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Click to see full answer. Hereof, is Minecraft Diaries Cancelled? Aphmau's series, Minecraft Diarieshas recently been canceled confirmed by jason on twitter. It is predicted that aphmau will lose plenty of subscribers because from this, and to prevent her loose, we should try to get MCD Minecraft diaries back.


The third and final season of Minecraft Diaries premiered on November 6th, A month after the episode, " Her Judgement " aired, the season and series was officially put on a hiatus by Dom on Twitter. On February 17,the first nine episodes were re-ed on her Aphmau Fantasy channel. After the 37th video of season 3; "Secrets of the Library," Jess, due to some personal issues, had to put an indefinite haitus on Minecraft Diaries. She decided to cancel the series because of how much she hated the season, as opposed to how much the fans liked it.

The Season is about Aphmau going on a personal journey, trying to figure out who she once was and to find the other Divine Warriors and defeat Shad. Dom, better known as Jason created a Twitter after months of wait.

He tweeted an image of the thumbnail of the brand new series. The image is a cropped photo, leaving only partial of the season title " Realm Pr. However, a viewer discovered the full title at the by looking at the corner of the image, which Dom confirmed and congratulated the viewer. One of the most notable names sent was Realm Princessbut this was later proven false. He also added that Aaron will not be returning nor will he voice any of the upcoming characters. Lastly, he mentioned that he will focus more on the production and story.

Whilst on Twitter, Dom answered questions from subscribers about Relics and its connections to their persons. One viewer asked him on Aaron's reckless and thought process by approaching Zane with his sword instead of using the relics embedded inside him. He then replied, "Relics cannot be removed from hosts when they're dead.

Aaron was using his medallion to remove the relic from Zane unwillingly. On October 17th, Dom posted a photo on his progress on Phoenix Drop via burning down the humongous trees. Along with the post, he mentioned the original Phoenix Drop from the first season was built by Jess. He was also responsible for the overgrown trees in the second season.

Why did minecraft diaries end?

Aphmau then responded by saying, "Hey it was awesome! Dom is currently not in charge of creating the thumbnails with Will KamiWasa is responsible for the 3D art. However, when he did work on the thumbnails, he taught himself to use Blender and Cinema 4D programs. On the same day, Dom posted an image on the updated Bright Port, which is now the home the new Guard Academy. The photo included a spoiler to the right as a mass of Obsidian is at the center.

Dom is also very skilled in coding as he responsible for several of the mods and custom made objects. However, the biggest reveal was the timeskip at the beginning of the season. The time skip would be about 3-ish years, not nearly as long between the first and second seasons. Aphmau will continue to write every individual episode of the new season.

On Dom's long post, he talked about Aphmau's writing process and the amount of scripts she writes per week, which is about scripts and a total of s per script, and s per week. Aphmau begins her writing process after her kids, Joseph and Julia, are asleep. He included that writing is his not best forte and is the manager and producer of BluJayStudios. Lastly, he finished the day by explaining that his skills are more suited at editing and tech. He works on these while Aphmau is writing the episodes.

A goddess divine

On October 26th, Dom showed a small clip of the trailer of the season. He is currently editing the trailer, as well as the new characters, skins, and more. On November 2nd, Dom updated his followers that his work on the season has not been completed, with a confirmation of the trailer premiering in a few days. While working on the trailer, he and the production team discovered a missing part for the season and the mods used for the series were out of date. He added that he is working on updating the mods to use in the new season. On November 3rd, Dom posted a photo of the third season with a hint of the season trailer premiering the next day, November 4th.

The following day, the trailer for the new season was ed on Aphmau's channel, but the video was made private minutes after; a handful of subscribers were able to view the video before it was taken down. The tweet also entails the season is premiering the following Sunday, November 6th.

An hour later, the video officially premiered. The trailer focused on the village of Phoenix Drop, which has been rebuilding its structure over the years.

The camera focuses on the new additions of the village, with several familiar faces in the scene. The camera then focused on Aphmau, who is struggling with amnesia over her role of Irene. Garroth, who continues to lie his loyalty to Aphmau and his home. Katelyn, who has now become the new leader of a faction, the Dragon Ward; however, Garroth does not approve of the faction due to the infamous Jury of Nine incidents.

