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  • I am 50
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  • Colombian
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  • My figure features is strong
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  • Cider


On the street of Dogwood Road and street is To communicate or ask something with the place, the Phone is You can get more information from their website. The coordinates that you can use in applications to get to find The Millstream Inn quickly are


My first time here, and by topless club standards, my expectations were definitely met, although this place is a bit pricey for what you get, I think. This is an upscale club with a very classy neighborhood bar feel, and pretty dancers that were friendly, talkative, but not pushy. Expect fun but not high mileage dances. Overall, the atmosphere was very enjoyable, with an excellent bartender, a casual feel, and it seemed like people really wanted to be working here.

The menu looked good, but I wasn't really hungry. The dancers would just sit and talk with you a lot, and if you wanted a couple private dances, you had the option of doing that.

The whole atmosphere seemed friendly and not sleazy. There were about 6 or 7 dancers working, one on a stage with a pole, and a of them sitting with customers, a couple sitting in groups and cheering on the dancer on stage.

They seemed liked friends having fun, which is nice to see. One girl was shaking her ass through the cage at the other girls, who were going up and giving her a few slaps and telling me how yummy her ass was. That kind of friendly playful vibe does a lot for inn club, in my eyes.

Seating was plentiful, and there are lots of places to sit and enjoy your drink with a view of the stage, and dancers generally will come up and talk to you but there was no pushing to buy drinks, dances, and the dancers seemed not to be in any competition with each other for c. Stopped by the Millstream Inn around on a Thursday afternoon. The bar is in an out of the way millstream. However, it seems to be in a relatively safe and secure area with sufficient parking i. Inside is reasonably clean and nicely furnished. Not as upscale as Scores, but certainly a step up from the dive bars in Dundalk not that I didn't love the dive bars in Dundalk back in the day girl they actually had some hotties Two bartenders on duty, a blond and a shorter brunette.

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Service was quick and friendly. I didn't order any food, but I ended up sitting next to one of the dancers who had just gotten some food, which actually looked and smelled like it might be pretty good. I counted six dancers on duty.

Attractiveness far exceeded my relatively modest expectations for a Thursday afternoon. There were 4 Caucasians, one Asian and one exotic looking girl maybe some mix of Caucasian, Hispanic and Asian. I would guess age ranged from early 20's to early 30's.

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I am generally a sucker for long hair and a huge rack real or fake. One of the white girls had an ample set of bolt-ons. However, she really did do much for me.

My two favorites were a tall girl with dark hair, and a shorter girl with brownish hair and some tattoos. The shorter girl in particular deserves a special commendation for capturing my attention - since she ha Stopped by the Millstream a couple Saturdays ago, during the late afternoon.

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Barely any customers in the place and a handful of dancers. Brooke was there - and as hot as ever. She just hits all marks as far as I'm concerned. Long, brunette hair. Abs and curves. Very pretty. She always greets me with a hug, which is nice, but never hits me up for dances. I guess she doesn't need to ask Of course, I prefer to be asked Spent most of my time chatting with a blonde named A Alyssa, Alicia, I just don't recall.

She was cute and pleasant to talk to, but not really my type.

She asked me to buy her a drink and I did. Not a fan of that, but whatever, so I did. We had a nice chat and I felt bad telling her "maybe later" when she suggested some dances. There were a couple of girls that were new to me.

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Both black, both attractive, one curvy and one slender. I did a dance with slender Ivana. It was decent for the Millstream hands to yourself during the regular dancesbut there was a bit too much up-sell for the private rooms. I can understand some, but please don't ruin the current dance selling any future dances,, After one dance, Ivana said "ready for another? I told her this and she said that she wasn't sure about that and would have to ask the manager.

I hate that. I jus Time for another Millstream review.

I mostly club locally, and it's my hope that my repeated reviews help provide current info and also help calibrate older reviews that may be less relevant due to the always changing nature of clubs. My last visit to the Millstream was a few weeks ago.

Two for Tuesday.

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Only had the 2 drinks this time; I just couldn't seem to get much attention from the girls that day. Too many real regulars in the house I guess. I don't think that I was particularly creepy or stinky Brooke, Tori and Riley were there, along with a few others. An attractive bunch that day, in general. A more-curvey brunette was new to me; generally larger than I prefer, but she was sexy. When I tipped at the stage, she asked if I wanted some company.

I said yes, but she found another dude after her tip walk. Tori did the same. I'm a big Brooke fan, and have had dances with her in the past, but she was busy with others also.

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I think I either need to visit the MS more often, or step up my assertiveness. Probably both, actually.

All in all, it was a pleasant laid back visit, but I've had better interaction in the past. And I think that's part of the MS appeal, compared to some other clubs. Developing a relationship. To the extent that that can really happen in I used to go to the Millstream Inn as a place to hangout because it was local. These prices are what you would pay for full contact in other areas and the girls here aren't always hot.

There are some 6s through 8s, but they staff a lot of 3s, 4s, and 5s too. Yes, there are some girls here that are hot and friendly, but it's not worth the increased prices. Honestly, if you're looking for more contact without extras, you can find alot of other clubs in Baltimore.

If you're lonely looking for company, you can find more affordable rates at other clubs or get an escort. Toggle lustnames. now. Strip clubs U. Maryland Woodlawn Millstream Inn. Millstream Inn 5 reviews Add review.

Club type: Topless Dancers. Dancers Etnicity : Mixed. Comments and reviews Atmosphere:. Password Remember Me. Password Register.

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I like that there are different seating options ranging from barseat, to small intimate, to plush couches, or you can even sit front and center at the stage.