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On the cliff top it looks as though it has been raining blood. It's about 7.

Almost 25 years later I know the time because it is in the police statement I make 10 days later at Waverly police station. As we do most days my partner and I are walking with our dog before going to work. We live nearby and have followed the coastal path from Bondi towards Tamarama. Steps lead upwards to the rocky Mackenzies Point headland and Marks Park.

The cliffs at South Bondi. Credit: James Brickwood. We live close but we don't know that after nightfall this is a place frequently visited by adolescent gangs of gay bashers or that gay murders have already occurred here. At the top of the steps is a light blue handkerchief. It's stained with red and on the path are fresh red marks.

We wonder if a jogger has fallen. The sun rose earlier and by now the usual busy flow of walkers, runners and dog owners have crossed over the spot. We stop and look around. There are more red stains on the bare rock between the path and the cliff. The fresh stains have already sunk into the porous stone and will be clearly visible for months to come. Splatters of red lead to the edge of the cliff. Kim goes forward, lies on his belly, and with his head over the side calls out asking if anyone is there. There is no answer.

Is matthew davis gay?

I take the most direct path home, across Marks Park, and call the police. When I return two police officers, a man and a woman, are already there. We look around together. For the first time we go into the lookout itself — more blood.

I step over the low wall, more red stains, and find two keys on a ring and a man's watch with a broken band. Kim goes towards the police officers to report our find. As he does so I see a pair of sunglasses just a few paces away. In the only photo of the murdered man ever produced he is wearing sunglasses or tinted prescription lenses. The attack happened at about 3am that day.

Police officers were on the site within five hours but the investigation did not begin until well over 24 hours later. Like us the police also looked over the edge. Kritchikorn Rattanajurathaporn may still have been alive when we were all standing on the site of the attack.

I have only realised this recently when I found High Court transcripts relating to an unsuccessful appeal by the two brothers convicted of the murder. The court documents record that the severely beaten man fell onto a rock ledge several metres below, out of our sight from the cliff top.

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Vomit and blood and a letter from his mother were found here. Then he fell to a second ledge. Then he fell again, this time into the sea. He was still alive when he fell into the water. If rescue services had been called in at 8am on Saturday, when we were standing at the top of the cliff with the two police officers, he may have been found alive. On Saturday we worked.

Early Sunday morning we were again on the path. The bloodied cliff area was unprotected, there were no yellow tapes, no of a police presence. Despite stains at the very edge of the cliff and the collection of personal belongings found on the cliff top no search had begun.

We again looked around. If there was anything we had missed the morning it may have blown away or been innocently picked up by sightseers. We went towards Tamarama and stepping off the path examined the rough area above the cliff.

Our people: matt davis

Within minutes we found a Medicare receipt and several plastic cards in the shrubs. This may have been in the vicinity of where television newsreader Ross Warren is assumed to have gone missing exactly 12 months before. Again we call the police.

This time the investigation got serious. We were told they traced the Bondi owner of the cards and found him in bed, severely beaten. Divers were sent in and Kritchikorn's body was found. Other information was received by the police which allowed them to arrest three young men davis Matthew Davis, and brothers Sean and David McAuliffe. All three would be imprisoned for the murder and assault. Published s of these events jump from the beating on the Saturday morning to the finding of the body, gay though there was no delay.

Even the High Court of the murder case ignores the events of Saturday morning and moves from the assault to Sunday, saying that this was when the other victim came forward to report what had happened. All these years later the gay bashers and their friends are in their 40s and their victims probably in their 50s.

It's still not too late for witnesses to come forward or for NSW police to explain why their investigation into the crime against Kritchikorn lost 24 matthews. Sydney's gay murders: Could a life have been saved if police were more motivated?

Please try again later. The Sydney Morning Herald. By Michael Connor Updated June 23, — 8. Save Log inregister or subscribe to save articles for later. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. The police found a man's shoe which they picked up. We give our names to the officers and go home and on to work. Michael Connor lived in Bondi in the late s and early s. this article.

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