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  • I'm malaysian
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  • My figure features is quite athletic
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By closing your eyes and following the fluid, delicious sensation of your spine dancing, the Rib Circles allow you to become spontaneous during love making. Try exhaling several times through your mouth and allow your spine to sway back and forth. Have fun exploring how you can move from within.


She discusses her exercise routine, why lower body exercises are essential for posture, and why what you do in the mornings has a lasting impact on your health. She tragically lost both of her parents in her late teens. It was then that she discovered exercise as a way to counter depression. This boundlessly energetic and energizing woman who has adapted and changed with the fitness world around her is turning 70 this year, and she continues to be a beacon of how to live a vivid life staying close to her values.

What does living life to the fullest mean to you?

Making every minute count by continually learning, sharing, creating, giving, and experiencing. Each day is a new adventure. The joy I experience by being present for each day allows me to live life to the fullest. You are one of the most vital people I have ever met. Have you always been this way?

2. hip circles

However, when I hit my late 40s, career, motherhood, and the shift of hormones with menopause began zapping my zest for life. All aspects of our well-being flow in cycles. Coming to terms with my energy cycle was one of the secrets I discovered to living with increased vitality. It took me years of being on the road and the stress of travel and performance to learn exactly what I needed to do to keep myself going at my peak.

“how you choose to structure your mornings has a lasting impact on your health”

Describe to me your day-to-day fitness exercise on a typical week. It depends on the season!

I like to have some outdoor time every day. In the winters in PC, I like to ski, cross country ski or snowshoe. In the summer, I include more hiking and biking.

I love to walk during any season. I do strength training at least 3 days a week with B Strong blood flow restriction bands. The release of hormones, especially Human Growth Hormone has an extremely positive effect on slowing the aging process.

Also, I have a daily yoga practice between mins. The length of it ebbs and flows, depending on my other activities.

What has been your experience with energy healing and energy medicine? The shifting of energies in my body helps balance emotions, increase my concentration, and allows me to tap into my intuition. Do you like to exercise first thing in the morning, or later? Mornings matter. How you choose to structure your mornings has a lasting impact on your health.

Developing small, energizing habits of what to do after you part with the pillow can help you conquer even the craziest of days. To spark my energy for the day and get ready for my workout, I start with a shot recipe below and lie on the floor to do some inversions where I get my hip above my shoulders so the blood flows to my head. Peel the ginger, then chop into small chunks. Put in the bottom of a mug along with the oregano oil. Pour in the hot water. Squeeze the juice from the lime into your mug, and sprinkle with cayenne pepper.

What are the 5 most health-eroding foods people should avoid? What is your favorite super food? You have a birthday coming up turning 70 in Dec. How are you looking at the future now?

Finding ways to help people, help the planet, and share my gifts is my idea of an exciting way to spend the next 30 years. Has anything changed about how you want to approach your life?

Yes, everything! I have no time for pettiness, judging others or myself, comparisons, or gossiping. I have no time to waste, and I am not worrying about what people think of me. How do you train your legs?

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Doing lower body exercises are about more than vanity. A study found that leg routines especially weight-bearing exercises are important for the health of your brain and nervous system. Your lower body sends critical als to the brain that help create neural cells which help you handle stress and adapt to challenges. You see, anytime you step up onto a platform or move uphill, your legs and glutes are the prime movers!

No matter the height of your step, you need to disengage the back leg as much as possible.

Another important technique is to finish the step-up on one leg. Instead, stand upright on the leg that drove you to the top, and squeeze your glutes to finish off the move. How do you train your glutes? The posterior chain refers to the muscles located in the backside of the body: the glutes, hamstrings, calves, the little muscles surrounding the spine, and the lower and upper back muscles.

“coming to terms with my energy cycle was one of the secrets i discovered to living with increased vitality”

Activating these posterior chain muscles regularly helps train the glutes aka better butt but it also trains the posture muscles. My three favorite glute exercises are squats, deadlifts and hyperextensions. What are the self-defeating myths that people tell themselves at this age, and how do you overcome them? Instead, strive for the best version of you right now.

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Start to have a love affair with your body! Reconnect with it. What are you seeing coming up in terms of fitness and health innovations that excite you? With gyms slowly reopening and operating at reduced capacity and members proceeding with caution, there are so many more workout-from-home options.

I see that streaming workouts will become more robust, and there will be more thrilling fitness experiences. The pandemic also taught us the importance of experiencing the great outdoors.

1. rib circles

Knowing your blood sugar levels, HRV, sleep patterns, and cortisol responses plus so much more is all possible now thanks to the new wearable technology. What is your feeling on dancing? Favorite dance track? I love to dance! My first exercise album was Body Beat, a hip hop dance workout. Then, I shot a Latin dance workout that had the look and feel of a Latin night club.

It was filmed in the Conga Room in Los Angeles and the music was performed by a live conga band. When it comes to dancing, I feel sexy and sassy. A day without dancing is a day without sunshine! Who is your personal hero? My mom. She taught me resilience, grit, and how to adapt. Being married to a military man meant that she became a master of practicing all three of these.

Who have you had on your podcast recently that most inspired you? I loved my chat with Dr. William Bulsiewicz, MD. Yes, the gut, and how a healthy gut is crucial to your health. Favorite TV binge? Bridgerton was a fun fantasy. Where are you wanting to travel in the next year?

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