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What have I uncovered from the depths of gaming for my third live show? Next up is an interview I did after the live show! Mind you, the thing lasted for an hour but these are just the first several minutes. My NERF knock-off shotgun was a big hit amongst my peers thanks to ejectable shells.

And in the evening And like last year, I was throwing marshmallows.

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Some fans actually gave me a marshmallow gun, but I did not have time to assemble it before the panel. Posted by Lewis Lovhaug at PM. Labels: AT4WConventions. A NERF gun war? Man, now I really wish I had gone this year. I've been souping up my Ghostbusters proton pack with a NERF neutrona thrower that still fires darts. Whose was it?

The possible video with two people you mentioned when help was requested back in the Planet of the Symbiotes review? So you're a huge Animorphs fan, huh? Well I got something to say to that Thank you for making this such a fantastic experience. Can't wait to go back next year! The fanfiction going through my head just looking at that DeLorean picture. With the Doctor! I do declare, Mr. I liked this wish I could've been there to seen this live!

I've heard of this promo comic before! Pretty much it's complete craziness from the company!

How dare another company try to out sale us! We'll send an over weight man in his late 30s to shoot at them in the worst costume ever! This does make me wonder do you read Cracked!? I actually bought that Mighty Morphin' Rump Rangers comic and paid waaaay over price for it just to see what we'll be in for when this review is done and I just gotta wonder how are you going to do this!? Also, it made my inner child cry seeing them all raped a-la Pulp fiction style! Blackshire" like as in my real name! Have you seen RoboCop 2 as of yet!? Because it's the best of the sequels!

Really bad art it's drawn a lot like those Garbage Pale Kids card but by a lesser skilled person There's a scene of 2 creatures attack a school bus and they do this by one popping a boil on it's ass that covers the bus in pus Dammit I rimed and the same creature them squirting diarrhea allover that!

And finally a reenactment of the rape scene from Pulp fiction! You missed a really good joke oppertunity. Clare: I can only speak for myself, but - go ahead and write it. I'd like to read it, that is for sure. Because that was an awesome and appropriate answer. I don't think toy stores have adult sections, but I do know of a place where a Toys R' Us is situated right next to a porn shop.

Does that count? And those were the days of game companies spreading crap against each other to pimp their own project. Anyone remember "Sega does what Ninten Don't"? Those were awesome days. THough this is not an awesome comic series.

XD I was going to have him come closer so I could throw marshmallows at him, but then she took the bag and threw it at him XD Everyone ed the bag of marshmallows at the autograph ing afterwards. Just was curious if knew it was written by Kris Straub cause he has had problems being recognized as the author since creepy pasta has given it a wider audience, and have you seen any of his other work like his comic Starslip or the Blamimations at Penny Arcade?

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I made some major fuckups in the interview, namely, forgetting to bring my microphone and having been awake for approximately thirty-one hours when I conducted it. It was fun interviewing you though, Lewis, and I know I already told you at least once.

Wow -- I've seen bad comics, TV shows, and movies based on video games, but that was before Johnny Turbo! I didn't even know it actually exists.

My God, that was terrible. Say Linkara, are you going to do the last Johnny Turbo comic eventually? Anyway, can't wait to see your crossovers!

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Yeah I'm going to have problems reloading, but good Lord would I look so bad-a doing that!? OK, I'll fall far of Linkara as the Seventh Doctor with a shotgun, but with steampunk goggles and a black duster And once again you have made me laugh severely with your live show, Lewis.

Really I love the whole atmosphere when it comes to these shows and really there's something about them that just brings tears of joy running down my face. That could be from me laughing so hard Still, I'll be waiting for more greatness that came out of MAGfest.

Here's to another good year! And I feel bad for Justin I really do Yeah, the whole nerf battle was going on just outside the windows from where I was working at Registration. Thanks for keeping us Magfest workers entertained! I thought your interaction with Nella was hilarious is the nostalgia chicks BFF going to be involved in any of your upcoming crossovers, because it looks like you are warring her scarf in that picture.

Mighty morphing rump rangers

It felt a lot less personal than the usual panel and seemed really, really strange that the HR chick stood in front of you guys blocking the view of most of the people. Also she kind of came off as very Linkara is not a god despite what some people like to think.

Why can't people let it go? And chances are if we didn't have it controlled in some fashion, some people would probably not even get any questions asked. Damn you Americans and your ability to have constant cons and have the Channel Awesome people show up to them! Or maybe I should be damning my own country for failing to do conventions that they would want to come to.

Lousy Australia. Also, and God forbid this ever happen, if Linkara! Doctor ever regenerates, my money's on the next regeneration being the Rod Serling-style character and the fake cigarette is the new Sonic Screwdriver. Because every REgeneration has things get smaller! I'm going to a special Hell for that pun aren't I?

As a Swedish fan, I'm so jealous of americans and brits who can go to a bunch of awesome cons! A bit of constructive criticism for the interviewer: while it's good to take notes before jumping into an interview, I would highly recommend having two or three major ones memorized to avoid long pauses in the interview to read off what you have.

Also, if the interview gets cut off, you have the major ones ready to go, and ready to go quickly. Another thing I make sure I do during interviews is keep eye contact with the person you're interviewing--if you're looking around all over at everything but the person you're interviewing, it can come off as disrespectful. I'm not saying he disrespected Lewis by doing so, but he did seem pretty distracted I read in another comment he was pretty tired--understandable; conventions and festivals are a blast, but are truly exhausting experiences.

All in all though, I enjoyed the interview, and I thought the interviewer did well under the circumstances. I always love me some interviews. Post a Comment.

Mighty morphin power rangers: lost chronicles comic

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