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Margo Stilley never wanted to be credited in the film because of the unsimulated, explicit sex scenes. She asked the director to refer to her in interviews as "Lisa", the name of her character in the film.

Kieran o'brien

It, also,was her debut. Kieran O'Brien and Margo Stilley did not communicate with each other between filming so that their off-screen relationship would not affect the one they had on screen. This was the first film featuring explicit sex scenes to receive a certificate in the Republic of Ireland.

The sex scenes were shot with only the two actors, the director, the cameraman, and the soundman on the set. According to the "Variety" review, the transfer of the film, which was shot in DV, was done by photographing a digital projection of the movie on a white wall, to create a negative from which prints for release could be made. Shooting time for the film was projected as ten weeks.

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The cast and crew ended up shooting for five months. The first sexually explicit film to be directly awarded a French mainstream certificate and not the "X classification" created in for "pornographic or violence-inciting movies".

During the scene in which Margo Stilley stimulates Kieran O'Brien's erect penis with her hand after performing fellatio on him, O'Brien became the only mainstream British actor who has been shown ejaculating on screen. Michael Winterbottom cast Kieran O'Brien because he knew he was well-endowed. He had ly appeared nude albeit in a flaccid state in Virtual Sexuality and Burn It In reference to the sex scene where Lisa is riding Matt, some critics have argued that Margo Stilley felt humiliated by the camera position too explicitly showing her genitals and Kieran O'Brien's large erect penis entering her.

In fact, it seems that Stilley had asked Michael Winterbottom to use a different angle of view that did not show her anus, while it does not seem that she ever complained about the unusual size of O'Brien's penis. Kieran O'Brien is shown in the film to have an unusually large erect penis which measures over 6. They found 90 per cent of men measure between 3.

Five per cent of men are less than 3. Margo Stilley stated in interviews that she would sometimes get so into character as Lisa that it would take her a while to come back out.

She described this affecting, for instance, private phone calls she made to friends after a day's filming. On the first day of filming in the fall ofMargo Stilley and Kieran O'Brien shot a scene where they are just kissing and taking their clothes off.

As would happen throughout the shoot, Winterbottom left little to chance. He had specific ideas of how he wanted our bodies to move. Sometimes, he would start us and then stop and say, 'Let's try this from a slightly different angle,' and then take 15 minutes to reset the shot. I wondered if he remembered the delicate machinery of the male sex organ.


In. Edit Report This. The two le met only three days before they first had sex on film.

The film was released as "9 Orgasms" in Mexico and Slovenia. Director Michael Winterbottom shot over hours of digital video.

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According to The Guardian, 9 Songs was the most sexually explicit mainstream film to date, largely because it includes several scenes of real sexual acts between the two lead actors.


I f Kieran O'Brien is to be believed, his star performance in what the tabloids called "the rudest film ever to hit our cinemas" was no big deal.


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This movie is border line porn.