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No recent wiki edits to this. The Maiden is Black is said to be one of the most powerful demons in existence and has the ability to modify the player's abilities in exchange for souls. Her eyes are occluded by wax, although this seems to have little impact on her ability to perceive the world around her. The Maiden maintains the Nexuskeeping its candles lit and watching over the souls of the beings trapped within. She maintains a direct communion with the Old One, and is able to lull it back to sleep at the end of the game should the player choose the good ending. The player may also choose to kill her and take her place at the Old One's side in the bad ending of the game, becoming a demon of immense power at the cost of the destruction of Boletariaand eventually the rest of the world.


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The Demon's Souls Luck Glitchalso known as the Gold Coin Glitch, is a new exploit discovered in Demon's Souls that allows the player to accumulate over 80, points in the Luck stat in a matter of minutes. This exploit requires a new item, the Gold Coin, to be executed, hence one of its names.

This glitch, when paired with the Luck scaling boss weapon the Blueblood Sword craftable at Blacksmith Ed using a Broken Sword and Maiden Astraea 's Pureblood Demon Soulallows players to deal nearly 10, damage with a single swing of their weapon and kill almost any enemy in one hit.

Learn how to execute this glitch using our guide below:. To execute this exploit you need one Gold Coin, a new item dropped by the Officials that appear in Boletaria and Stonefang Tunnel areas. This item has a pretty low drop rate, so it is a good idea to make sure World Tendency is Pure Black in the area you are farming and you are equipping the Providential Ring.

The best place to farm the Officials is The Tunnel City.

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Go straight ahead, take the left tunnel down past the exploding minecarts, then kill the official near the elevator switch. Lower the elevator so you can jump into the pit and die to save yourself a walk back to the spawn point. Once you have the coin you are ready for the next step of the glitch. Head back to the Nexususe the Gold Coin in front of the Maiden in Black, then speak to her and tell her you want to level up.

As soon as you enter the Soul Level menu you sould see your Soul Level and Luck stat begin to skyrocket. It will run up to about 84, before maxing out, at which point you can exit the menu. If you want to reverse the glitch, go into the Old King Allant battle and let him hit you with his Soul Level draining grab attack. Demon's Souls Wiki Guide.

Last Edited: 21 Nov am. How to Do The Demon's Souls Luck Glitch Warning : After executing this glitch your character's Soul Level will be and the Souls required to level will be broken, rendering you unable to level up further. Then make sure your other stats particularly Vitality and Endurance are at satisfactory levels before using the exploit.

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The Maiden maintains the Nexus, keeping its candles lit and watching over the souls of the beings trapped within.


On the subject of the One One, understanding what it even is can be a challenge.


Read on to learn more about her purpose in the game.


A remake of the video game, by the same name, Demon's Souls