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This needs images of controls for the Windows from the controller buttons category to make learning the controls easier. If a set of controller button images is available for this systemplease add them. If a set of controller images isn't available, it might need to be brought up on the forums. This needs images of controls for the Xbox from the controller buttons category to make learning the controls easier.


I nside big-budget games development, multiplayer is one of the first and most important decisions. For a primarily singleplayer game like Metal Gear Solid, an online mode is an enormous creative and financial gamble in There are only three modes, for example, alongside a simple hub level and five maps.

The foundations, however, are solid. The refined core moveset allows players to easily shoulder-aim, take cover, switch to a first-person view, all at varying heights and speeds.

So even before MGO starts adding mechanics and rules, the basic movement and shooting is precise and feels fantastic. This is because every mode plays out over two rounds, with the teams switching sides, and so a draw is relatively common — whereupon the team with the most points scored collectively will win out. This makes the more difficult but rewarding plays such as knocking someone out and fultoning them much more valuable than simply blasting everything in sight. It also means tagging enemies has both a tangible and a strategic benefit, and so incentivises the wide range of tactical possibilities.

Metal gear solid v: the phantom pain/controls

If your team can knock these players unconscious and fulton them, as opposed to the kill, that bounty gets added to your total tickets. Cloak and Dagger is built around stealth camouflage, with teams switching between attack and defence — attackers have the camo plus non-lethal weapons only and have to steal one of two discs from the defenders, before returning it to a drop point.

Attackers that simply rush towards the discs get slaughtered, and reveal their team in the process, so they have to use cute tactics to pull defenders out of position, and work out a getaway plan before touching the disc. Comms Control is the third and final mode, where teams take turns to try capturing three points on the map — basically team King of the Hill.

10 things you have to do in metal gear solid v

You have slots for one of each and the comprehensive character-creation mode offers many brow-fiddling and jawline-lengthening options as well as a disappointingly small collection of hairstyles. The Scout has sniper rifles and movement-based perks; the Demolitionist has huge guns and can take punishment; the Infiltrator has the all-important option of stealth camouflage.

Each class has its own unlock path, and the restraint here is wise — there are so many guns in MGSV it would have been easy to drown players in unlocks, but MGO focuses on a clearly-differentiated range that gets larger very gradually. Every class has access to assault rifles, which on the battlefield are by far the most common firearm, and of class-specific weapons the only one that seems truly worth dedicating a character to are the sniper rifles.

The reasoning behind this is obvious, because too much sniping ruins the game for everyone else. But as a sniper fan, the balance here goes too far and makes the bolt-action rifles in particular a nightmare to use.

Controls (on horseback)

MGO has fallen into the trap of countless AAA multiplayer modes, which is planning to monetise a community before first offering a large enough foundation to sustain one. Three classes, insufficiently differentiated, three modes and five maps does not make for a long-term multiplayer experience. After a few weeks, my interest is severely waning.

But these are high points in what is otherwise a polished but meagre offering, a multiplayer mode that feels lacking in depth and longevity.

Metal gear online review: a balloon party that needs more air

Metal Gear Solid V. Metal Gear Online review: a balloon party that needs more air. In Metal Gear Online, the snare item is placed on the ground attracting enemies that run past it — brilliant for a guarding your back as a sniper.

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D-Horse is a mode of cross-country transportation.


The following also applies to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, for almost all aspects, a few variations appear but do not affect my opinion on how the controls perform.


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