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Chapter List 1-The girl that danced with fire 1. No profit is being made "speaking" ' human ' Kyuubi speaking of the higher beings " ' thinking of the higher beings ' The girl that danced with the fire Naruto, for whoever knows what time, found himself in the world of his subconscious, while still sleeping in the real world. But this time his subconscious felt a little different, lacking heavy malicious aura that the nine-tailed demon sealed there produced. No, the Kyuubi must still be there as the seal was intact last time he checked it, and Akatsuki were yet to capture him.

Deciding to find out the reason for this change, blond teen followed the well known way towards the chamber where the Kyuubi's cage was.

When he arrived there, instead of two massive crimson eyes in the darkness of the seal, he saw only saw a fire moving around at about human's height. Intrigued by it, Naruto cautiously approached the massive cage that imprisoned the nine-tails. Inside he couldn't see the fox.

Naruto kurama human form

Instead, there was a girl of about seventeen dancing a strange, beautiful and very erotic dance — naked — with fire following her every movement. She had dark-bronze skin, mid-back long dark slightly curly crimson hair, firm breasts of D-size, attractive ass and long beautiful legs.

But something felt a little wrong about her, and remembering, where he was, Naruto understood what: she was the Kyuubi. Kyuubi, after all, had caused him so much pain and so many problems in the past.

Yet she was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. Remembering that for kunoichi rape was considered to be among the worst fates — he listened to something at the academy, it seems — Naruto decided on his course of revenge. Then another thought wandered into his head: thanks to the books the pervert — Jiraya — made him read, he knew that human sex without proper lubrication must be rather painful Kyuubi the partner.

So the blond teen created his evil plan Just as the girl, the Kyuubi, stopped dancing, looking away from the bars of the cage, Naruto charged in and taking her by surprise, pushed her against the wall, his hand around her neck ensuring that she wouldn't oppose this too much, or so he hopped. She indeed struggled to free herself, but he could hold her in place without much problem With his free hand, Naruto lowered his pants and boxers, freeing his eight inch long erected member.

He then guided it to the Kyuubi's dark-red rosebud and forcefully thrust in, filling her form with his whole dick. The blond jinchuuriki was still for a moment, enjoying how hot and tight and, surprisingly, slick she was around his cock, before he started moving in and out of her with such a force that she all but hit the wall he had her against with his female thrust. Very very good!

Naruto never noticed either of this, though, as he continued fucking her tight asshole In a couple of minutes the young jinchuuriki felt his climax approach. Your dirty little ass will be mine! I will fill your slutty shithole with my cum!

Naruto shoved his dick as deep into her rectum as he could and stopped moving. Moment later the nine-tailed demoness felt his hot delicious seed being shot up her ass. Naruto's member started limping, still buried deep into Kyuubi's ass, and the blond, seeing that he was in his mindscape and was free to do thing there that were normally impossible, willed his erection to return. And it did, even bigger than before, making the red-haired demoness moan in response. Naruto pushed her against the wall, so that her full breast were now pressed against it as was her left cheek — she had her head turned to the right now — before continuing thrusting roughly into her ass.

About a minute later, Kyuubi let out something between howl and moan and tightened around his shaft.

You love being raped in your slutty dirty hole? Then I'll use you like this till you're nothing more than my fucktoy! Do it! I'll be your toy! Just fuck me like there's no tomorrow! Soon Naruto reached his second climax for tonight and sent another big load of his cum into Kyuubi's body, making her moan from the sensation.

Naruto fanfiction fem kyuubi in heat

Deciding to change their position again, the blond jinchuuriki, his dick still buried in her ass, turned them around, so that now they were standing parallel to the wall, and, catching both her arms and pulling them behind her back, he tugged them, making the demoness arch her back. With his member rock-hard once again, Naruto continued thrusting into Kyuubi's rear entrance, having her moan and hiss loudly every time his cock moved in and out of her.

Then I shall do it till you can't walk, whore! Kyuubi's asshole clenched tight around Naruto's dick as the demoness reached her another climax, but the blond didn't pay it much attention, not stopping his thrusts even for a moment, making the power of her orgasm grow exponentially Finally, the tightness of her hot ass became too much for him, and he blew human load of his seed into her rear entrance.

He waited for his dick to become completely Kyuubi, before wishing for it to become erected again. The female and power with which his member expanded back to its full erected size inside her asshole made Kyuubi form, as did the way he roughly removed it from her. Kyuubi made it look like she resisted, but, in reality, she quite eagerly got down onto her knees.

Female kyuubi lemon fanfiction

Her container then, still tugging her arms backwards, pushed her forwards till her breasts were pressed against the floor. The blond jinchuuriki continuing fucking her asshole fast and hard, the way her breasts and nipples were rubbing against hard concrete floor, his balls smacking against her extremely wet pussy and him slapping her ass-cheeks with his free hand were driving the red-haired demoness crazy from the amount of pleasure assaulting her mind Before long, Kyuubi reached her climax again, her rectum tightening around Naruto's dick, trying to squeeze his thick delicious seed from him.

The extra stimulation for the blond this created, brought him over the edge too, and he came moments later, sending load after load of his cum into her asshole. When he stopped cumming, Naruto all but ripped his semi-erect member from the rear entrance of the red-haired demoness, earning a moan of disapproval from her. He didn't care. He moved her arms behind he head, keeping them there, along with more than few locks of her long crimson hair, in a tight grip of his own hand.

Not letting her arms or hair free, Naruto walked around her, before smacking her cheek with his again erect dick. Then did the same, only for her other cheek. He repeated these actions several more times. Then he rubbed the head of his member against Kyuubi's soft full lips.

Female kyuubi human form

As his cock entered her mouth, Naruto stopped for several seconds, enjoying her warm wet mouth surrounding his length and her soft tongue sending chills of pleasure through his entire being. He placed his other hand on the back of her head and pushed it forward, making the demoness take him into her throat. The blond jinchuuriki lessened the power he was applying to the back of her head, allowing he back a bit, his member sliding back into her mouth from her throat. Then he pushed Kyuubi's head forward again, this time thrusting his hips too, having his dick go even further into her throat.

You must just love having big fat cock deep in your dirty holes. Naruto had willed his orgasm to come as late as possible as he enjoyed what he was doing right now very much, and it worked as he was already using Kyuubi's mouth for quarter of an hour. But he still felt the pressure building in his loins. He shoved his dick deep into her throat where he unloaded first several lo of his cum.

Then he quickly withdrew his member from her throat and mouth and had the rest of his sperm cover the face and those luxurious crimson hair the nine-tailed demoness had, with some of it dripping down onto her beautiful breasts. When he finally finished cumming, Naruto simply pulled his boxers and pants back up and, without looking back even once, left Kyuubi's cage. Then she used her fingers to collect his spunk from her face into her mouth and, after tasting it properly, she swallowed it.

Done with this, she sucked as much of Naruto's cum from her hair, as she could. This was fun. Even if he could have been a little less rough with my neck We need to do this again. Many, many times Then she smeared this combined essences onto her breasts like it was some kind of wonderful body oil, moaning quietly in pleasure as she was doing it.

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I know Kurama is male but for whatever reason I can see him being female as well.


Read Narutos Kyuubi Hentai Online porn manga and Doujinshi Hinata And Sakura Hentai Tied Up exoticdreamer naruto vf wallpapers: Naruto :Girls naruto female kyuubi funny, female human kyuubi and naruto, naruko uzumaki kyuubi, naruto female kyuubi fan fiction, naruto female kyuubi comic, kurama the fox female, female naruto and.


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