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This is an archive of the Evolution Forum from to directly downloaded at the time of its closing. You may the new forum at Muscle-Growth.

Muscle hunks and stories — dougtfs: “how’s this muscle growth spell

You last visited: Yesterday at PM. Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. November 11th,AM. Hi everyone, I've written a few muscle inflation short stories, they're really more like little snippets or scenarios of guys getting their muscles inflated, and a friend of mine suggested I post them up here, so here I am, posting them :P They're all pretty short and because they're inflation themed and because I like it they tend to end with an explosion, but I can always rewrite the endings if you'd prefer to have a non-explosive conclusion.

I'm pretty open to ideas as well, so if you have any thoughts let me know and I'll see if I can write something up! I hope you enjoy them! Looking down at it, he saw there was still one syringe of virus left.

He snatched it up quickly, before Daniel could get up from under the crates. Jack had no intention of using the virus on himself, but there might still be a way to stop Daniel with it. He stayed on the floor, lying on his back pretending to be knocked unconcious.

He heard Daniel's heavy footsteps draw closer. Judging the moment exactly, Jack opened his eyes.

Daniel was right over him, his huge body blocking Jack's view of the room. With the syringe held tightly in his hand, Jack jabbed the needle into Daniel's muscled body. You must really want to be hurt!

It will only make me stronger you know! Then he picked Jack up by the neck with one huge arm.

He dropped Jack to the floor and staggered back a few steps. Jack looked on in amazement. Daniel was starting to grow again.

Not just grow, but swell up, bigger and bigger, to huge proportions. His shirt got so tight the buttons popped off and the shirt ripped off and fell to the floor. His trousers ripped and his feet burst out of his boots. Daniel was swelling up out of control. Jack got up and backed away, as Daniel groaned and gasped and tried to move his huge body towards him.

But his legs were so big he couldn't walk, and his arms were so huge he couldn't bend them. Even his chest had inflated to a massive size, so Daniel's head was barely visible over the top of his enormous muscles. He was helpless. He had pumped up too big to move. The door opened behind Jack, and Marcus walked in. Jack explained. Marcus picked up the empty syringes. Marcus walked over to where Daniel's gigantic inflated muscle body stood helpless in the middle of the room.

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He was enormous, much bigger than Jack or Marcus, at least three feet taller and absolutely massive across the chest, arms, shoulders, abs and legs. Daniel was groaning slightly, trying hard not to take any deep breaths. He looked as if the slightest amount of extra air inside him would cause him to burst.

Marcus poked Daniel carefully with a finger. Daniel groaned and there was a creaking sound from his huge body, indicating that his tight skin was only barely containing the huge pressure inside him.

His skin was so tight Marcus could barely push his finger in, and every time he poked Daniel, the over sized muscle man made an ominous creaking sound, like a balloon that had been over inflated. He took one of the empty syringes and pointed the sharp tip of the needle towards Daniel's over inflated body.

Jack realised what Marcus was about to do. Marcus paid Jack no attention, he was too preoccupied with seeing what would happen if he poked Daniel with a sharp enough object. Jack turned and jumped out of the way behind a crate. He peeked out from behind his hiding place to see what was happening.

Marcus looked very small compared to Daniel's massive, bloated, bulked up body.

An unexpected inflation

The needle in Marcus' hand seemed even smaller, but Jack knew that it would be the end for Daniel if Marcus pricked him with it. Even from behind the crate, Jack could see Daniel's enormous body standing helpless in the middle of the room, with Marcus edging closer and closer. Daniel's skin was so tight and stretched, that the tiny sharp needle would surely pop the over inflated muscle man. Jack looked on and saw Daniel's face, he had a look of panic, knowing that there was nothing he could do to stop Marcus, because he was too pumped up to move.

Marcus looked up at the gigantic muscled body of Daniel. He really was huge, so big Marcus couldn't see around him, and he could only just see Daniel's face, because of the huge chest muscles that were in the way. He could also hear Daniel moaning slightly, and the ominous creaking noises coming from the enormous inflated muscles. He inched inflation and closer to Daniel's huge, story muscled bulk, the needle tip held out in front of him.

Daniel realised what Marcus was going to do, but his massive muscle made him helpless to stop Marcus or escape.

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He looked on in horror as Marcus moved the tip of the inflation closer and closer to his massive over pumped body and his tight skin. His eyes followed the tip of the muscle as Marcus bought it into closer contact with the giant muscle man. He started to sweat as he realised Marcus wasn't going to stop, he really was going to pop him. As Marcus moved closer, Daniel lost sight of him due to his huge pumped up chest muscles that obscured his view. He began to panic even more, because he couldn't see what Marcus was up to, so close to his gigantic body.

Daniel was breathing faster, he tried to calm himself down in case he breathed in too deeply and burst himself, but he knew there was nothing he could do to story Marcus from pricking him with the needle.

But it was no use. Jack poked his head out from behind the crate.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The room was covered in green gunk, dripping from the ceiling and all over the walls. Marcus was standing exactly where Jack had left him in the middle of the room, covered from head to foot in green gunk. There was no of Daniel at all. November 11th,PM. November 12th,AM. Thanks for your encouragement everyone! Here's another short story! Dan and Rob sat at the table, Rob looking on as Dan ate and ate. Rob couldn't believe how much his friend was eating.

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Coupled with all the weight gain shakes and protein powders and other muscle building supplements Dan had consumed, Rob wasn't surprised to see Dan's clothes stretch and strain over his bulked up body. Whether it was fat or muscle, Rob couldn't tell. Dan's arms, chest, shoulders and legs were massive, but they lacked definition, and his gut was huge too. It was a perfectly round sphere swelling up under his shirt as Dan continued to cram as much food and weight gain shake into himself as possible. Rob heard a straining, creaking noise.

He looked round, at the chair Dan was sitting on, but the sound didn't seem to be coming from there. Then he realised: it was Dan's clothes. His trousers were starting to split down the seams, unable to stretch over Dan's growing body any longer.

Within seconds, Dan's trousers were in tatters and his boots has burst open too. Rob shook his head in amazement.

Otherwise you're gonna be leaving here with no clothes on! Rob heard the same creaking noises, only this time, it was obvious where they were coming from. Dan's white shirt, skin tight over his huge upper body, had began to tear.

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I sighed as I looked at the outside of the gym, seeing it's voluminous halls in front of me, so large it could fit at least a dozen football fields in it, and that was just from the front, let alone how big it likely was in there.