A new character, who voices on making his father proud and saving his man. Lastly, a tarnished Laurance, who now resides in the Nether. The camera then follows a sequence of several characters. The trailer officially revealed the title of the season " The Realm Protector ," which was simply known as " Realm Protector. On the same day, Will, better known as KamiWasa, said that the filming has already commenced.

He added that as the thumbnail deer for the season, he will be adding the Annoying Dog in each thumbnail. On November 5th, Will posted an update on the first episode with Chicken Shaman Castor on fire via lavafall. Several of the production team replied to the photo, Aphmau jokingly hinting that the first episode will primarily focus on Castor and only him, while Dom added that the episode is near completion.

On Twitter, Dom revealed some spoilers to several characters. He described Laurance as a complicated beast, hinting that not all characters are good or evil. Travis will receive a story arc, following from the second season. Dom said, "Travis? If you know his story from S2 you can pretty much understand where he'll be from the get-go in S3. Runs in the family. However, Dom quickly answered with, one of Travis' parents still "alive. Following the spoilers, Dom then explained that Aphmau is going to the write the episodes, while he steers the season.

Minecraft diaries season 3

Additionally, he confirmed once again that Aaron will not return, even going far as disagreeing the development of Aaron in the second season, and he would like to focus more of the story. Due to Aaron's development, several characters were shelved in order for a lot of the events to unfold, and want to fix the mistakes of the season. However, contrasting Dom's comment on Aaron's official departure, Aaron's voice has made a return. The first episode is around 30 minutes, but Aphmau and Dom had to stay up the next day to complete the episode, with an extra hour to edit because of Daylight Saving Time.

The next day, November 6th, Dom confirmed the episode is to be completed and ed within the next few hours. At 30 minutes, this episode is the second longest episode of the series, only behind the th episode of the first season. Around pm, the episode is exporting and ing.

The first episode of the season premiered on November 6th, at pm.

A month after the episode, " Her Judgement " aired, Dom, on Twitter, announced the series and season to be put on a hiatus. Despite his love for the series, he decided that he could not risk his teams' livelihood on doing a series people do not watch, with ultimately deciding to shelve the series. Although the season is put on hold, BluJay Studios will continue to push out series that matches their genre MyStreet: Emerald Secretthe fourth season of MyStreetan example of this.

A day after the series' hiatus announcement, Dom went on Twitter to ask the viewers on creating a second channel dedicated to more fantast roleplay series, such as Minecraft Diaries and Dreams of Estorra.

On February 17th, Aphmau's new channel, Aphmau Fantasy, ed a video introducing the channel explained by Aphmau and Castor. The two will be the head on creating and writing the episodes, so it would be easier to help Aphmau manage the new channel. Although episodes will be ed less frequently, once a week, the support from the viewers will heavily fuel the channel.

The first six episodes of Dreams of Estorra and the first nine episodes of the third season of Minecraft Diaries will premiere on this new channel with new episodes premiering later on. On February 19th,the first episode of the season was ed on the Aphmau Fantasy channel.

Starting from Family Mattersepisodes aired on Fridays, instead of Saturdays. On May 16th,Jason announces that he is no longer heading the direction for this season. So things he has said in the past may not be set in stone.

Minecraft diaries

After October 13,the series was put on hiatus yet again, with production now being more focused on Falcon Claw University and later MyStreet Season 6. Before its hiatus, episodes were relatively ed each days. However, after the decrease in viewership, episodes were ed between days. For the purpose of the revived series and organization, episodes will be listed twice as there are two episode links available. Aphmau Wiki Explore. Doctor Logan. Social Media. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Minecraft Diaries Season 3. Edit source History Talk 0. Cancel Save.

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Our Daughter.

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It premiered on November 6th, and re-ed on February 19th, on Aphmau Fantasy.


A story that started out as a YouTube Let's Play which eventually consumed the creator and caused the characters to come to life in stories of their own.