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Try one of these Mormon missionary sex positions to spice up your love life tonight. In the past, every time a Mormon missionary knocked on my door, I hoped and prayed that he would be hot. The Book of Mormon Missionary Sex Positions is a photography project by Neil DaCosta, originally meant to challenge the views on Proposition 8, by depicting young Mormon men in various sex positions from the kama sutra. What it ended up accomplishing was entertaining the entire fucking internet, because nothing is funnier than seeing deeply religious people act out gay sex. So if your love life needs a little jumpstart, take a look at these photos with your man tonight and try out a few new positions.


Yes, I am Mormon. When a position Fstopper writer posted this piece in our writer's group at first I was saddened to see the material within the link, but then I took a step back and really processed what this series of photographs meant. The photographs depict a pair of Mormon missionaries in various sexual positions. The photographs may be quite simple, but the message is not. Warning: Some of these photographs might be offensive to some readers. Neil Dacostaa photographer based out of Portland, OR is the creator of the series. The series has its own website over at www.

I have been a member of the Mormon church since I was eighteen years old. I might not be the best example of a Mormon, but I love my religion. I believe that homosexuals should have the same rights that we all do in all respects. The photographs while to some sex shocking I believe is the perfect conversation starter over the issue of homosexuality and the church. Now, I do not know the motivation behind this series of photographs by its creators. The only insight that has been given was that on The Daily Dot in which the website asked the creators of the series if this past election had anything to do with the series.

As most of you may mormon, Mitt Romney is also a member of the LDS church and is an opponent to same-sex marriage.

Neil Dacosta and art director, Sara Phillipshad this to say. The quote that they are referring to is the one that can be found on the LDS Handbook. Any other sexual relations, including those between persons of the same gender, are sinful and undermine the divinely created institution of the family.

The Church accordingly affirms defining marriage as the legal and lawful union between a man and a woman. The fact of the matter is that people in the United States feel more uncomfortable with Mormons than they do homosexuals.

The of us that are LGBT supporters often keep quiet about their stance on gay marriage in fear of belittlement of our fellow congregation. This is changing slowly, as well. More and more people are 'outing' themselves as supporters.

The group called 'Mormons Building Bridges', have been very vocal about their feelings on same-sex marriage. The series of photographs definitely sends out a powerful statement, and I believe get the message across, now what that message is So many people like to use photography as a way to say something socially, so does this series use the art form as a way to put homosexuality and the church in the forefront, or is this simply exploitation at its finest?

You can view the entire online art exhibit at: www.

The book of mormon missionary positions

Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM electronic dance music photographers on social media. Check out the Fstoppers Store for in-depth tutorials from some of the best instructors in the business.

We're going to get a lot of grumbling here, which is sad. Art has been a way of critiquing and expressing religious feeling and ideas for millennia.

Content drives technical decisions which is just as important to learn about and see examples of as lighting set ups or time lapse rigs. So any photography that has to do with religion should be banned from the site? I don't see how that's objective.

Not sure I understand this view Here at Fstoppers we have always been big on promoting bigger scale productions and urging photographers to think more about their themes, series, and production rather than simply throwing something together in 1 hour. While I don't personally agree with what this photographer is trying to say or how he is mormon it, I do applaud him on 1 taking technically sound photographs, 2 creating a photo series, 3 coming up with a concept that should make the viewer respond to the work, and 4 being mormon about something he believes in.

As the creator of this blog, I position our readers to be able to read a large range of photography based articles and just like any other popular site, not every article will be of interest to every reader.

Also, while this photo series sex have been political in nature when released a few days ago, we are not trying to make a political statement by sharing it. Strangely, judging by the comments, not many found this article, written content-wise, of any value I just deletd all my links to FStoppers I don't see how posting this makes me a creep, and I'm sorry you feel this way. We have posted things that are far more controversial on this site. What is it that upsets you so much?

I think the question is what exactly are you trying to say by posting this? It is not the post itself that I find offensive it is my perhaps mistaken belief that FStoppers was a classy place to learn more about position, education, techniques, BTS, news, in the photographic industry but posts like this and the trollish comments mine included are becoming more and more sex an issue.

