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  • I am 24
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  • Woman
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  • My hobbies driving a car


Lucina, Camille, F!


The branch he was balancing on bent only lightly beneath his weight. Wukong slowly swayed from one side to the other, barely able to restrain his excitement. There was no bigger fun than seeing a worthy opponent bested!

Just then, Kennen stopped Several hours later, Wukong awoke with a feeling of appetite. Not actual hunger, and not for food either, but for the adorable furball soundly sleeping on top of him.

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Kennen still lay in the position of their last mating, his face buried in the I have sworn never to write fanfiction again - so here you are: league of legends fanfiction, definitely the most plainly pornographic work i've ever done. Kennen's belly was visibly distended again, having received the fourth load of the day just then.

Panting softly, the master and his pet broke the As the freezing winds blasted the battered bridge that spanned the Howling Abyss, Nidalee, the Beastial Huntress was grateful for the dense fur of her feline form, protecting her somewhat from the icy winds. Her lithe, tanned form lay low to the Quinn stepped on to the stone pavement with some relief.

She was shrouded by a dusty brown hood and cloak, hints of royal blue and gleaming gold just beneath. The heat was nearly unbearable, but her position as a Demacian Ranger forced her to cope.

Chapter 1 - k/da plus one (league of legends au) - chapter 1 by theeternalwanderer full book limited free

The league of legends called! This fic features two league of legends champions, rengar and volibear.

Voices of the Past By: Pent Ghelsburg Disclaimer: Some characters in this story and have been created for use within the context of this story. Others are the original and rightful intellectual property of their creators.

I use them with permission Help Settings. The Tedium of Destruction 5 of league of legends originally ed july 1, oh hey, it's something different from what i normally post.

League of legends stories

Masochistic Impulse league of legends lore masochistic impulse with the discovery of gnar, many scientists of zaun became thirsty to learn more about the ancient genetics of the yordle race and the power that they held. Cat and.

League of Legends: Strange Bedfellows The league of legends called! Voices of the Past Voices of the Past By: Pent Ghelsburg Disclaimer: Some characters in this story and have been created for use within the context of this story.

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The Fields of Justice have become a neutral zone for the volatile world of Runeterra.


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