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In honor of Life is Strange: Before the Storm coming out in a couple of weeks, here is the final comic entry for What If?


Here in alphabetical order is a list of Amberpricefield-themed fics I enjoyed. Anyone Else But Youby MistressSiM - A fun story about Max, Chloe, and Rachel falling for each other, told in the format of collected texts, chatroom messages, e-mails, and phone calls, featuring multiple Blackwell students and the occasional adult. No powers, just a semi-ordinary slice of life tale. Bloomby Recourse - One of my favorite Amberpricefield stories.

Maxwell Caulfield left Arcadia Bay, leaving a devastated best friend in the dark. Maxine Caulfield returns five years later, terrified that people will remember her, doing anything to avoid seeing Chloe again and having to explain herself. Rachel, however, has other plans. Featuring trans! Fortunately, she has two girlfriends to help her through them. Rachel rescues her. Holding Backby explosionshark - Rachel asks Max to teach her how to use a snack machine.

But why?

More of a Amberfield fic but if you squint, it can still be an Amberpricefield fic. Homeworkby ItsaVikingThing - A procrastinating Max is trying to complete several homework asments.

Pricefield stories

And then, Rachel and Chloe show up. Chloe and Rachel always allow her to ease into things at her own pace. Smut but with layers of intimacy. Chloe walks in on the action. Max proceeds to hide behind her hands.

Lightweightby unknown - Chloe finally introduces Rachel to Max at their junkyard hideaway. Feels very much like a pre-OT3 fic as well as part one of two. Sadly, judging by the publish date of this work, I have extreme doubts the part two will ever be written.

The Night Is Still Youngby unknown - As Max watches Rachel and Chloe dance at a party, she snaps photo after photo of the two, mesmerized by the prettiest model in Blackwell and the hottest punk in Arcadia Bay. The storm is still coming. And Chloe died for nothing. Desperate to save her friend, Max finds a picture taken months before she arrived in Arcadia Bay and manages to warn Chloe about Jefferson, Nathan, and Rachel.

Life is chasemarsh — cw: biting, bite marks more vampire vic by

Will it be enough? But as time passes, Max is feeling more like a third wheel. Strangely enough, she kind of wants to be more? Rubber and Starsby Eiprej - Three friends, a truck, and one flat tire. Short bit of smut. Too Hot Hot Damnby gaymingtrash - Super short fic where Max gets sick and her two girlfriends try to help.

Pre-OT3 fluff. After reading and rereading and re-rereading the above fics, I took a look at some other fics I had bypassed for one reason or another. She rewound the clock but instead of seconds, she went back months, back before Rachel was killed. Maybe now, she could fix everything. Once I gave it a chance, though, I was fairly engaged in the overall plot.

Specifically, this story reveals she might have some kind of spiritual connection to the Bay itself. Lots of pre-OT3 build-up.

Ehc on ao3 — amberpricefield fics

Both authors do a great job in showing that Max, Chloe, and Rachel are, in fact, three teenagers with lots of feelings, some good, some bad, all confusing. Any further detail would give away the whole story so just read it for yourself.

Short and sweet. Part one lays some pretty solid groundwork for more. Part two is currently in the works. I hope it gets continued. However, there are some new fics to add:. Max decided to go further back to save Rachel, hoping that this time, it would fix everything.

Max still develops powers saving Chloe. Max Is Back! This one intrigues me quite a bit because apparently, Max has been time travelling for a while now, presumably to reach this new conclusion: save Rachel. All evidence points to Max, after sacrificing Chloe and attending her funeral, using a photo jump of some sort to fix things so Chloe and Rachel can escape Arcadia Bay long before the Dark Room incident happened.

Rachel Amber. Alyssa Anderson Juliet Watson. Dana Ward.

Grahamfield4you — max and warren “go ape” in this fanfiction

Brooke Scott. Courtney Wagner. Taylor Christensen. Kate Marsh. Victoria Chase. Chloe Price. Max Caulfield.

Pricefield-ftw — so chloe can’t help but flirt…billtarmey.com this be the

Chloe Price marinecosplay. Average student. Talented as fuck photographer. Returns to Arcadia Bay to find her best friend, Chloe, who she was forced to abandon when her family moved to Seattle. Sounds simple, right? Except, her parents are dead-set against it. Like, insanely so. Still, Max is resourceful. So, one morning, instead of her school supplies, Max stuffs her messenger bag full of supplies, camera included, and after getting dropped off at her high school, sneaks away, uses cash to buy a bus ticket, and makes her way South.

According to her phone, the trip should take around 5 or so hours, more than long enough get to Arcadia Bay without her parents suspecting anything. She has to get off at the closest stop to the town, then walk. She gets plenty of strange looks from others when she asks for directions to Arcadia Bay, enough to make her feel weirded out, but after a quick meal, she starts on her way.

Outside the diner, a kind man offers her a ride. Lovely campus with lots of friendly animals, like squirrels, birds, and deer. People would do well to learn that lesson. Samuel takes Max to Blackwell Academy and they part ways. Maybe she was a student here?

Strangeness 2: no students are in the main building. No faculty or staff, either. All the faculty doors are locked, though the classrooms are all open. Is school out already? But even if it was, why is it so empty? Max notices a ton of Missing Person flyers around, all for one girl: Rachel Amber. Many are defaced, which saddens Max. Uncertain why, she snaps a photo of one of the flyers and puts it away, then walks outside.

Life is strange: max & chloe's second chance at living, a life is strange fanfic | fanfiction

Nightfall rolls around much quicker than she anticipated. Not to mention the fog that starts to roll in. Thank dog she has her hoodie on. In the thick fog. Between her and the building. She hurries to the parking lot, hoping beyond hope to find Samuel there.

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