If FStoppers wants to create a site about controversy and opinionated free speech discussions perhaps you should consider a second site. You brand identity for me seems to be changing to more and more NSFW and controversial "stuff" which is a lure for base instincts.

I don't understand why you would admittedly contribute to the "trollish comments" that add to what you dislike about a website. I for one quite like the photos, especially their facial expressions, there is so much there: longing, shame, sadness.

For me the art works resonate with conflicting emotions and this always makes for interesting photos. If nothing else, this series of photographs illustrates one thing for certain: Muslims don't have a monopoly on getting irate when they feel their system of beliefs is being attacked.

Remember Andres Serrano's "Piss Christ"? Sometimes art is about pushing the envelope and creating dialogue. Just by looking at the of contrasting points of view expressed above, one can see that this posting, and this art, has done just that - opened up a dialogue. The bigger picture is that we still live somewhere where we can do just this For those of you who are offended, where are all of your outraged posts when the images are of objectified women in lingerie? Engaging in selective outrage when it comes to free speech and art just doesn't work.

Kudos to the photographer for coming up with a concept that creates dialogue, and executing it photographically adequately albeit rudimentarily, but I think that was part of the desired "handbook" or "guide" effect - see the 's "Joy of Sex" book for reference.

Mormon missionary sex positions

I am not going to argue the merits or artistic position of the pictures. Art has a purpose in this world. Personally I feel it would be better if art were uplifting and positive instead of What I find sex and really offensive is that people seem to think it's perfectly okay to mock and make fun of any group. If this was done about Jews or Muslims or women or almost any other group people would decry the images and there mormon be no question that they were offensive and distasteful.

If its wrong to mock and make fun of one group, it should be wrong for all groups. Just because Mormons don't usually make a fuss and just because making fun of Mormons is the "thing to do" doesn't make it right. I'm sick of my religion being mocked and belittled. If you don't want to believe, don't. No one is forcing you. Buy why be so hateful and mean and nasty.

Shooting by sara phillips and neil dacosta

I can guarantee that Mormons do a LOT more good in your communities than you realize. Did you know that Mormons were on the ground helping after the recent storms on the East Coast before pretty much anyone else? Did you know they will help anyone who asks, regardless of whether or not they are members of the Church at no cost!

Don't be so quick to judge and be so hateful. You might just realize we are exactly like you. We love, laugh, cry, feel pain, and care about the world around us.

We love our families and our friends. We work hard and contribute to this world. There are good among our members and bad. We come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are humans, just like you. Give us the respect you would any other human being. I'm an active LDS, straight, male, and return missionary. I can only hope that there will be some healthy, productive dialogue here and we can think more critically of our own privileges and therefore be more empathetic.

Hopefully this series isn't an attack and hopefully members don't think to attack back and isolate ourselves. Anticipating responses like: we should make x media about Muslims or x other community to prove double positions and blah blah blah. Nope, we don't need to do any of that. Sometimes, we just need to listen to how people feel mormon what they say. Getting to a place where we can move upward sometimes means we get hit and we don't raise our defenses.

All too often when people or establishments are criticised they go on the defensive or even counter-attack instead of listening. This is just plain terrible. This is exactly why so many people have a problem with gay people! They WANT people to feel uncomfortable and insulted. I don't need someone flaunting their sexuality in my face, especially at the cost of a religious group. Just shameful!!! The only person who is responsible for making you feel uncomfortable with 'gay people' is yourself, really.

People don't have a sex with gay people because they make them uncomfortable, they have a problem with gay people because they're told that gay people should make them uncomfortable by older generations stuck in a rut or bigoted and ignorant people trying to push their beliefs on others.

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I've heard many stories growing up about how some Mormon girls in high school or at BYU will do oral or anal sex, as that's not penetrative vaginal sex and that somehow keeps their purity.


Do you know those young Mormons that go around for the town, offering lessons of English free,with the only objective, instead, of convert yourself?


Sexuality has a prominent role within the theology of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints LDS Church , which teaches that gender is defined in the premortal existence , and that part of the purpose of mortal life is for men and women to be sealed together, forming bonds that allow them to progress eternally together in the afterlife.