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  • What is my age:
  • 25
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  • Clear hazel green
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  • I am female
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  • English, French
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  • Absinthe
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Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. What did you go to school for and what do you do for a living? Explain your position as a Planetary Production Engineer.


Moo", about being a space janitor, givingStrength to other people, and finding your own support system. So, yeah, just many. I have many memories where I basically promote my team members and and it just makes me happy when they shine.


You may notice that the audio in these first few episodes does not quite match the audio you're hearing right now. And when we recorded the first few episodes, we didn't have any equipment. Zero equipment. But we've upgraded since. This is the gift strength podcast.

Moogega cooper stricker best movies, tv shows and web series list

Cooper Moo Goo Gai Cooper. Une huh? Look pretty quickly that Doctor Mu is actually good friend of ours. So we'll try and ask her lots of questions that we already know the answers to. But we brought her on because we think she provides a lot of value. She's one of our favorite humans on earth.

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First of all, what do you do? So I am a scientist that works for an aerospace organization. And basically my goal is to make sure we don't contaminate places, whether it be planets or asteroids on that. We're trying to investigate insurgency.

Did life exist in that world or not? So you have to keep space clean. Yes, that's right.

Now I just go. I mean, if you look at the tools that we use, it's the same thing. But anybody in here in the cleaning industry uses right. We have wipes other people. Some people use Clorox wipes. We have very fancy non shedding wise, but it's still a darn wife. Uh, you know, we clean in a similar way, although it's been backed by scientific process used to show that this is the most efficient way of wiping without rubbing contaminants around.

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Bradley and move met as personal trainer and client initially. I'm gonna mess it up. Lateral wiping when you wipe the mat can do circles because then you just spread the stuff around.

It's unilateral life in technique. There's the values awesome. Let's hop on to our second question. Do you have a favorite book podcast Anything right now or something from your past? Anything that's left a lot of value for you. Yeah, I remember. See, what is the name of the book? It's It's my Octavia Butler.

Basically any other books? Octavia Butler is a famous African American hot, and she wrote a lot about a dystopian future. Um, and how valuable things like water waas on it really brought the human element out of it, where in the future it doesn't matter how rich you are. There are basic necessities and every single human needs, like water and uncertain supplies that it You just have to do a good Moogega in conserving your environment and being a good person because we all have basic level.

These and we need to preserve it for one another. And I feel like that kind of message feels very true right now. We're recording this while you're hunkered in Florida and were hunkered in Los Angeles during the, uh, coded 19 outbreak. So we're beginning to see what humans actually need right now. I think it's interesting, cooper See, kind of the worst of humans not to bring it to the bad side. I'm glad he focused on the positive side, but people dumping stocks and buying and trying to monetize this disaster.

And I hope they are the minority and that the majority are the great positive stories of people really helping each other out. Yeah, it's It's definitely shown the dichotomy of how people respond in a situation like this, and it's been very eye opening. I'm trying to focus on the good parts of it and the good humans that are stepping up.

Microscopic characterization of biological and inert particles associated with spacecraft assembly cleanroom

But there's definitely a lot of the other side happening. Yeah, if only we could just, you know, give strength. There's our sound. All right. You okay? I don't want to ask her now, because now there's all this buildup for the final one. Um Yeah. The first thing that comes to mind, which is not always the best, but okay, let's go with it.

I have ah team of people at my particular job, and my favorite thing is empowering them. I like to put as much as I start that sentence with I and me.

And this is whatever, um, I might most fulfilling moments is when I give strength other people and empower them to be the best they are with their skills. So yeah, just many. Yes, I feel like some people live in a zero sum world where they feel like adding to someone else that shined takes away from theirs. And, yeah, it's so untrue. Do you need it to be for you. But you're not the paper. I know. Like something way could just say right like a diamond.

That a song?


I think it's okay. She's not coming after us here. All right? So I've known you forever and do your science thing, which is great. Like, Why do you feel like you're so generous? And growing up just in any, at least I could speak from the Asian household side. And my mom is Korean. My step Mom's Filipino.

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Proposals by other participating scientists include robots to crawl through Martian caves, new types of lightweight structures that can be expanded in space, and a process to seed asteroids with fungi in order to create soil, according to JPL.


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