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Originally posted by pachisuzu. Now Law and aftercare…. He thinks aftercare is unnecessary. Keep reading. Admin Tess: hot damn, you lovely anon.


This is a bondage video from Men On Edge. Sebastian shows up and the session begins as Daniel is lead to the wedge and tied down. The two take their time with Daniel, sensually admiring his lean body before blindfolding him and freeing his dick out from his briefs.

They move Daniel to a sawhorse and suspend his ankles from the ceiling, leaving his ass open and ready for a dildo deep inside. Watch this video here. See the latest videos from Men On Edge here. Sebastian and Jessie are fixing a public restroom when they come across Scott Riley, a hot stud fresh out the Army. The temptation to play with him is too much for these pervs, so Jessie whips out his cock and they take Scott down.

Scott hangs horizontally from the ceiling — and at the mercy of Sebastian and Jessie — as they tear the clothes from his body.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

To their delight, Scott turns out to be a cock hungry slut. The captive greedily sucks Jessie as Sebastian edges him. After tickling Scott to prevent a close orgasm, the two strap him down to a stall and get back to work on his cock. Scott moans through a bit gag with each edge, grinding his hips into the hitachis and begging to cum.

Ko fight club — men on edge - superman tortured….

His ass gets plowed by a plunger and vibrating dildos before Sebastian and Jessie finally allow Scott to cum. But, of course, Scott has to pay for such a privilege. He takes the load into his mouth and receives a brutal torment on his sensitive cock.

Jessie gives Scott one more tickling and leaves the prisoner in his mess. See this video by clicking here. Men On Edge latest videos here. See the latest vids from Bound Gods here. Jack Hunter arrives at the Armory on a brisk autumn day for an audition and photo shoot.

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Liking what they see through the lens, Sebastian and Christian start playing with Jack. He has his lean body bound in tight ropes as his erection tries to fight its way out of his briefs. Christian pulls Jack onto a platform box and admires the hard dick standing at full attention. After a round of edging, Jack and Christian return to the green room for a break. Jack starts feeling a little funny after the bondage.

As he moans and grinds against his bondage, Jack takes a dildo deep inside his hole. Sebastian edges Jack with a hollowed out pumpkin in the spirit of the season. With his huge cock impaling the entire pumpkin, Jack nearly blows it as the vibrating sheath fits over his cock head. Finally deciding to let the stud cum, Christian milks a hot load from Jack while Sebastian holds a vibrator deep within his hole. Fresh from cumming, the torment s as Sebastian jacks the sensitive cock once more with the pumpkin.

More Metalbond posts featuring Jack Hunter here. The latest videos from Men On Edge here. Tons more male BDSM videos here.

Logan Stone is a hot electrician who loves getting edged. He s Jessie and Sebastian for a session in the Armory, where they waste no time in stripping Logan to his skivvies.

With Logan blindfolded, Jessie holds out a fleshjack for Logan to fuck to completion, if only he could find it. Sebastian repeats the torment with a vibrating sheath, bringing Logan to the edge and then tickling the stud at his most vulnerable moment. Jessie and Sebastian move Logan to the other side of the room and invert him.

Logan has his tender cock sucked as he receive nipple suckers and a bit gag. Begging to cum through the gag, his tormentors plow his ass with a dildo before tying it off to his leg and making the stud fuck himself with it.

Logan finally receives their permission to cum and blows a load all onto his face. Still in a daze from cumming, Logan is perfectly vulnerable for the last piece of torment. He twists and fights against his restraints as they tickle his body and polish his sensitive cock head. See this video here.

Men On Edge latest vids here. See the latest from Bound Gods here. In this video from Men On Edge, Abel Archer blows his load without even touching his cock after relentlessly edging his cock all night long. Abel is taken to the living room and stripped down to his underwear as Sebastian starts tying him up and teasing his eager cock.

Before long, Branden Forrest s in on the fun, whipping out his big, 9-inch dick as Sebastian shoves both cocks in his mouth.

Abel is suspended in a hogtie as they fuck him from both ends with dicks on sticks. Over on the couch they bend Abel over to swallow more cock while the Shockspot fucking machine drives into his hole. The intense vibrations are too much for Abel, and without even touching his cock he shoots a massive load onto his stomach.

The latest videos from Men On Edge are here. Dean has his nipples played with, a cock ring fitted over his huge dick and nearly blows his load from a vibrator treatment.

Sebastian and Jessie raise Dean above the floor and continue the alternating pleasure and torment. They edge and tickle the stud before leaving him to hang, begging to be finished off. Next, they take Dean to another corner of the bleachers, bound bent-over with his ass presented outward. Dean has his hungry hole filled with dildos and repeatedly taken to his limit.

After the long day of edging, Sebastian and Jessie finally allow Dean to bust a load and wipe the cum into his beard. This video available here. More Metalbond posts featuring Dean Brody here. At Men On Edge, Kyle Kash is caught by two gym rats as they edge his sensitive cock and fuck him with a machine:. Kyle Kash is trying to work out at the gym when Jesse Colter and Sebastian Keys start to perv on him. Kyle nearly cums while getting his nipples sucked, so the jocks slow down and keep him in suspense.

They finger his ass while sucking him off and Kyle screams through his jock-strap gag when they deny him. Jesse and Sebastian continue their fun with Kyle bound standing while balancing on weights.

With Kyle covered in his own cum, they tickle him mercilessly and leave him to be found in his mess. See this video from Men On Edge by clicking here. The latest vids from Men On Edge here.

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Naked Kombat gay wrestling here. They start with him tied up to the bedpost while balancing on a stack of books.

In no time at all Micah gets pissed off by the teasing and sensory deprivation. Next, bound on the bed, Sebastian and Jessie suck his toes while making Micah suck their own.

Untitled — mansurfer: men on edge - straight hunk lucas

In a piledriver position on the bed, they fuck his ass with the vibrating dildo, making him beg again and again. After a full day of edging, he rockets his huge load all over himself and receives the post-orgasmic tickle torture. More Metalbond posts featuring Micah Brandt here.

In this video from Men On Edge, Scott Riley gets captured, edged and fucked by horny plumbers Sebastian and Jessie are fixing a public restroom when they come across Scott Riley, a hot stud fresh out the Army. At Men On Edge, Kyle Kash is caught by two gym rats as they edge his sensitive cock and fuck him with a machine: Kyle Kash is trying to work out at the gym when Jesse Colter and Sebastian Keys start to perv on him.

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On his back, edge of the bed, legs wide open, his cock in your hand serving as a lever to drive his hips onto you.


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