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As in the era of Super Mario Bros.


The Super Mario Bros series is one of the most popular video games of all time.

Unfortunately, the game makers tend to forget half of their audience: women. Here are eight ways women are portrayed in Super Mario Bros. Pauline: The First Damsel in Distress.

Top 10 best female super mario bros. characters

People act and objects are acted upon. The damsel in distress is something that needs to be saved, a treasure to find, a trophy to win is treated like an object. And what does she do?

Nothing but wait for a man to save her so she can bake him a cake. She appears in 16 Super Mario platform games and is kidnapped in 14 of them. This le to the theory that she is often willingly leaving Mario for her lover, Bowser.

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That way, the princess pretends to be kidnapped to play the damsel in distress, creating drama and getting the attention of two men or man and turtle. Otherwise, we can see it as a fight between two men in which the princess is not part of any team but rather acts as the ball men are fighting for. We have to do something special for you Following this idea, the only female character in the game is still portrayed as a beautiful lady to save in exchange for sex. This is the best thing she has to offer to Mario after he saved her life.

Peach's friend Daisy makes her first appearance in Super Mario Land as the damsel in distress, kidnapped by aliens, that has to be saved by Mario.

Mario came to know of these events, and has started on a journey to restore peace to Sarasaland. Fortunately, she was a smart, competitive tomboy and adventurous in parties, sports, fighting, and racing games. She even gets to slap Bowser in Mario Party 3 … but ends up fleeing and bursting in tears when someone finally defeats her. Sadly, she never truly had an important role in the game.

Her looks also changed through the years as she used to have brown hair and no makeup but then turned out to have red hair, a tan and makeup on. This is because games often focus only on heteronormative sex appeal, thinking most of their players are boys.

Once again, the princesses are third role characters known for their appearance and their relationship with a man. Rosalina first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy as a powerful figure watching over and protecting the cosmos by commanding the Comet Observatory.

She is known as a kind, wise, and mature character with a great knowledge of the universe. Rosalina even has special powers that allow her to surround the observatory with a force field, teleport, create holograms of herself, float, speak via telepathy, and use the iconic spin move.

8 ways women are poorly portrayed in super mario bros

She also protects herself with a bubble and does the same with Mario if he falls off the observatory. Together, this all makes her even stronger than any other male character in the Super Mario games. For once, she also simply thanks Mario with a 'thank you' and not with a kiss or any bakery.

Problem is, she stays passive and let only the men, like Mario, Luigi and the To, take part of the action in the Super Mario Galaxy Games. The female character fits the gender role by acting like a mother to all the Lumas in her Galaxy. During this time, men are manly, working outside to help them. Fortunately, she eventually becomes an unlocked playable character in Super Mario 3D World. That makes her the strongest female character in Super Mario games and makes us hope we will see her more often.

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Female enemies are rare, but still present in some Mario games. The first to appear in the game is Wendy O. If these characters share one negative aspect, it is that they all have a classic feminine look and nothing that would be considered as more masculine or even neutral.

The good thing is they are not presented as weaker than other male enemies. The bad thing is we would like way more. Most of the bad characters are male, according to the manual.

Donkey Kong Junior was terrifically about Mario kidnapping Papa Donkey Kong, the first two Mario Bros about carpenters unblocking water pipes so they can take a bath and Mario is Missing in which Luigi is saving his brother. Is it better not to represent women well or not to represent them at all?

The games in which the princesses are the best portrayed are the party, sport, fighting, and racing games - never the main ones. They have different characteristics like any characters but are still equal or even better than male characters. They also have their own special powers, skills, and personal courses.

If the princesses were first classified as lightweight with small vehicles, Rosalina was first to have a large one due to her height. If there is one negative aspect it is that, after any race or fight, they are shoved right back into the role of damsels in distress in the platform games.

Meet the 6 most popular girls of the mario franchise

Female characters are playable in the party, sport, fighting, and racing games but rarely the most important ones. She was then an available character in one 2D platform game: Super Mario Bros 2which led her to become a favorite of game players. She was because a fourth character was needed. Her female friend Luma also helps Mario in his cap during all the game. It is possible to unlock Rosalina in Super Mario 3D World so the players can play with her as with any other character. Game makers are slowly understanding that players want to be able to play as women too.

Their goal: saving their object of desire. Their price: the love of the damsel in distress. Problem is, half of the people on this earth are women and game makers disappointed them by portraying women this way. Even if we now believe women are equal to men, video games have been slow to change the cliche.

Girl's nintendo super mario brothers and princess peach graphic tee tahiti blue x large

Many developers would rather repeat the same gendered tropes over and over again instead of trying something new. We need to share our disappointment to let them know we want more strong female character so they can be the heroes of their own adventures. CharlottePoitras Featured Contributor. Published Feb. More Super Mario Sunshine Content. Super Mario Sunshine Game. Super Mario Sunshine Articles.

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For example, did you know that Toad has a sister?


I know she doesn't do much other than save Sprixies, play sports, race, and party but she's a very cool character.


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