, the tan furred rabbit from one of the Hopps' neighboring farms, graduated from the ZPA a few years after Judy. You can keep a lot of Judy traits but you'll still have to make her more than a Judy repaint. My heart's set on Judy. I'll do my best to.

General I think. About why such stories got bad reviews upon, IMP, they are simply just bad. Many, not ALL of them, have such bad circumstances and plots built in which the author just simply find whatever reasons to insert a OC.

I have read a story where in the first chapter, the author just killed Nick and followed by a 1, 2 years Judy-wallowing-in-sadness time-skip, and then the OC showed up xD. Not to mention the already too good chemistry between Nick and Judy that the author have to tackle if they want to ship them with other characters. Whether they choose to let that be just BFF affection or killed off 1 character which I believe some may choose as that's the easiest way worst way too would affect the story very much.

It won't be for a while, and as I said in another seperate reply to another person, there'll be a LONG prequel arc to the events of the movie.

Gradual snippets of the twenty years before the film as my OC grows up. I'll be keeping the OC x Judy stuff out of it until Judy is introduced, to attract as much attention as possible.

Fanfiction featuring zootopia

Self inserts? You have provoked a gang war. I'll be the first to say that obvious self-insert OC's of any kind, whether shipped with canon characters or not, are very much not popular around here.

And then when you mess with the sacred WildeHopps ship If written well, without getting into the OOC weeds, giving them a naturally built chemistry that doesn't shit all over what we know is canon in the movie, and making it mesh with the existing world in a believable way Go for it.

See what happens.

It's called a Creative Work for a reason. But you must be aware of the disclaimer that writing something in that category that this fandom won't immediately reject is a very very narrow tightrope over a large shark-infested lake. She was already her own character in his other stories, and her relationship with Delta is so ificant to me that it's the only OC couple I've made into a physical ship, the TSMS Trelta.

And very much welcome by me. Then it's a good thing that's my plan. The first Zootopia-focused story involving Alex will be his growing up on the streets of Zootopia after running away from his murderous parents. We'll see Alex grow up and the ZPD and accomplish some heroic feats before Judy is even mentioned. I haven't read one yet, but if the OC was fleshed out and good, I'd be more than willing to. One of my favorite ongoing fics is a Nick x OC fic.

Fanfiction featuring zootopia

Shipping isn't that big of a deal, and to get booty tickled because someone doesn't ship the same ship as you is so immature and stupid. People who ship their OCs with canon characters are just trying to live their best life, and who are we to stop them? There are MUCH more important things to worry about, especially in Exactly my thoughts on the matter of shipping. Maybe you could send me this Nick x OC fic.

Wildehopps is the ultimate OTP. Her dating a human is just ugh, it probably wouldn't end well. I mean, even if she is attractive to mr insecure self-insert creeper, it would be brief and born out of "wow, it's something new", but its would fall apart because there is a fakness to it.

She start regretting it, but she'll start seeimg Nick behind this humans back, abd being with Nick makes her feel truly alive, the man she love all this time was the fox that help her save the city. Not some pathetic human creep, that's into bestiality. So yeah, oc x Judy, or a matter a fact, oc x any canon character is frowned upon.

I mean, Nick and Judy have eachother. A love like that is true and pure, entirely naturally, it can be considered destiny. They may be decades apart, but they were made for eachother.

Two questions. One: What's an OTP? And two: The OC doesn't have to be human. I've done human in zootopia stories before and it's a dead end there. I'm gonna have a wolf OC with compelling backstory. Predditors going savage. Found the internet! What do you guys think of OC x Judy fanfiction?

Posted by Writer of the Alex Moon Series. Exactly what the title says. Sort by: best. Nick Wilde is my spirit animal. Writer of the Alex Moon Series. What do you mean by "mean left story hook"? Continue this thread.

Nickxjudy stories

Keep Nick and Judy wholesome and keep Zootopia timeless. Oh, it's too cold for you? Let me just turn the heat up You have provoked a gang war I'll be the first to say that obvious self-insert OC's of any kind, whether shipped with canon characters or not, are very much not popular around here. More posts from the zootopia community. Created Aug 10,

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Nick and Judy, married for a year now, welcome their son into the world.


Welcome to Zootopia, the City where predators and prey can live together in perfect harmony… Or can they?


Oh if Carrots came in the kitchen right now?


Summary: Nick and Judy both knew being a police officer was hard, but no one had ever said it could be smelly too.