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  • 21
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  • Slovak
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  • I prefer guy
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  • My Zodiac sign Scorpio
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  • My body type is slim
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We joked about it this week after pictures of Kourtney Kardashian nude from DuJour Magazine were posted online. Considering she's the only sister remaining who has not yet shed her clothing for a national magazine, we had to ask: When would Khloe Kardashian pose naked? Over the last few days, members of Reality Television's First Family have gotten even more naked than usual. There's been a Kendall Jenner nipples sighting via Instagram, while Kim Kardashian is topless in her fiancee's latest music video. I did wear fur and they wanted to educate me on the brutal ways in which animals are skinned for their pelts.


Still, most individuals have already made up their minds about Woods. And it may be because we all feel like we know Woods. Woods has had a longtime friendship with Jenner—one that goes back to grade school.

Then again, having a famous best friend comes with intensified risks and there are seemingly endless real-life examples that prove it. What happens if you and an actor pal battle it over a movie lead only one of you can tangibly attain?

Or you have a massive, public fight with an heiress buddy? Or you and another popular songstress swap diss tracks about one another, not just fueling a fight, but fueling a fandom to wage battle for you too? What differentiates these scenarios from Woods is that all of the women were moderately equal in the fame game.

The Kardashian-Jenners haven't explicitly said anything cold or negative about Woods, but they don't have to, do they? Their army is already on it—an army that outs Woods by the millions.

Super fans have been intently watching who they unfollow, what tweets they like, and weighing in on the gossip. At the same time that she moved out of the Jenner mansion, her on Good American disappeared,and prices were slashed 50 percent on her Kylie Cosmetics lip kit. Whether you think she fucked up or not, Woods has to calculate her own means of survival now that the most successful family in modern culture have turned their backs to her.

She could turn to others for inspiration. Speaking of which, the inequity of this friend breakup evokes memories of another unusual celebrity connection that fell to ruin: Kim Kardashian —now shunning Woods—had a similarly unequal relationship to Hilton in the early and mids.

Hilton, a tabloid darling, hauled the Kardashian everywhere with her, like any of her other accessories or tiny dogs.

Kardashian, at the same time, was being googled more than ever due to her sex tape with ex-flame Ray J releasing in Kardashian took this particular friend breakup in stride. After all, she learned from the best. All she can do is be responsible for her attitude and conviction in the future.

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Kim isn't the only Kardashian who is proud to pose nude; the Kardashians and nudity are more or less synonymous at this point.


As the show is set to come to an end this year, we revisit some of the most shocking scenes fans have witnessed — and in no particular order.


The pair coupled their racy photographs with an interview where Scott asked Jenner personal questions about her life of fame.


Kylie Jenner recently revealed she had posed for Playboy alongside a naked photo with her boyfriend Travis Scott.